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Instant Traffic Machine- Populates Your Site With SEO Articles Automatically!

Your Free Download link is at the bottom of this page!

But before you scroll there, I like to point to a gold bar you are missing. It is a plugin for word press site, and I told you before about it a few days ago. Well, I bought a one site license just to test it! It literally populates your site with related SEO articles from the web automatically. Creates your affiliate links inside each article automatically. Shares all the items posted on the social sites automatically!

Just imagine how many visitors will be there for ten article-posts daily at your site! How many clicks will be there with your affiliate links! And how much commissions just one “hands-free” site could bring to you!

Of course, you have to set the plugin up at your site initially. But there are easy to follow instruction video tutorials at the member area. Moreover, there are “done-for-you” packages if you want to do nothing at all!

Let’s check the video below to check all the features of the plugin:



You can acquire it a month later no problem. But the early bird price will be no longer available. You have to pay twice as much!


Okay here’s the FREE exit Pop-up download I promised!

Download Your FREE Exit Pop-up Here

What Is Social Optimizer?


Getting Traffic Via Ad Swaps

Today Ad Swaps are the number one technique to build your opt-in list faster than ever. Basically Ad Swap is the process when 2 list owners agree to email their list an offer in which they usually promote a product or give away a free report from the other list owner. As a result depending on their list size they both add hundreds of subscribers in no time.

The majority of the people have small lists and they think that because of this nobody will agree to make an ad swap with them. Wrong. No matter how large or small your list is; you will be able to make an ad swap with no problems even if you have a potential partner with a list bigger than yours.

If you`re in the internet marketing niche you most know that anybody could make an ad swap and this is probably the fastest way to add targeted people to your list ready to buy whatever you`re promoting to them.

But before you do an ad swap you most have a list Ideally is to have a list of 1000 people to start with this. Of course you could have more or you could have less but i have found that 1k people is the best to start. I know several people who a few months ago had only 1k people or less and thanks to ad swaps some of them have now more than 20k and counting.

Now, building a list of 1k people isn`t that hard as you might think. In fact this could be done pretty quickly by using article marketing, video marketing, social bookmarking etc.

With a list in hands it`s time to find a potential JV partners within your market. I recommend you contacting more than one JV partners, don`t focused on a single person. Some of them will respond you, some will not so contacting multiple potential partner will increase the probability to find a reliable one (or more) .

Probably your partner will have a list bigger than you. Well,  in this case simply told him to email only a segment from his list. If your list is above 1k subscribers tell your partner to send the promo email to 1k subscribers from his list.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Ad Swap ?

The following method is being used by the top internet marketers with one main reason. This method usually makes them “bigger” in the eyes of their subscribers and also help them to gain more authority.

This methods is what I called a “personalized squeeze page” and like the name says it involves creating a personalized squeeze page with the name of your partner. This is not complicated at all. All you most do is to insert a catchy headline that contains your JV partner name.

Examples: “Exclusive Free Report Only For Michael Olson Subscribers Usually $XX.xx Yours Free” OR Simply ” Only For Michael Olson Subscribers”.

Some of those headlines are more creative. Anyway you get the point here. Those headlines have a huge impact on their lists of subscribers and is a proven fact that this also increase the conversions.

Ad Swaps have another bid advantage. They are also very important in developing relationships with other website owners. Having a good relationship with other website owners will dramatically benefit you over the time. Not only you would have reliable JV partners for your ad swaps but if you plain to launch your own product those people will be more than happy to promote your product or service.

Where to find potential Ad Swap partners :

Forum Traffic- The Best

This is a “not so new” method of getting free traffic that I am sure a lot of you have heard about before, but very few people actually do it. I really have no idea why people don’t do this because it’s such an easy way to drive the best traffic to your website for free. In this section we are going to go over forum posting, how to properly do it, and how to use it to generate a good amount of traffic to your website.

Don’t Skip This
Before we get started, I know a lot of you might be tempted to just skip over this. When I was trying to figure out how to build my list, I bought countless WSO’s on list building and a couple of them said to post in forums. I always just skipped past that section because I didn’t believe you can really generate much traffic at all through simply posting in forums a couple time per day, but I was wrong!

Once I started to consistently post in the Warrior Forum I noticed the power of making a couple high quality posts every single day. If you want to build your list as quickly as possible, forum posting should be part of your every day strategy.

Find A Couple Forums
If you are in the internet marketing niche, I can tell you right now the only forum you really need to join is Yes, there are other internet marketing forums out there, but The Warrior Forum generates to most traffic by far.

If you are in another niche, you might want to find a couple forums to join. Finding forums is actually really easy.

You can use Google to help you find forums. Just head over to Google and search “Your Niche + Forum”. Once you search that, Google will return a bunch of forums. Go through them and figure out which ones are the most active and join the most active ones. However, before you join make sure they allow you to leave a link in the signature. Most of them will but there are a few that won’t allow it.

Adding Your Signature
Before you start making posts, you want to leave a link to your squeeze page in your signature that way below each post you make there will be a link to your squeeze page which will get exposed to thousands of people.

Simple signature has been responsible for driving a couple thousand visitors to my squeeze page these past few months.

You Know More Than You Think
It seems like each time I tell someone they need to start consistently posting on forums, they always tell me “but… I don’t know enough to help out other people”. Feeling like you don’t know enough is not an excuse for not posting.

I can guarantee you that you know a lot more than you think. If you browse through some of the threads in Forums, you are going to find some threads you can post in and give your input. The main problem is some people just lack confidence and are afraid they are going to give their opinion and then have others start an argument with them and tell them they are wrong.

Unless you say something completely false and start spamming the forum, this isn’t going to happen. Forums are meant for opinions, sure there might be times where someone doesn’t agree with you, that happens to me all the time, but as long as you aren’t rude to them they won’t be rude to you.

If you feel like you REALLY don’t know anything about your niche, then you can still do forum posting. Just make sure you do a little bit of research before you make a post. There’s nothing wrong with going to Google to look up an answer and then reporting back with what you learned.

So don’t let the fear of “not knowing anything” or the fear of getting in an argument on the forums stop you from making daily posts.

Post On New Threads
If you want to get the most out of your forum posting, you should try to post on new threads that don’t have many (if any) replies yet. If you are one of the first three responders to a new thread, you have a much greater chance of someone reading your response which means they will be exposed to the link in your signature.

If 10-15 people have already replied your reply will get stuck somewhere in the middle and most people don’t read that far down which means they won’t see your reply/signature.

Value Value Value
I think this could go without saying, but I am going to say it anyways because it is extremely important. When you guys make your posts, you need to make sure you are actually adding value to the forum. Don’t just go out and make as many short little posts as you can, that’s not really helping anyone.

Make sure you actually read the persons question and then do your best to give them an answer or chime in with your opinion.

Your Forum Posting Strategy
The thing I love about forum posting is that it doesn’t take long to do at all and I actually find it kind of fun. You get to engage with others who have the same interests as you and drive traffic to your squeeze page at the same time, sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

So how many times per day should you be posting in a forum? I would say to make about 5 high quality posts every single day. 5 posts does not take a long time at all, and once you make 5 posts for about a week straight you will see how much traffic you can actually drive to your squeeze page on a daily basis.
So if you are like me and you have always put aside forum posting and said it’s not for you, I challenge you to try it for just one week.

Make 5 posts every single day for one week and watch how many new subscribers you get. After that week you can decide whether or not it is something you want to continue with. Once you see how many new subscribers you got from doing it I am sure it is something you will want to continue doing. -Courtesy: Bryan Harkins

Solo Ads Or Funnel Clicks- Which One Is Better?

Before you go out and purchase solo ads, I need to warn you that there are a lot of terrible solo ad sellers out there. Some sellers send either bot clicks or they send extremely low tier 1 traffic.

Some sellers even try to get away with sending traffic directly from terrible traffic sources like You want to find sellers that will send a minimum of 70% tier 1traffic strictly from their own email list.

The good news is there are a lot of great and honest sellers out there who will send you awesome traffic and they are actually really easy to find.

Where To Find Solo Ad Sellers
The Facebook groups! Remember that huge list of Facebook groups I gave you earlier? Well, these groups are full of sellers who promote their services. All you need to do is view a couple of the groups, find some sellers and then send them a message.

What To Look For
Actually, before you send them a message you should go look to see if they have any testimonials. Luckily there is a Facebook group that is dedicated to Solo Ad Testimonials, you can join that group by heading to and searching for that persons name.

Searching for the name is really easy, just go to the group and click on the little search button in the upper right hand corner that looks like this:
If the seller has a couple good testimonials, you should send them a message and ask them specific questions. We will go over which questions to ask them below.

The Important Questions To Ask Before You Purchase
Just send them a message letting them know you are interested in purchasing one of their solo ad packages but you have a few questions to ask them first. If the seller is legit, they won’t mind you asking them questions at all. So here are the questions you should ask:
1: How Much Do You Charge Per Click? Obviously you don’t want to overpay for a solo ad. Personally, I never pay more than 45 cents per click and I consider that to be very expensive. I would say on average I pay around 35-38 cents per click.

2: Do You Have A First Time Buyers Discount? A lot of sellers will offer a first time buyers discount just to let the person know how awesome their traffic is and hope they come back for more. If the seller offers a first time buyers discount, that’s great! If not, at least you asked :).

3: Are You A Click Broker? For some reason, “click brokering” has started to become more and more popular. Click brokering is when people with no list or a very small list will go out claiming they have traffic for sale, sell to you at a higher price and then purchase at a lower price. The problem with click brokering is that in order for them to make a profit, they have to find sellers that sell for super cheap, and usually those sellers send terrible quality traffic. So make sure you ask them if they own the list or if they are brokering. If they are brokering you might want to stay away from them.

4: Do You Guarantee A Certain Tier 1 Percentage? This is extremely important to ask. You want to make sure they send you at least 70% tier 1 traffic, so if they guarantee you that they will send a minimum of 70% tier 1 of the original order size and they don’t, then you have the right to ask for a refund or ask for more tier 1 clicks.

Notice I said of the original size. A lot of sellers will over-deliver by about 10%, so if you ordered 100 clicks, they might deliver 110 clicks. If you do the math on that, 70% of 110 is 77 clicks. However, they only need to send you 70 tier 1 clicks because your original order size was 100, not 110. So always do the math based on your order size, don’t include the over-delivery.

5: How Long Does It Take To Deliver The Clicks? Typically, you want the clicks delivered within 72 hours. If the seller can’t deliver the clicks Once you get the hang of purchasing solo ads, you can work your way into purchasing funnel clicks. To be honest, I am slowly starting to make the transition over to purchasing just funnel clicks instead of solo ads because funnel clicks are actually converting better for me and they are cheaper! Some of you might not know what funnel clicks are. I will explain below.

What Are Funnel Clicks
Funnel clicks are clicks that come from sources other than email broadcast messages (well, they can but I will explain that later). The most common place people deliver funnel clicks from is their thank you page or their opt-in redirect page.

Remember how you set up a thank you page or opt-in redirect page for your click banking partners? Well, this is basically the same thing, except instead of people sending clicks to click banking partners, they are selling those clicks to people like you.

Funnel clicks can also come from the PS section in emails or from links in a persons follow up sequence.

Why I Like Funnel Clicks Better Than Solo Ads
There are a couple reasons I am starting to like funnel clicks better than solo ads. However, the main reasons are because they seem to convert better and they are usually cheaper so you can get more subscribers for less money…who doesn’t want that! 😉

Know The Traffic Source Before You Purchase
It is VITAL that you ask funnel click sellers the same exact questions you asked solo ad sellers, except you also want to ask one more questions and the is “What is the source of your traffic”. There are a few sellers who include exit pop traffic in their funnel click packages, and if that’s the case you want to make sure you avoid that seller.

Exit traffic converts terribly and it’s not worth spending money on. Like I said you want to make sure the clicks either come from the thank you page, opt-in redirect page, PS clicks, or follow up sequence clicks.

Where To Find Funnel Click Sellers
You can find funnel click sellers in the same groups you found solo ad sellers and click banking partners, but there is also another group you should join that is specifically for funnel clicks. That group is:
I am on that group almost every day purchasing some high quality traffic for a great price! Also, it might take a little longer for you to receive all the clicks you ordered, but that’s ok. Just make sure they send you all the clicks within 10 day or less (unless you ordered a HUGE package of clicks)

If you have been purchasing solo ads, save yourself some money and give funnel clicks a try. Right when I did that my conversions went up about 10% on average which is a HUGE increase when it comes to list building.
within 72 hours of the agreed send date, then they shouldn’t have sold you that many clicks.

As long as the seller has some good testimonials in the Facebook group and you are satisfied with their answer to those questions, you will be able to purchase from them and be confident that they will deliver high quality clicks.
Remember to track the clicks using My Click Boss or another quality tracker. You want to know exactly how many opt-ins you receive from each seller and how many tier 1 clicks they actually sent you.

Make Money Doing Nothing

If you want to make money doing nothing, then you are at the ultimate place. Here, you will hit upon all the necessary information you will fall in need of while advancing in money making strategies.

Who doesn’t want to earn without toiling and slogging days in and out?

Everyone wants to create some options which ensure them a passive income for the most part of their life. We are not talking about your pension plans here, so be ready for something more fervent and exciting.

The ideas that are offered here will surely help you in making money doing as close nothing after the initial start up.
The idea to make money doing nothing is awesome and like a God’s gift to many. Why to do so much of hard work, when you can earn more money doing nothing?

The most effective and lucrative idea is, create a website on the most popular niche.
Creating a good website will require a very small amount of investment and as little as a few hours a day initially.
You simply choose a niche, sell a product (whether your own product or someone else’s…another option is to sell advertising space), and find ways to promote your website.

After a few months and initial hard work, you can enjoy the passive income generated by your website for many years. The more you will promote and keep it updated, the more you will earn.

Initially you may need to work for several hours a day, but later when you have established your website perfectly, you might just need to check the status of your payment.

This is actually a very feasible option to make money doing nothing. Anyone who is interested can start by setting up one websites before moving on to creating another, and another, and another. Two, ten, or even fifty or more websites is not uncommon for some of the top money makers online.

Once you start growing, the sky becomes the limit. So, just get your ideas in place, plan out a bit of what will be the niche and what you will sell, and how are you going to promote your website, and then just get started!

Make Money Doing Nothing – Money Flows Like Water

Believe it or not, you can make money doing nothing in your own online business. Worldwide, there are more than 1.6 billion people online, and of that amount, more than 300 million of them buy something at least once a week with the average purchase at about $25. This calculates to more than $7,500,000,000, that is seven and one half Billion Dollars EVERY week.


Your mission is to just get a very tiny fraction of that Billion dollar treasure, and you can do it simply by following a well executed plan. The vast majority of that money accumulated by sellers each week is from what is known as passive income. That is where the seller is not actually working, producing, or breaking a hard sweat to produce the income. They essentially make money doing nothing.

The first step in your make money doing nothing business is to find a product that people will have an interest in purchasing. You do not have to find the most popular product or the most sought after, simply because, out of the 300 million customers you have access to, they are not all looking for the same thing. In fact, if you choose say, organic gardening, Google shows that more than 7,000 people every day search for organic gardening on their search engine.

You could promote an informational book on organic gardening by starting a blog and telling people everything about organic gardening. Even if you do not have knowledge of the subject, you can find plenty of free information or even purchase an organic gardening book. Once you have a blog set up, you can get advertisers to place ads, and make money doing nothing from the advertiser.

In a related manner, you can also sell eBooks about organic gardening and even some tools, seeds and other organic gardening items from many retailers that pay you a commission. This type of program is called CPA (Cost per Action) and hundreds of smart Internet businesses use CPA programs to make money doing nothing.

Finally, to make money doing nothing, you should make sure your blog is picked up by free pinging services, RSS feeds and always include a bookmark tab at the end of each post. This will help syndicate your blog and soon you will accumulate traffic on a daily basis. Eventually, you will have enough traffic to support your efforts as you make money doing nothing.

Five Tips to Make Money Doing Nothing!

If you want to get success in online business and make money doing nothing, then you should consider about change. It does mean the kind of change you do in a vending machine. It is such kind of change that brings fear, self-doubt and resistance to online business owners as well.

It is very hard to build a business and once the wheels are turning, then it is difficult to grasp the idea of doing something differently. However, more resistance to change can be a herald to trouble. A business that doesn’t adopt change risks become stagnant and such business misses the opportunity to grow.

Here are some tips that you can follow to make a change successful:

Plan the Attack

You should think of preparation as the insurance. Your success depends upon your preparation. You should make sure that your ideas are making a sense.
You should survey your customers, consult your peers, read the marketing books, attend the classes, and hire an adviser to define a strategy that has legs for make money doing nothing.

You should not cross your limits

You should be realistic about the risk involved. If you are going to opt for a mammoth proportion, you should make sure that you have a mammoth back up plan.

Kick the tail of fear

When you start from step-1: Plan your attack; you would be amazed to learn that how much fear is removed from the equation. Preparation always brings confidence.

Take the Leap

If you are running an online business to make money doing nothing, then certainly you have taken many leaps of faith already. So, you should not be afraid to take another leap. It would pay off you in the long run.

Evaluate Often

Don’t close your eyes, you should hope for a safe landing, when your idea is off the launching pad. You should pay close attention to the progress.
By making changes and adjusting, you can continue the development process. You should celebrate, if the change is wildly successful. However, you should find the ways to fix the situation, if it goes on the wrong track.

If you are wiling to embrace change and transformation, then you are giving yourself and your business an opportunity to grow. So, you must not hesitate to make the changes.

Make Money Doing Nothing – The Real Secret Behind

In recent months there has appeared a multitude of advertisements all across the Internet purporting to reveal how you can make money doing nothing. These ads, although craftily formed and compelling in nature actually may be a danger in your quest to actually earn money in your own online business.

There is a way to make money doing nothing. However, it is a technique that first requires you to learn the How To’s of the Internet business world. In this article, I will explain some of the methods you are able to make money doing nothing and you will see that there are possibilities to earn cash from your own business online without having to spend a fortune or getting scammed by irresponsible marketers.

The one major disadvantage to many of the make money doing nothing systems is they fail in two respects to properly educate the potential customer. The first approach is that many of these sites fail to inform you that you will have to pay a monthly fee for as long as you wish to remain a ‘member’ of their site. The second fail is that the ads do not inform you, that you must first be approved by several business sites in order to collect commissions from the advertisers you host on your site.

Let us examine the first failure; you should never pay a monthly fee to a website that promises to make money doing nothing, unless they are going to provide you with new business opportunities and helpful resources on a monthly basis. The amount you spend on the ‘membership’ usually does not offer true value to your long-term success. It is better to put that monthly fee into generating traffic to your website. The traffic is what will make you money!

The second fail is that you will need to join and be APPORVED by Google AdSense, Commission Junction, Clickbank, and Amazon in order to receive a commission. If you are not approved as an affiliate of these sites, you will not be able to earn money from their advertisers.

Now, let us look at how to properly make money doing nothing. You should consider buying an educational eBook that explains the techniques of how to build an online business and how to get traffic to your online business. After you have a thorough understanding of the how to’s you will no doubt succeed in your make money doing nothing business.

The first step is to read the reviews of credible Internet Marketing professionals and choose one of these eBooks to arm you with all the necessary information you need to succeed. In most cases these eBooks are reasonably priced in the under $20 range, and will offer you a complete course on how to make money doing nothing.

It is true that a website, when properly built and executed can generate a lucrative and long-term income. However, you should learn from experienced and well-known internet marketers, and avoid any site that looks like it is written by ‘Mike’ or ‘Mary’ who seems to appear to live in the same town as you.

Research and reviews are the key to your success. Take a page from the success stories of proven Internet marketers and soon you will discover how easy it is to really make money doing nothing.

How To Start Making Money With The Knowledge You Already Have!

Okay, going to be very very honest here. I was actually disappointed in myself because I was a little hesitant in sharing this method. This is something I benefit from, and also something that is very lucrative if you are willing to work. This Method: Offering SEO to local businesses.

WAIT!!!! Before you click the X in the top right handed corner, hear me out. You can do this, its not hard. Actually……YOU do no work at all.


Once again, I play no favorites, but there are a few really REALLY good services on here that guarantee a page 1 google ranking for under $100.

You are going to use this to your advantage. But you have to work too. This is what separates the winners from the wannabes. This step right here.


You need to get on yelp, go through the phone book, do whatever to get the phone numbers of business owners. And if you do what I tell you, you cannot fail.

Get a turnkey website built for cheap if you want, promoting your services, or just come up with a name. Start calling businesses.

“Yes, this is Jeremy with ZY Web Solutions. Is Mr. Jones in?”

“Great!…………..Good afternoon Mr. Jones, I know your busy, won’t waste your time. My company is ZY Web Solutions and we specialize in getting page 1 google rankings for our clients. Are you familiar with how much this can impact your business?”
blah blah.

“Well you are a pesticide company and when people look for “bugman in dallas, texas” I would make sure you come up on page 1. Did you know that term is searched for XXX times a month?”

“For $299 we will GUARANTEE that or all your money back. And for $19.99 a month we maintain that for you.”

If you don’t want to cold call, just email a bunch of businesses with statistics about being ranked high on google and wait for any responses.

So there you have it. If they agree you make $299, pay $100 or so to outsource it (look for services in the WSO forum or Warrior for Hire), and make $200 for yourself. Plus you collect $20 a month WHICH IS KEY BECAUSE if they ever fall off page 1, you use that money to re-invest for them into getting a page 1 ranking again.

So after 4 months if they fall off page 1, they’ve paid you $80. You pay $100 to get it back on page 1. Sure beats dealing with a mad business owner, eh??

Now its not gonna be easy to sell these packages all the time. But I promise you, PROMISE…..if you get on the phone at 8am, and do NOT, REPEAT DO NOT, let yourself stop making calls until you get at least one sale, you will make $200 a day with this method.

Lets be conservative and say you make 30 calls an hour. At 8 hours a day, thats 240 calls. Out of those 240 you will get some “maybe, call me next week” some “get a life you jabroni” and some “yes, thats something I’m interested in.”

But if you really call 240 a day, YOU CANNOT FAIL. THIS METHOD ALONE COULD MAKE YOU $36,000 A YEAR.

Don’t wanna cold call? FINE!!! Build up some cash and outsource it! Find someone on the WF, or someone on Craigslist.

But I suggest trying it for a week. You may realize that you are making a sale by 1pm each day. Then maybe you answer some questions on Yahoo until 2pm, then maybe you outsource some e-covers and sales letters for clients until 3pm, then you go on the boat and have a beer with some buddies.

Whatever floats your boat, just work until you make some $$$ for the day and then relax.

Eventually you’ll build up a lot of clients paying $19.99 per month, plus you are getting money from new sales, plus you are running your other business areas.

“Jeremy, it seems with one of these methods ALONE I can make more than $36,000 a year. Do you think I suck?”

Nope, but that’s just my point. You CAN make more than 36k a year doing these things. There are DOZENS of other things you can do too.

However, lets keep it simple. Maybe focus on making $800 per month from your eDesign/minisite/sales letter business, maybe focus on $500 a month from the Yahoo Answers section of your business, and maybe try and make $1700 a month from your SEO business (about 8 sales a month, or 1 every 3.5 days or so).

Or maybe you charge $499 for page 1 SEO service and only focus on that.


This is simple stuff that takes a good mindset, and the dedication to WORK towards a goal.

There it is, the secrets out! I compare it to a good mystery book you read. Everything is confusing until the end when the mystery is unraveled and everything you read prior to the end finally makes sense.

If you had read the last chapter in the mystery first, then the earlier chapters would have made sense to you, right?

Well that’s what I’m doing here: I’m giving you the last chapter, and its YOUR job to write the beginning of the book that leads to your successful ending.

Yes, YOU can do this!

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