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Marketing With Video

Video is the next big thing in marketing, with more and more businesses from almost every possible industry taking advantage of the motion picture in order to advertise their brands, products, and services.

Video has long been a marketing staple, with television adverts being around ever since the early TV sets. However, today’s video marketing isn’t limited only to costly, feature-length television commercials.Thanks to social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, it’s now possible to share your marketing videos online with a wider audience, or even share live videos. YouTube, the biggest video sharing company online, is also the first choice of video marketing platform chosen by the companies who are taking full advantage of this recent trend.Video content has been proven to be the most effective of the majority of other forms of online content. When watching a video, customers are more likely to remember the video than they are to remember written content or an image, for example. Because of this, marketing videos tend to have a much bigger impact on potential new customers as opposed to a marketing banner, for example.

Video marketing

This, along with the fact that video can attract a much wider audience than most other forms of content, is one of the main reasons as to why video content is the latest big trend in marketing, and you should definitely utilize its powers for your business, whether small or large.
In this book, you’ll discover:

 Why you shouldn’t ignore the rising popularity of video marketing;
 How to use social media effectively for video marketing;
 How to use Snapchat to reach out to the younger generation;
 Why Instagram videos are so effective;
 Why you should definitely consider video product descriptions;
 How video reviews can help your company;
 The various types of video content you can benefit from, and
 Why every business needs a YouTube channel.

Video can be an extremely powerful medium when it comes to connecting with and communicating with your audience. Many businesses have found that the use of video allows them to better present their brand ‘voice’ and image in a way that customers will be able to relate to personally.
Since the video medium is so versatile, any business can use it in order to reach out to their customers provided that they have carried out a lot of research on their target market and can come up with a video which will make their brand relatable.

Another benefit of video content for businesses is that it no longer costs half your budget to make a good marketing video. Thanks to modern technology, it’s possible to put together a good video using a basic camcorder or even a smartphone.

Video editing software can be obtained cheaply or even for free, and you don’t always need to hire actors, either – sometimes animations can be just as powerful when it comes to getting a message across. Because of this, video marketing is also increasing in popularity because it has become significantly more accessible to smaller businesses.

With a number of platforms to choose from when it comes to spreading your video content – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and blogs to name just a few, there’s no reason why any business owner shouldn’t be seriously thinking about using video content and video marketing in order to reach a wider audience and spread the word further about their brand, products and services.


1. Why Is Sharing Video Content So Popular?

Business owners who keep up with marketing trends will know that video marketing is huge. With more and more social networks adapting to the latest developments in video marketing – for example Facebook’s new ‘Live’ feature, which allows both company and personal Facebook account holders to post a live video feed recorded from their smartphone to their Timeline, if you’re a small business owner, now is the time to get involved with this new trend in order to make sure that you don’t get left behind.

Types of Video Content
Video content is a hugely powerful way to get a message across, and there are many different types of video content Video marketing toolwhich you may consider using for your business and marketing purposes. One of the most popular types of video content is marketing content, where you will come up with a short movie that convinces customers to express interest in your brand. Some marketing videos may focus on the brand as a whole, whilst others may focus on a particular product or service. You may use actors, animations, or something else in order to put together a marketing video.

Another type of marketing video that you may come across in your use of video content is the video product review. Product reviews are hugely important in the world of online shopping, with many people relying on the reviews left by others when it comes to purchasing products and services online. However, video product reviews can be very impactful and have more of an effect on the viewer’s decision than standard written reviews.
One of the best ways to get video product reviews is to send samples of your products to vloggers (video bloggers) in the industry and ask them to leave you a video review. This is also a situation where you could use apps such as Snapchat, which allow users to leave small videos in succession on their personal Snapchat ‘story’.

Another type of video content which you may use is a video product description. With online shopping becoming more and more popular as an increasing number of people are opening their laptops rather than hitting the high street, competition for businesses online has grown significantly.
This has led to online retailers looking for new and innovative ways to generate interest in their products online which leads to more sales. Video product descriptions are hugely effective for this purpose as they go a step further than the standard text and photograph descriptions; they tell a story and allow the customer to see the product that they are considering buying in action. As a result, the customer has a clearer idea of the product and can make a more informed decision to buy it. This is especially useful for things that many still like to see in person before buying, for example clothing, jewelry, or automobiles.

2Why Use Video Content?
Every business which has an online presence should use video content in some form or another. With video now being more and more accessible, even the smallest of businesses with the tightest of budgets can afford to use video content to some extent, even if it is just Snapchat stories or Facebook Live videos.
Even if you own a business which does not sell products online, using platforms such as YouTube to upload videos which describe your products, for example, before sharing these on your social media pages can be effective in generating more interest and boosting your sales.

Whether your business is based online or not, it is absolutely vital to have an online presence – whether this be a website, blog, social media profiles or ideally, all three. Posting videos online can not only make your company more popular and help you reach a wider audience, it can also improve your business website’s SEO and even your local SEO endeavors.

Market Demand
As video content has become more and more popular for reaching out to and connecting with customers online, there has been an increase in market demand for it. Today’s customers are increasingly expecting their favorite businesses and brands to provide them with video content to watch whether it be advertisements, informational videos, product reviews, product descriptions, or simply videos for their entertainment.
With video becoming more and more popular on social networking sites and apps such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, the modern consumers of today expect to be able to connect with the brands that they associate with via video content.

Customer Satisfaction
Today’s customers are not only looking for products and services which meet their needs. It is becoming increasingly more important for customers that they connect with and relate to the brands which they purchase from. Because of this, video marketing is an essential component when it comes to making sure that your customers are fully satisfied with the type of service that they receive. 12

No longer does customer service end when the phone is hung up or when the customer leaves the store; thanks to social media, customer service and relations is now an ongoing thing which must be addressed and improved continuously. Customers are not only going to judge your brand based on their experience when browsing for and purchasing products/services, but also on the way in which your brand communicates with them and portrays itself on social media. Because of this, video content provides businesses of all sizes with a prime opportunity to improve customer satisfaction levels and work to keep their existing and potential customers happy.


2. Social Media and Video Marketing
If you keep up to date with trends in social media, you’ll probably be aware that video content is quickly taking over most other forms of content. On their personal pages, Facebook users are now updating their Timelines with Live videos instead of writing about what they are doing or taking photos.
This is allowing friends and family to experience the moment along with the person who is recording the live video, in real time. Not only has this enhanced the social media experience for personal users, it has also become a hugely effective new tool for business users. Similarly, Instagram’s relatively new video feature has been a huge hit with both business and personal users.
Although Instagram’s video time limit is a matter of minutes, these short videos can have a dramatic effect when done right. Snapchat, which began as a photo-sharing app that was popular with teenagers, has now become a hugely powerful marketing platform with hundreds of businesses sharing images and videos with other Snapchat users.
Last but not least, every social media site is able to share YouTube videos, making YouTube still the best platform for uploading your videos to the web.

Effective Social Media Strategies
Any good business owner or marketer will know that in order to be successful with a social media account in business, it’s vital to have the right strategies in place in order to gain attention from the maximum amounts of people at the right times. When it comes to social media marketing using video content, it is vital to have good marketing strategies in place in order to ensure that you get the best results. For example, the timing of your videos is key to getting a good response.
Some of the best times to post videos on your social media pages are during lunch time and in the evenings, when most people are not working and are more likely to be relaxing and catching up on social media. Similarly, the weekends are also a good time to increase your video sharing activity.
However, bear in mind that timing could vary depending on your specific target audience, so it’s essential to make sure that you carry out the necessary market research before putting this strategy in place. For example, if you’re targeting students, you may get a better response by posting late at night or in the mid-morning.
On the other hand, businesses targeting people who work in typical 9-5 jobs are best sticking to evenings and weekends when it comes to updating their social media pages with fresh new video content.

Generating Interest On Social Media
In order to generate interest in your video content on social media, it’s important to make sure that you use other forms of content to grab the attention of your followers. Whilst some social media sites, such as Instagram, may play your video content automatically, others, such as Facebook, may require the user to actively press the play button in order to view the video. In this case, using written content to create an interesting and attention-grabbing description of the video will encourage more users to press play.
When it comes to writing good video descriptions on social media, it’s important to remember to keep things short and to the point – anything too long could end up boring the reader, and they might not bother to watch the video after reading. A good way to create interesting and compelling video descriptions is to leave the reader wondering. For example, a simple ‘Can you guess what happened when we went here?’ will leave the user wanting to find out more, which will encourage them to take the time to watch the video.


Growing Your Social Media Presence Through Video
Video is one of the best types of content when it comes to increasing your social media presence and gaining more followers. Since video is available on the main social media networks – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat – it’s easy for businesses to upload their videos to YouTube and share them on the various social media platforms in order to reach a broader audience.

We have already seen the power of social media and video combined – more and more people are rising to internet fame through short, humorous, or informative videos on social media than ever before.

Businesses such as make-up and cosmetics stores and artists are using social media to grow their businesses through short, tutorial videos, and similarly, food bloggers are utilizing video to its full extent by creating short, catchy recipe videos which are extremely popular. The key to using video to grow your business’ presence on social media is to create content which is shareable, along with actively asking your followers to share it.

When creating video content, it’s a good idea to study your target audience and find out the things that they enjoy sharing with their personal social media followers. When you create content that your direct followers love to share, you will expose it to a much wider audience.
Using Video to Connect With Social Media Followers

Using video to connect with your social media followers is something which is becoming more and more popular for businesses and has a range of great benefits. As mentioned earlier, social media and the online shopping boom means that customer service is now something which is expected 24/7. Customers expect to be kept up to date with their favorite brands through social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat.

Facebook Live Video – One of the best ways to keep your customers up to date using social media and video is Facebook’s Live Video feature. Not only does Facebook now allow you to keep your customers up to date in real time when you’re doing something special such as attending a big industry event, taking part in charity fundraising, or unveiling a big new product, it also allows you to communicate directly with your customers, for example through live question and answer sessions. When you stream a live video on Facebook, you can see the comments being left on it. This means that you can ask your followers to leave any questions in the comments, where you can read them and answer straight away as the asker watches. This can be a great tool to use when it comes to finding out what it is that customers want to know about your business, or what they would like to see in the way of changes and adjustments.


Snapchat: Snapchat was once exclusively for teens and young people, but today, more and more businesses are understanding the power of this app when it comes to connecting with customers. With more and more people of all ages signing up to Snapchat every day, having a brand snapchat account can be a great way to communicate with your customers and get more exposure for your brand. Although snapchat videos only last a matter of seconds, short, to-the-point videos can be hugely effective, or you can use a sequence of short videos to tell a story or share what you are currently doing with your followers. 19

3. Get Younger Customers By Using Snapchat

With the younger generation having the highest number of people who are more likely to choose to shop online over any other age group, it’s no surprise that businesses are increasingly targeting those between the ages of 16-30. Online sales are beginning to make up a bigger portion of the total profits of most businesses, with more and more companies in existence which operate solely on the web. In order to increase sales, businesses are using social media to reach out to the younger generation who are often more likely to buy products online as a result of seeing social media advertisements and updates.

Why Snapchat Works
Snapchat has become more and more popular since its beginnings just a few years ago. Starting off as a photo sharing app where the photo is deleted after a number of seconds specified by the sender, Snapchat now has a range of features such as the ‘My Story’ option, Snapchat chat, and the option to send videos and photographs both directly from the Snapchat app and from the user’s camera roll. A number of big businesses have also taken to Snapchat and it is regularly used to update users and give them the inside scoop on different events taking place around the world, for example the Olympic Games, Fashion Week, or the Oscars. Businesses can use Snapchat in order to update their followers on what they are doing, making it a powerful tool when it comes to being a brand that is relatable and feels more of a ‘friend’ than a business. Other Snapchat features can also be utilized in order to better connect with your customers, for example you could ask followers to send in their snaps using your products, which you will replay to a bigger audience. This not only improves your relationship with your customers and helps them to feel valued and more involved in your company, it’s also great advertisement for you!

Why Businesses Need Snapchat
If you’re already using the main social media networks – Facebook, Twitter and perhaps Instagram – to upload videos and other types of content for your users to see, you might be wondering if there’s much point in getting Snapchat for your business. Even though Snapchat may not yet be seen as one of the main social networks, it is growing at a rapid rate and has a lot of potential to be massive in the future. More and more people are choosing to use Snapchat over other social media options to connect with their friends and family due to the fact that it is more ‘to the point’ than many other social media networks and provides users with a simple but effective way to stay in touch with not only their personal friends but also with the brands that they love. Setting up a Snapchat account which your customers and potential customers can follow is a great way to help them feel that they are more connected to your brand. You’ll earn even more customer relations points if you allow people to send you snaps, or even follow users back!


What Can You Share On Snapchat?
The beauty of snapchat is that it can be used to share a whole range of different things. You can upload photographs of your latest products, store openings, the office, or anything else in your business that you think your target audience will be interested in seeing. Taking videos of the different things going on inside your business will give your audience an insider’s look and help them to better connect with your brand. Being able to connect with a brand today is an important factor for many consumers when looking to purchase products and services, especially within the younger generation, with many young consumers purchasing products simply because they feel a connection with that brand, even if there are better products available from competing brands.

Using Snapchat for Research
Snapchat is also a great tool for research when it comes to understanding your target audience and learning more about their preferences, likes, and dislikes. When you connect with your customers on Snapchat, you can find out about them in many different ways – for example, you may be able to follow them in order to watch what they upload to Snapchat, or ask your followers to send in Snaps and chats answering different questions which you will ask. Holding a ‘Q&A’ session on Snapchat which you’ll advertise beforehand not only on the app but also on a range of other platforms can be a very effective way to gain more Snapchat followers, get your followers sharing your content, and find out more about your target audience and get to know what they want. Not only does this improve your knowledge of your target audience, it has a lot of potential to provide you with a range of other benefits such as increasing your online presence, improving profits, and boosting customer satisfaction.

4. Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Instagram
In the past, Instagram may have gained a bit of a reputation for being a boring photo-sharing app where the majority of users pretended their lives were at lot better than they actually were.

However, if you’ve been keeping up to date with the evolution of Instagram, you’ll probably know already that this photo sharing app is quickly becoming one of the most powerful tools for business marketing using video. Instagram’s approach to video may be a little behind – there’s no option for live video and it’s not as quick to use as Snapchat – but, it’s still taking the marketing industry by storm, and for very good reason. Although Instagram only allows users to upload videos which last a matter of minutes, these short and to-the-point videos have proven to be a hugely effective marketing tool.

Today’s modern consumer is a very busy person, and they do not want to waste time watching lengthy videos, especially if there is a quicker way to get the message across. One of the best examples of Instagram videos is those used by make-up artists. Professional MUA’s and beauty bloggers quickly saw the benefits of using Instagram videos for marketing, making short and sweet tutorials which were sped up in order to fit into Instagram’s short video timeframe.

Instantly, this became a big hit with their followers, who were suddenly able to learn how to get a make-up look that takes 45 minutes to complete without having to watch a video which took that long. Instead, make-up enthusiasts can now scroll through Instagram and learn how to get the latest looks from their favorite MUA’s in under ten minute’s time. This allows busy users to get the latest video updates from their favorite brands quickly and efficiently, whether they’re flicking through Instagram on their lunch break or during the morning commute.

Effective Instagram Videos

The most popular videos on Instagram tend to be the ones which tell a story or portray a series of steps on how to do something. Since videos will need to be sped up in order to ensure that the whole thing fits into Instagram’s given timeframe, this provides users with a quick way to stay up to date or learn something new. Depending on the type of business which you run, you may be able to easily incorporate these types of videos into your Instagram feed. ‘How-to’ videos featuring the products that you sell, for example, can not only be a great way of grabbing the attention of your followers, but can also be a great advertisement method to help get more exposure for the product.

Connecting With Customers
As with other social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube, you can use Instagram video to better connect with your customers. As well as providing informational and educational content in the form of how-to video guides, for example, you can also use Instagram to keep your customers updated with what’s going on on the inside of your company. Upload videos to Instagram when it comes to whatever it is that your brand is getting involved with.
Along with this, you can also use Instagram to connect with your customers by finding out more about them via what they upload to the app. Although some of your followers may have private Instagram accounts, you may find that many will have their uploads available to the public. Browsing through the types of things that your followers get excited about on Instagram can help you to get a better picture of your target audience and be better able to determine what to post in order to get their attention and generate interest.


Linking Networks Together
One of the best things about Instagram is that you can use links in the video or photo description. Because of this, it works well as a platform to use when sharing ‘snippets’ of longer videos or short descriptions of blog posts, live interviews, or other new updates on your other social media profiles or your business website. For example, if you upload a video interview with a celebrity on your website, you can use Instagram to advertise it by uploading a preview of the clip and a link to the full-length movie for your users to follow. Not only does this mean that you will generate more traffic to your website, blog and other social media sites, it also helps to generate more interest in your content by leaving viewers wondering what else happens after they have seen the preview.


5. Using Video for Describing and Re-viewing Your Products

Every video platform including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat provides you with a great opportunity to upload video product descriptions and reviews. For many businesses, YouTube is a natural choice when it comes to creating and uploading video product descriptions and reviews as it can be viewed both on YouTube itself as well as shared on a whole range of other platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and even embedded on blogs and websites. YouTube’s huge shareability means that you will be able to reach a wider audience with your video product descriptions and reviews, as people are more likely to share videos than any other type of content, and YouTube allows them to share it on a wide range of different platforms, making your content available to an even wider audience and creating genuine backlinks to your site and YouTube channel, improving your business’ SEO.

Why You Should Consider Video Product Descriptions
Video product descriptions are becoming a hugely effective tool for marketing online. Not only can video descriptions be used for providing potential customers with a first-hand view of the products that you sell on your website, they can also be used for marketing purposes by uploading them onto social media websites, where people who are not familiar with your brand may find them and become interested. There are many different benefits of using video product descriptions, with the main one being that they are more engaging for your customers. When you provide your customers with a video product description as opposed to text and photographs, it allows them to get a first-hand look at the product and what it looks like in real life when it’s being used. For some products, a video description could be made in the form of a how-to guide, which shows the customer how to use the product to get the best results from it once they’ve purchased it. Or, another example would be clothing stores, who could provide a catwalk video of their fashion pieces in action. Video product descriptions can also have the effect on making customers relate to the product more as they watch others use it in the types of ways that they would.

Reaching Out to Customers Through Video Descrip-tions
Businesses are quickly realizing the power of video product descriptions when it comes to reaching out to their customers and generating more interest in their brand. Not only does a video product description double up as a great marketing tool which can be shared on various social media and video platforms, it can also be used in such a way that the customer feels a stronger connection to the brand and product. For example, a toy store who is targeting parents of young children could use a video product description which features toddlers having fun and playing with the toy. This is much more likely to resonate with a parent, who will find it easier to visualize their own child enjoying the product that they’re viewing.

Why Video Product Reviews Are So Effective
When it comes to using video in order to advertise, market and promote your products, video product reviews can be hugely effective. Product reviews are already an important part of shopping online, with a huge range of sites available that are dedicated purely to reviewing various businesses and establishments. Bloggers regularly make a profit from testing and reviewing the products from different businesses and brands in their industry, whether via written content or video.

Video bloggers, known as vloggers, have become more and more popular in recent times. Vloggers cover a whole range of different topics, whether they’re travelling around the world in their videos, creating beauty tutorials, gaming, cooking and baking, DIY, following their pets, or even creating funny prank and parody videos. The reality is, vloggers can be hugely popular people online, with many making a name for themselves simply because the videos that they post generate a lot of attention. When it comes to reaching out to a wider audience, vloggers are people who are in a great position to help you out. Finding a vlogger who has a large following and creates videos which are related to your business industry is a great way to get the word out there by creating a video product review. Depending on the type of products that you want them to review, you may be able to get the review on their vlog in return for sending them a product to test free of charge, whilst others may accept payment for advertising your brand in their videos.


Video Reviews: The Personal Touch
Anybody who is considering making a serious, important or expensive purchase online without being able to test out the product first is going to prioritize reading customer reviews. Any good e-commerce site knows that allowing customers to leave reviews for not only the business as a whole but for each specific product can go a long way when it comes to building trust with customers and improving customer relations. However, although reading written reviews can provide your customers with a lot of information about a product in order to make an informed decision about purchasing it, a video review can have a ‘personal’ touch which resonates stronger. Actually watching and listening to a person review a product can have a much bigger impact on a customer than simply reading about it. This is because when somebody is watching another person reviewing a product, they have the benefit of being able to see things such as facial expressions and body language, which can tell the viewer a lot. This is often missed in written product reviews, where it can often be easy to misunderstand things.

Using Video Reviews to Connect With Your Custom-ers
The great thing about video today is that anybody can make a video in a matter of minutes or even seconds. Modern smartphones all have great video-shooting capabilities and features, so not only is it easier for businesses of all sizes to shoot and upload videos to their social media sites, their customers can also do it, too! There are many different ways in which you can use video to connect with and communicate better with your customers, and asking them to leave video reviews of your products that they’ve purchased from you is an effective and fun way to do this. Holding a competition for the best video where the winner gets a prize, for example, is a good way to generate interest in your company, boost sales, and improve customer satisfaction. Not only does asking customers to send in their own video product reviews allow them to engage with your brand, it also encourages them to buy from your brand in order to be able to make a product review and share the competition with their friends and followers. By asking customers to create video product reviews, you can expose your brand and products to a larger audience when they upload and share their video to their own social media profiles. Video reviews could be uploaded on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or all of them!

6. Why Your Business Needs a YouTube Channel
For social media sites, video is a relatively new trend. Although it’s been possible to share videos on Facebook and Twitter since the early days, features such as uploading live video or having a video profile picture have been introduced later on. However, YouTube is the one video sharing platform which has been around for years. The biggest video sharing platform in the world, YouTube is trusted worldwide and is the go-to site for watching videos about literally anything. With millions of users who enjoy spending their free time looking for new and interesting videos to watch, it definitely makes sense for businesses of all sizes to have their own YouTube channel.

Benefits of Using YouTube
When it comes to using video to market your brand and products, YouTube should be the first place that you go to. You can use the videos that you upload to YouTube for a wide range of different purposes, sharing them not only with your YouTube followers but also with your followers on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter with the click of a button. You can also easily upload YouTube videos to a business blog by copying and pasting the embed link into your blog’s HTML. If you use a CMS such as WordPress, you can get widgets and tools to include your latest YouTube video uploads on your blog directly.

Using YouTube to Improve SEO
Having a YouTube channel which is regularly updated with fresh and interesting content which attracts a lot of attention from your target audience can be hugely beneficial for your SEO. Not only does choosing your words carefully when creating informative video descriptions mean that you can include important key words and phrases, but you can also use this opportunity to create genuine and authentic backlinks to your business website or blog. Including keywords and your business name and location in your YouTube video product descriptions can also improve your search engine ranking in both general and local Google search results.

Using YouTube For Advertising
Along with uploading your own videos onto YouTube, you can also use this popular marketing platform to further advertise your brand, products and services. YouTube is a popular choice of video bloggers in a range of different industries who regularly post updates and have a range of followers. Along with that, there are many official users of YouTube who upload clips such as music videos or short films, all of which can feature a short advertisement before the video. Depending on the users who will be featuring your ads, YouTube ads can cost a little or a lot, but it can be a hugely effective way to generate more interest in your business from YouTube users. You can also use interactive YouTube ads, which allow the user to click on the ad to open the business website or landing page in a new tab.
Connecting With Your Target Audience on YouTube
One of the best things about YouTube is that it is easy to use when it comes to connecting with your target audience. You can allow or disable comments on videos, but allowing your viewers to comment will provide you with a great insight into which videos are popular and which are not received quite as well. Asking your viewers to leave comments on your videos can also help to improve levels of customer engagement, which is hugely important for building a good connection and relationship with your target audience. Actively asking your customers to leave their opinions and views on your YouTube videos means that they will feel more valued by your brand and is a great way to let them know that they are appreciated and their voice matters.
Innovative YouTube Video Ideas


When it comes to uploading videos to your brand’s YouTube channel, you can really get creative. Of course, you will want to use your YouTube channel in order to showcase your marketing videos, video product descriptions, video product reviews, latest brand news, and anything else you want to share with your viewers. But, with so many brands jumping on the YouTube channel bandwagon, the secret to success when using this video sharing platform is to do something different and unique. For example, you could hold competitions where you invite customers to apply to appear in your marketing videos, create unique how-to-guide videos, or make short films which feature your brand that will grab the attention of your viewers. Keeping up to date with what your competition are doing on YouTube is absolutely vital to making sure that you’re not being left behind. 36

7. Encouraging Video Sharing
Last but not least, the secret to being successful with video marketing using YouTube and various other video platforms is to actively encourage video sharing. Studies show that users who ask for shares are much more likely to get them than those who do not. When you upload a video to any video sharing platform or social media site, getting a good number of shares is key to expanding the size of the audience that your content is reaching. Actively asking for a share, whether at the end of the video or in the video description, can prompt your followers to click the ‘share’ button – after all, it only takes a second.

Sharing Incentives
Another great way to get your customers sharing your video content is to offer incentives for sharing. For example, holding a competition where users who share a video are in with a chance of winning a prize or promising to do something if a video post reaches a certain number of shares are great ways to encourage people to remember that sharing is caring.

Standing Out
With video content becoming so popular, it’s important to remember that brands are at risk of ‘blending in’ with the crowd. Creating content which is much the same as everybody else’s is less likely to get you as many shares as video content which is different and stands out. Coming up with something new, innovative, rare or unique can help you to generate more interest in your business and as a result, increase the amount of times your video content is shared. Although it may not always be possible to come up with something truly unique, doing something that makes your video stand out from the crowd can go a long way when it comes to shareablility.

Engaging With Viewers
One of the best ways to encourage more shares when it comes to your video content on social media, YouTube and even your business website and blog is engaging with your customers. By making your viewers feel that they are somehow involved with the video simply by watching it, you will encourage them to share it with their own friends and followers in order for them to have the same experience. Creating video content which your target audience will enjoy and relate to means that market research should be a huge priority, in order to make sure that you know what’s in demand.

Video marketing is becoming one of the biggest ways for businesses and brands of all sizes to advertise their products and services. Once reserved for multi-million dollar companies who can afford to create television adverts, video marketing is now significantly more accessible to businesses of all sizes, with modern technology making it easier than ever before to create cheap or even free marketing videos for the web.

Along with that, businesses no longer have to pay for prime time television commercial slots in order to get their marketing clips seen by their target audience. Thanks to social sharing sites such as YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, businesses can upload their marketing videos and other video content straight away or even live stream to connect with their customers in real time.
Indeed, demand for video content online is increasing at a rapid rate, with the introduction of short ‘how-to’ videos becoming a massive trend since the introduction of Instagram’s short video upload feature. Users are increasingly finding that they prefer to watch a short video rather than read lengthy guides or reviews, whilst video product reviews are fitting in well to the latest trend of providing as much information as possible about products to potential customers. Using video sharing platforms such as YouTube can also have a significant impact on your business’ SEO. Not only can you include genuine back links to your business website on your YouTube video uploads, you can also optimize the video descriptions with key words and phrases. Along with this, you have the added benefit of also appearing in Google’s Video Search results as well as web search. YouTube can also be used to create backlinks to your business’ social media sites, improving their search engine rankings along with that of your website and blog. Along with this, YouTube videos are very highly sharable, which can be very useful for creating high-quality backlinks through user shares.


In short, if you’re not using video content and marketing for your business yet, you should definitely change things, starting now. With video being more accessible than ever before, even the smallest of businesses can benefit.

Viral Blogging Traffic

We’re going to discuss to get traffic to your website without spending a dime is the viral blogging method.

What exactly is viral blogging? Viral blogging is when you purposely post content that is most likely to be shared and therefore, go viral. You might think that every piece of content that you post is specifically intended to be shared and go viral possible, but the difference is that you choose your topics and the format of your posts in very specific ways, that have been shown to be most effective for viral content.

We are going to go over some of these specific content types and show you how to give your posts the best chance to go viral.


How To Get Started With This Method

There are some things that you’re going to want to do no matter what type of content you are posting. These are tips that are the same for all of the content that you’re planning on posting. The first tip is to post on a regular basis. People are more likely to come back and read your content over and over again if you post regularly.

This means posting once a week, preferably on the same day, or whatever your schedule happens to be. You can post every five days, you could post once every two weeks or however you’d like. What you should keep in mind is that you need post regularly enough so that people don’t forget about your content, which generally means posting at least once per week, but not so often that people are overwhelmed by it and can’t read it all. You always want to leave them wanting more.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to write and post your content when you’re scheduled to publish it. If you’re using WordPress, you can schedule your content to be published on a specific date and time and you can write several weeks in advance if you prefer.

Another thing that you want to do is make sure that you use your keywords in both the title and in the post. Do you know what your keywords are supposed to be? If not, you need to do some keyword research and find out what keyword phrases are being searched for when it comes to the content that you’re planning on publishing. Try to find a happy medium between keyword phrases the get a lot of searches and those phrases that have a ton of competition already on the first page of Google results.
As mentioned in the beginning of this book, high-quality images are vital. Make sure that you include images with your content and that they are both high-quality and relevant to the text on the page.

Also, make sure that you don’t pack everything into huge, intimidating blocks of text. Create subheadings so that people can skim the content, and break your text into several different paragraphs with a general rule of no more than 100 words per paragraph. You can have less, and you can even have a little bit more, but use it as a general rule of thumb and remember, varying paragraph lengths are more interesting than several paragraphs in a row all of the same length.

Viral Blogging Content Types
Now, were going to discuss some of the different types of content that are great for creating viral posts that are more likely to be shared than anything else. Each of these types of content is unique and has a different style than other types on this list. With some types of content you may want to include humor or lighthearted writing, and with others you want to avoid humor and take a more serious approach.

In case you’re wondering where this information comes from there have been several studies of different content types to determine what gets shared most often. The market research company BuzzSumo recently analyzed over 100 million articles to discover what gets shared and the results include the post types listed below.

Top Ten Lists
For some reason, top 10 lists seem to do particularly well on social media. In fact, it is specifically the number 10 in top 10 lists the does well. No one knows exactly why this is; it might be because ten is a nice round number or could be because 8 items are too few to make up a decent list and 15 are too many; whatever the reason, research shows the top 10 lists should be part of your viral blogging strategy.


News and Current Events Articles
Not surprisingly, posting the latest news or current events will not only get you noticed, it will also get your content shared. When someone learns something that is considered news their first instinct is to share with others.

Of course, if you learn about things after they have already been posted to most of the major news organizations and websites, creating an article on that news story won’t do you much good. If you can “scoop” other news organizations and get your posts in front of people, the chances are very good that they will share it.

Controversial Topics and Titles
Another content type that is sure to get shared with others (and as a bonus get all kinds of comments posted underneath it) is the controversial topic – with a controversial title. This is especially potent if you can combine controversy with the current event, with the disadvantage of the content not lasting very long. You can also create controversy with blog posts and titles that are evergreen which will keep getting traffic for years to come.

Entertainment and Celebrity News
One content type that is certainly popular is celebrity and entertainment news. The problem is, there is a lot of competition for these articles and topics. There are websites that dominate this market because they cover celebrity entertainment news exclusively. However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore this content type altogether.

You can cover a celebrity and tie it in with your industry. As a hypothetical example, if you were in the business industry, you could talk about how Drake invested in a new company.


Of course, politics is always one of the hot button topics on the Internet. This is a case where publishing a political and controversial article may get your content shared with millions of others. You can always mix two of these types and get better results but politics, combined with controversy in particular, seem to be a potent combination for sharing.

The great thing about this particular topic is that you can share an opinion if you like without any real factual basis – unless of course you are quoting facts to back up your opinions.

How to Promote Your Content
Simply publishing this content isn’t going to be enough. You need to promote your content on social media – but not just the standards like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

You also want to use social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon. These sites will get you in front of readers who will hopefully take your content and run with it.


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How To Win On Facebook

Facebook has become one of the most popular marketing platforms on the web… and that’s part of the problem… It isn’t a marketing platform!


Most people who try to profit from Facebook, attempt to do so with direct promotions, or by trying to get that traffic onto their site or list… This would be fine, except…

“They try to do this with an incorrect understanding of the Facebook User.” (Or no understanding at all!) This leads to much frustration, poor results, low profits, and limits the potential of the role Facebook can and should be playing in your business.

The Wrong Understanding…

Most people who try to build a profitable Facebook business have a background in affiliate marketing as well… So they also tend to assume Facebook prospects are going to behave the same way as the prospects who arrive at their affiliate sites…

This is an incorrect understanding of the Facebook User, which often leads to…

The Wrong Approach:
1. Create a Fanpage…
2. Produce ‘Affiliate Site’ content, such as product reviews or info articles…
3. Buy some ‘Likes’ with Facebook Ads…
4. Start blitzing the audience with niche specific promotions…

This leads to trouble for several reasons…
• Your fans will leave because your page is a promo-fest…
• You will make very little, if any profit because this traffic won’t convert…
• You’ll lose a lot of money on your Facebook Ads campaign because the page
won’t spread virally and your clicks will be more expensive…
• None of your niche’s ‘Facebook Power Users’ will want to work with you, so your
potential for a 5-7 figure fanbase is severely restricted…

Affiliate Site Users v.s. Facebook Users

The Standard Affiliate Site User…
• Has a Problem – This varies in severity, from an embarrassing medical condition, to a poor golf swing, to needing a new MP3 Player, and everything in between.
• Are Looking For Information – They want to know more about the problem, so they can get a better handle on their situation and look to take appropriate action.
• Are Searching For A Solution – Once they understand the problem, they’ll want to solve it, be it with an ointment, a home study course, or a new iPod etc.
• Actively Seeking To Buy – They’ll be looking to acquire whatever ‘thing’ helps solve their problem, so they can bring it into their lives and enjoy the benefits.
• Usually Prefer Anonymity – They aren’t there to make friends or be part of a community in most cases, they just want to get in, solve the problem, and leave.
• Don’t Mind Being Challenged – Often the Affiliate Site User will be open to having their perceptions challenged, because whatever they’re doing now obviously isn’t working to solve their problem. But it has to come from a trusted authority source.
• Don’t Mind Being ‘Sold To’ – People don’t mind a promotion, as long as trust and authority has been established, and the pitch is value-packed and benefit driven.

Now let’s look at the Standard Facebook User…

The Standard Facebook User…
• Is There For Fun – Facebook is there for entertainment, users don’t go there to remind themselves of their problems, they go there to escape them.
• Is There To Socialize – It’s a community and an online hang out, the only way to have Facebook Users to respond to you is by being social as well.
• Is There To Share Opinions – They want to engage and express themselves, to tell other people what they think, to interact, to define themselves.
• Looking To Indulge Interests – They want somewhere to hang out and interact with people who have shared interests, and authorities of those interests.
• NOT Looking To Buy – Facebook is a source of FREE entertainment and games and social interaction… that’s why people are there and not the mall, or Amazon.
• NOT Looking To Be Challenged – Facebook is an ego-driven experience, all about defining and exhibiting the individual’s personality. They don’t want to be told at any point ‘they’re wrong’… especially in front of their friends.
• NOT Looking To Be Sold To – They’re looking for friends, not salesmen.

How To WIN On Facebook!

Profiting From Facebook…
• Generate Traffic – Facebook Ads and Viral Content are great ways of generating that initial traffic, but Guest Posting on more established pages within your niche to attract their traffic to you is perhaps the most effective… so network!
• Build A List – The key to profiting from Facebook is to get your fans OFF of Facebook and ON to your list. A simple invitation to join your list is all you need, and a request to ‘Send me cool photos and a story of x’ gives you the next step…
• Create Content – Fans will need something to interact with and talk about once on your list, and if you ask them to send you niche-specific stories and images, you’ll have all the engaging content you’ll ever need.
• Monetize – Once you’ve got a strong following and developed a good relationship with your fans, you can suggest a product that might help them out, and you’ll have much higher conversions, for much higher profits, because they trust you.
• Automate – The key to taking this all to the next level is to create other fan pages in other niches. But there comes a point where managing just one page can become too much if you don’t automate. So be on the lookout for tools that will help you take the tedious ‘busy work’ out of the equation. curtsy:munchweb

Easy Instagram Profits

We are going to talk a little about what Instagram is and why you should use it as a part of your marketing plan. Just in case, you aren’t familiar with Instagram it is and extremely popular social network that provides a fun way for its users to take and share photos with friends and followers online.

Unlike other social networks, you can only access instant great from a mobile application. So, to make use of this powerful network for your business, you’ll need a mobile device like your smartphone, iPod touch, iPad, or tablet and an Instagram account. Then you can snap, upload and edit your photos on the fly for sharing on multiple social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr.

As I am writing this, Instagram boasts over 100 million monthly active users with approximately 40 million photos uploaded a day. The success of Instagram is so massive it has images generating over 4800 likes and thousands of comments per second.


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It has taken off faster than any other app in recent years and had quickly become the go-to choice for users that want to edit and share their photos on the go.

However, not just social users are indulging in Instagram. Many businesses are finding ways to tap into the massive mobile traffic that it receives every day and using it as a way to build their brands and market their products and services.
Instagram reaches out to an extremely wide audience and allows for in-depth searches on the web. With daily updates and added features like geotagging and hashtagging,
followers can find specific products and information much faster and easier.

Image sharing has never been so exciting, and since its conception in 2010 it is fair to say that Instagram is still in its infancy and shows no signs of slowing down regarding growth and popularity anytime soon.

If you haven’t considered using Instagram as a part of your marketing strategy here are some of the main reasons why you should.

Primarily, Instagram provides instant gratification for its users. They snap, edit and upload. They can also like, share and comment on photos that interest them which makes the viral power of Instagram virtually unstoppable.

Imagine having thousands of people comment and share photos from your business, literally within seconds. It really can be that easy!

Secondly, it offers users an easy setup, so there is no need to fill in a lengthy profile like other social networks require. You only download the app to your mobile device create an account and get started right away.

For marketing purposes, you can use it to showcase your products, services and increase the awareness and popularity of your brand online. Instagram photos and albums are incredibly powerful for adding personality to brands in a way that no another network has been able to achieve successfully.

If you’d like a good example of how major brands are using Instagram, try doing a search for major brands like Starbucks, Puma or Red Bull, and you can see how their utilizing simple photos to build their online presence.

Another dominant feature of Instagram that makes it appealing to businesses is that it is integrated with the Foursquare location database, which allows users to Geotag the actual location where the photo was taken. This instantly links the photo to the location of your business.
Are you beginning to see how powerful this can be?

Instagram has always been an almost exclusively mobile platform. So to use it you must download the iPhone or Android app to your mobile device to set up your Instagram account.

Keep in mind that all accounts are public by default, but you can create a private account, but from a marketing standpoint, that isn’t a good idea, because the whole point is to get your message to the massed.

If you do decide to set up a private account, only users you approve can follow you and view your photos. You can do this from your profile tab under “Privacy.”

Once you are registered, you change your profile picture and edit your profile information. Be sure to take some time to include a good bio. You only have 150-characters to do this
so make them count and don’t forget to add a link to your website.

That’s it for today’s lesson. We have a lot to go over in the next few days if you want to learn how to use Instagram for your business, so make sure you look for your next lesson soon.

Homework: Download the Instagram app, set up your account and do some exploring. In your next lesson, we will talk more about how you can tap into the power of this massive social network.

Tap Into That Power For Your Own Business.

With millions of users, it is no wonder that more and more major brands are joining the party and using Instagram to help boost their online presence by using simple photos and effective marketing strategies.

Although formerly reserved for iPhone users, Instagram is now available on virtually any mobile device and allows users to snap pictures of just about anything, edit them cool tools and filters then upload them to your account for instant viewing by your followers.

As we learned in your last lesson, these photos can be shared on multiple social networks almost instantaneously. They can also be potentially liked and commented on by millions of users within mere seconds of being uploaded, which makes Instagram an incredibly powerful marketing tool when used correctly.

Therefore, the big question is; exactly how are huge companies using this incredibly easy to use the mobile app to increase the awareness and popularity of their brand personality?

When it comes to a building brand awareness, the ultimate goal is gaining as much exposure for your business as possible. It was once thought that Instagram didn’t hold much value in regards to online marketing, but recently opinions have changed, and businesses big and small have begun flocking to Instagram and successfully tapping into a massive database of users.

Huge brand names are proving to be very successful amassing huge lists of followers with thousands of likes and comments a day, and the good news is that it has become equally as profitable for small businesses and sole entrepreneurs to cash in with Instagram marketing.

This is because users quickly recognize their favorite brands and gladly express their loyalty when it comes to clicking on an image and sharing it with their friends and followers.

There is no doubt that almost everyone loves strong visual images. Therefore, it only stands to reason that business that use powerful images to express the quality of their
products and services, or just to share photos of themselves, how their business operates or happy employees doing their jobs can have great success on Instagram.

The reason this works is that strong visuals likely attract attention and can have an enormous impact on building brand awareness. Keep in mind, you don’t have just to upload photos, they can be drawn images, collages, etc.

As I mentioned in your last lesson, to get a good sense of how you can use Instagram, try searching for well-known brands such as Puma, Red Bull, Coca-Cola, etc. You should also look for businesses closely related to your target market and observe how they are using it to get their message across.

TIP: You can do this by just typing Instagram, plus any topic into any search engine.  For instance, if you want to know about golf you would type in “Instagram golf.” If you
want to spy on a big name brand, like Red Bull you would type in “Instagram Redbull.”

This will return a full list of results, which typically includes a link to the company’s profile page so you can get a good idea of the type of images they use as well as which ones their followers like and comment on.

Make sure you jot down any ideas and inspiration you get from the brands that are closely related to the products and services you are selling because odds are they hired social media consultants to manage their brand image and by mimicking (not copying) their campaigns it will help you see results much faster.

That’s it for today’s lesson. In your next lesson, we will be talking more about how Instagram works, so you can start using it to your advantage right away.

 Instagram powerful features

As we know, Instagram now has over 100 million active users sharing millions of photos every day. With that type of popularity, people take notice, particularly those who understand the power of social media and how it can affect their business.
Any business owner from solo entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies realize the power of content and video but, as we are discovering photo sharing is fast becoming a dominant force in the marketplace.

We all know the value of a good picture, but before the dawn of social marketing photos of our products and services are reserved strictly for print advertising catalogs and more
recently webpage’s.

Not anymore! By incorporating image sharing sites like Instagram into your marketing campaign, you can reach out to more consumers and establish a solid brand following faster than any other type of media. This is because images are visually appealing and easily consumed.

Have you ever heard that phrase a picture is worth 1000 words? Well, it’s true, by using specifically targeted images you can launch an entire advertising campaign that can yield far better results than many other forms of advertising including print, radio and sometimes even video.

One of the things that make Instagram attractive is that it’s easy to use and has built-in editing tools, so you don’t have to spend hours trying to get your photos to look good.

Adding photos
When it comes to adding photo’s, there are a few ways you can go about it. You can click the blue camera button in the center of your Instagram navigation panel, and it will automatically activate your device’s camera, so you can simply snap a photo.

One nice thing about using the camera from within your Instagram navigation panel is that it will already be correctly sized and ready for sharing.

You can also add photos that you already have saved on your device by clicking the square button in the lower left-hand of the camera screen. This will pull any photo you choose on to your navigation panel for editing and uploading.

When it comes to adding photos from your computer, you have to get a little bit more creative. Since Instagram was designed as a mobile app, there is no upload interface. To work around that the easiest solution is to use a service like Dropbox, upload your photos there and then share them on Instagram.
Editing photos

When it comes to editing your photos, Instagram makes it a breeze, with several built-in filters you can make your photos look like they were taken by a professional. Once you have taken or selected, an image you want to use the filters will appear beneath it.

Take some time to scroll through and explore the different filters. By experimenting with each of the filters, you will soon get a good feel for which ones work best with particular

You’ll also notice a small sun icon in the lower corner of your editing panel. This auto enhances your photos instantly. The little teardrop icon adds a soft blur, and the curved arrow rotates your image.

For more tips on taking, editing and sharing your photos, you should take some time and visit the Instagram help Center:


Once your photo is ready to go, click on the green button at the top of your screen. This will bring you to the social sharing screen. From there you can add a caption, include your hashtags and choose all of the social networks you want to share your photo on.

If you have location services enabled, you will also be able to tag where you took the photo and choose whether or not you want to add it to your photo map. This is a highly powerful tool if you have an off-line business because it directly links the photo to your place of business.

I hope today’s lesson was helpful to you. In your next lesson, we will be talking about how Instagram can help you achieve better search engine rankings and drive more traffic to your website.

Search Engine Rankings With Instagram

If you know even a little bit about SEO (search engine optimization), you see how important it is to integrate social media into your marketing plans. It’s not just about search engines but using sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. to gain exposure, build a following, etc.

Social media is incredibly powerful and if used correctly, can make a huge difference to your business.

Something that many business owners don’t realize is that words are not the only way people can find their website.
In fact, you can get visitors from many different places including, YouTube, social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others. Another great way to attract visitors
is through Google images.

This is where Instagram comes into play.

Many people don’t realize how images affect their search engine rankings and don’t take the time to name and tag their images properly. When in fact, images attract attention faster than almost any other type of media.

SEO professionals and online marketers understand this and are flocking to Instagram. Because they know that the massive traffic this robust network receives every day won’t go unnoticed by the search engine and they’re cashing in by posting relevant keyword targeted images that not only increase their search engine rankings may also attract the attention of consumers.

As we have discussed before Instagram can be a very powerful tool when it comes building a fan base for your brand. With the constant algorithm changes from Google and other search engines, it has become much harder to keep your website ranked
high in the search engine results.

Ask anyone who had their site wiped out by one of the recent changes and they’ll tell you how it hurt or even killed their business. Therefore, it only makes sense that people are paying closer attention to what works when it comes to optimizing their content.

While content is still king, it has never been more important to consider images when optimizing your content so that it will rank well in the search engines.  When it comes to using Instagram to drive traffic to your website, it is more about social media optimization, so it is important to post images that capture and engage your audience, because the more like and comments your photos receive the better the search engines will rank them.

Before you begin posting images, think about how your photos can enhance and emphasize your products or services. The same basic rules of selling apply. You want to stand out from your competition, so be creative and don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of images.

Try using funny, creative, intriguing, emotional and even controversial (not offensive) images and then pay close attention to how your viewers react. This will help you see which type of image works best for your business.

Here are a few other quick things you should keep in mind when posting your images to achieve better search engine rankings:

Be consistent
Be sure to post on a regular basis. If you’ve been doing business online for any length of time you already know that the search engine’s like consistency, so just like posting content to your blog it’s important to update your Instagram feed with relevant and engaging photos regularly.

Use hashtags

The symbol # called a hashtag is used to mark keywords or topics to your images. Adding tags to your photos will make them visible on public tag pages and also make it easier for people to find your content.

Link it up

It’s also a good idea to connect your Instagram account with your Facebook page so that your Facebook fans can like and comment on your Instagram photos. This way you can increase the amount of attention in your photos receive, without taking the time to post them on each site separately.

That’s it for today’s lesson. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for my next email. I have some great tips that will help you achieve the best results possible from your Instagram marketing campaigns.

Quick Tips For The Best Results From Your Instagram Campaigns.

There is no doubt that the Internet is a highly visual place, with millions of images uploaded daily. Much more so, than a few short years ago when textual content ruled the world. Now, I’m not saying that providing your visitors with informative content isn’t still important.

However high captivating images have the ability to reach far more people than plain text, and it is for this very reason that businesses are using Instagram to promote their
products, services and build their brand presence online.
Instagram is useful because it allows you to upload and use images to paint a visual story about your business. The right picture can captivate, entertain and ignite consumer interest in your products and services so that they will follow you and ultimately make a purchase from you.

When it comes to getting the best results from your Instagram marketing campaigns there are a few things you should keep in mind:

The perfect username

It’s a good idea to use your business or brand name as your Instagram username. This way when people search for your products and services it will be easier for them to find you. Don’t worry if you’ve already set up your Instagram account under a different name; you can simply log in and edit your profile. Keep in mind that it may take some time for your new username to display.

Share well

It’s important to share compelling and engaging photos so that your followers will be inclined to like and share them with others. It’s also important to make sure you share frequently. Just like with any other type of social marketing consistency is key because your followers will leave you in the dust if you don’t keep them entertained.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of photos. As we discussed in a previous lesson, try posting funny, emotional, thought evoking images and then keep an eye on which type of photo receives the most attention. This will help you develop a better understanding of what visually stimulates your consumers to take action.


One sure way of finding out what your followers want is to ask for their feedback. Don’t be shy and trying to make the process as fun and engaging as possible for them. You can do this by offering them something in return for their honest opinions or by running a little contest to see who can post the most thought-provoking comment or idea. Remember, social marketing is all about engagement.

Tell a story

Make sure your photos tell a story about your business. You can do this by posting images your products or services while they’re in development so that your consumers can see each step of the process. You can also share images of happy employees and customers enjoying your products. The bottom line is as creative as possible so that your followers will look forward to seeing what you post next.

Don’t forget your Hashtags

I know we’ve discussed this before, but hashtags are a vital part of your Instagram marketing campaign because they help consumers quickly find images that interest them. They will also get your images listed on Instagram’s public tag pages, and in the search engine results, which can help send your likes and comments through the roof. Another good idea is to create a unique hashtag for your business and encourage your followers to use it when sharing your photos. A good example of this is
Coca-Cola. Not only did they create a hashtag for their main brand they’ve also created hashtags for their other products like #DietCoke and even for some of their promotions.


As we’ve discussed before, Instagram’s location services are an incredibly powerful way to drive customers to your business. By geotagging your photos, you can get consumers in your local community more involved with your business.  A quick way to do this is by adding photos to your photo map. You’ll find this option on your Instagram share panel.

Profit Instantly With Instagram

Profit Instantly With Instagram

Get connected

Finally make sure that you connect all of your business-related social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr. By synchronizing all of your accounts, you will have a much better chance of expanding and engaging your audience on multiple platforms.

Instagram is incredibly simple to use, but don’t let that fool you because it is also an incredibly powerful tool.  With a little time testing and creativity, there is no reason that you can’t use it to market your business, products, and services in a way that is fun, engaging and extremely useful.

As we close this final lesson, I would like to thank you again for joining me for this course and I sincerely hope that you have learned a lot about how you can use Instagram to market your products, services and build your brand presence online!

Penny-Click Academy For Pay Per Click


PPC is one of the most popular forms of paid advertising and is not likely to lose that title anytime soon. Its appeal penny-click-academy2extends from online marketers to giant corporations, with everyone wanting their piece of the money pie that springs from PPC platforms that populate the online advertising space. And while the PPC environment adapts to changes with new platform providers and regular updates to advertising rules, those who master the method continue to rake in massive paydays from what are very targeted and highly converting buyer customer bases.

Why PPC ads work

PPC ads work on so many levels that they are almost ADDICTIVE in their application. The most popular form of pay per click is buying a listing on the search results pages of the major search engines, where your ad will appear alongside those of organic or non-paid search results. PPC allows you to set up your live ad and then practically watch the results unfold before you. The appeal with this kind of traffic is that it is almost instant.

With the correct targeting of your ad, the constant search by the masses for what you are offering places a targeted audience in front of your ad the moment it goes live. This means that, an unlimited number of targeted people can see your ad. You only pay when they actually click on your ad. With such fast search results, this form of marketing provides what is practically an unmatched opportunity to adjust your campaigns for better results in just hours or days, depending on your criteria.


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How PPC ads work

Pay per click advertising is an online auction-style process in which a person bids money against other advertisers to have their keyword targeted ad listed on certain websites. The person gets charged when someone clicks on their ad, regardless of how many times the ad was seen. There are two main types of PPC advertising.

PPC search allows a text ad to show at the top or side of the search engine page and is positioned against other ads depending on its bid, as well as its quality score as determined by the search engine.
PPC display shows ads that are influenced by the advertiser’s targeting selections, and appear on the content pages that are relevant to what the searcher is reading, as well as their previous browsing behavior.

Typically, PPC display catches potential buyers looking for information, whereas PPC search ads are more likely to convert as the prospect is searching for specific keywords and phrases.

Google, Facebook and Bing are the current predominant networks for PPC advertising, and they both employ the quality score method which assists in determining how your ad will rank.  Scoring 1 to 10 from lowest up, you can assist your bid costs and ad placements by promoting your quality score through landing page and ad keyword relevance, and landing page loading time and quality. You will need to look into this deeper with the relevant networks before commencing your campaigns to ensure that you get maximum value for your money.

PPC set-up

Before you set up any campaign in a PPC network, make sure you know the rules of that particular network. The process of setting up your ads in each network will differ to some extent and is beyond the scope of this guide to delve into the intricacies of any or each. To get started, however, there are some consistent, actionable steps you can take to getting your ad live online;

1. Your goal
Determine what you want to achieve with your ad – sales, sign-ups or inquiries.
2. Sign up
Select the network where you will be placing your ads and create your account.
3. Select keywords
Identify your relevant and related keywords and phrases based on buyer intention. Build out groups of themed keywords from which to create several campaigns.
4. Ad copy
Write the text for your ad and link the ad to a relevant landing page, ensuring all the pieces of your landing page are in place and working.
5. Keyword bidding
When you start bidding on your different keywords, be sure to set your budget, especially given that your early ad runs will be for test purposes to obtain performance data.
6. Activate campaign

Don’t forget to activate your ad to get your campaign up and running online.

Depending on the ad network that you run with, your considerations for getting your ad online will require you to follow each point at a much deeper level. You will need to think about Geo-targeting for your local area, whether you want your ad displayed on search only or on third party websites (Adwords), conventional or mobile targeting, quality score, and conversion tracking.

The best place to become proficient at the required steps is directly from the ad networks themselves.  Once you have followed their guidelines and had all the pieces in place and activated your ad, the most crucial part of the process then becomes tracking your ad to allow for changes and improvements. Your analytics will assist your tracking efforts by enabling feedback on your keyword costs, click-through rates and visitor behavior on your landing page. From there, it’s all about optimizing your ‘pieces’ along the line for better results.

7 secrets to a winning PPC ad campaign

When a PPC ad hits the mark (read: targets), it can generate a lot of funds in a very short period. While much of the time your ads will require testing and re-working, there are some practices you can adopt to ensure a greater rate of success early in the campaign;

1. Keyword analysis
You won’t be able to compete against the multinationals, so your focus should be on long tail keywords based on relevancy. If you are targeting locally, include local keywords, and include your primary keyword in your solutions based headline. For even greater effect, you should group ‘related’ keywords based on buyer intent, and have themes of keywords around which you will build your campaigns.

2. Select one platform to commence
Many marketers jump between platforms with their campaigns looking for better cost and positioning. This is a recipe for instability, failed campaigns and a deflated budget. Select just one platform to learn it intricately before moving onto another.

3. Geographic planning
Target the audience to which you are trying to sell. This applies even more so if your audience is based locally. This will reduce the amount of clicks that will never lead to sales.

4. Landing page relevance
Paying per click can lose out quickly if you are not getting paid in conversions. Ensure that your landing page contains your main keywords and is relevant to your ad.

5. Stop testing…never!
Use A/B split testing and run different ads at varying times. This also applies to your landing pages.  If you have no desire to test the elements of your campaign, then you are using the wrong traffic method here.

6. Don’t outbid yourself
Contrary to popular belief, your campaigns can still succeed if you are not holding the top position. Traffic to lower positioned ads is more ready to buy, resulting in less wasted clicks and better conversions for your campaign.

7. Your ad must be interesting
You need to utilize your limited ad space to captivate the attention of your targeted traffic. Learn some basic but useful ‘selling’ copywriting skills if necessary to know which ‘buttons to push’ to draw in your prospects.

The following recent press release offers some insights into the way a PPC management company achieves significant success for their clients through Google Adwords campaigns;

Advantages of using PPC ads

PPC is not for everyone because it requires a real discipline to control your spend.  Ironically, this is just one of the many benefits of marketing with this paid traffic method.

You get to control ad copy, time of day, location, network, ad position all from your selected keywords and chosen sites.

Your ad can be online fast and provide results feedback very quickly to allow for changes where needed.

It need not be as expensive as many marketers claim if you are targeting the right keywords and utilizing various networks.

Geo-targeting can provide very targeted traffic.
Campaigns can be stopped quickly if they are not working.
It is easy to split-test landing pages for better conversions.

4 common mistakes that will kill your campaign

As effective as PPC ads can be, many fails to reach their full potential because of a variety of errors that people make. Four of the most common mistakes include the following;

1. Missing call to action

It may seem obvious to you that someone reading your ad would know that the next step is to click-through your ad to get from point A to point B. This is not always the case, and all of the great ads became that way because of their call to action. You need to instruct your ad ‘viewers’ on what they need to do next. Your call to action also needs to be succinct and relevant. If you want someone to ‘buy now’ as opposed to browsing further, then state that, rather than something vague like ‘click here.’

2. Sending traffic to a home page
This applies to all non-relevant search pages. Visitors want to land on the page that is relevant to their search term when they click through. If you direct them to a home or other page where they need to do further searching, there is a good chance that you will lose them.

3. Ignoring negative keywords
If you don’t want to waste clicks by having your ad appear alongside those with the word ‘free’ in it, then be sure to include your negative keywords to prevent this from happening.  If your ad appears with those ads, people will still click your ad and cost you significant advertising funds.

4. Using broad match types
If your targeted keywords are too general, then your ad will appear for irrelevant search queries.  This will attract more visitors to your site but will cost you dollars and reduce your ROI.

Drawbacks of using PPC

Anyone who is familiar with PPC advertising will know full well that it has its ‘frustrations.’  The most common include the following;

You need to be always testing and tweaking your ads to get the most from your campaigns.
It’s a short-term strategy. You need to pay for ads to be in the game continually. Clicks are not conversions. Even targeted traffic needs to be converted to sales. Testing can be expensive. With each click you lose budget unless you are converting.

Networks have strict guidelines regarding their terms of advertising. Breaking these rules can get your account banned – Google is renowned for it with their Adwords platform.

You always need to be staying on top of your PPC campaigns. The following link reveals a story that, while told a few years back, is relevant even today as a reminder of what can happen if you ‘drop the ball’ with your ads.

Managing PPC ad campaigns- the BIG picture

PPC is one of the most challenging areas of online advertising in which you need to stay on top of your game.  Successful marketers know that when it comes to online advertising, you have to expect change. With Google consistently waging war on ‘the little guy’ and keeping secrets with its highly feared algorithm changes, you will only survive with PPC if you adapt to the changes and find ways to compete with the big players. Luckily, you have options. Take advantage of the consumer swing towards the other search engines, focus on highly targeted but longer tail keywords, and consistently test, test, and then test again.  Persistence can bring special monetary rewards with PPC marketing.

This Is How The Big Boys Market Online

Do this and I guarantee you will have success:

Create a info product of interest to your target market. Make sure it gives a lot of quality information. Make it a great product.
Create a sales page and price your product around $10 to $20.
Sign up with Warrior Plus and pay your affiliates 100% commissions.
Get out and network with people in your niche and on affiliate marketing forums to get people to promote for you.
Once people buy your product send them to a squeeze page and get them to optin. You could also put links to your squeeze page in your product.

This will allow you to build a huge targeted list for free. Anyone can do this right now no matter how broke you are.Yes, theoretically you can get more people to optin by giving away something free, but there are 2 problems with that:
You are going to have to drive the traffic yourself.
You are going to get alot of useless freebie seekers that will never make you any money.

The beauty of this strategy is that your affiliates do all the hard work and that everyone you add to your list will be a buyer. Your entire list will have people that are ready and willing to spend money. This is 1000 times better than a list of freebie seekers.


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How To Really Cash In
Now when you are ready to start making big money create another more expensive product and upsell your customers after they buy your first product. Don’t pay any commissions on it. This will make you a lot of money and best of all its completely automated so you don’t have to do anything.

Here’s an example. Let’s say your affiliates are sending you 1,000 sales per month and of those sales you are only able to get 20% of them to buy your back-end product. Let’s also say that your back-end product costs $47.

20% of 1000 would mean that you would make 200 sales of your back-end product, and 200 x $47= $9400

You would make $9400 on complete autopilot. All you would have to do is handle customer services issues and you could easily outsource that.

Now let’s see what would happen if your affiliates sent you 2000 sales and you got 30% of them to buy your backend product?

600 x $47= $28200

That’s $28200 sent to you while you pretty much do nothing. How much could you make if you were to do this same thing across a bunch of other niches?
Do You See Where I am Going With This?

It is not difficult to make money online. People just spend too much too time doing the wrong things. Just create a couple of great products, get some affiliates, set up a sales funnel, and you will be making money in no time.

And its not even difficult to create a product. Just research your subject, take what you learn, and create a product.That’s all there is to it.

If you don’t see the massive potential of this strategy, then you need to quit IM. This strategy could easily make you a millionaire.

Now Take Action!

How To Make Money Flipping Domains

Do you have $10.00 to spare?

domain flipping business

Gene Pimentel

If you do, you can jump into the world of buying and selling domain names and start generating a profit on Day One.  It’s a no brainier technique used by hundreds of domain flippers around the world who are flipping domain names for profit and pulling in tons of quick cash from simple domain flipping business.

And don’t worry about finding brandable, in demand domain names. While we certainly will never likely find a one-word domain name available anywhere online (for less than a couple of hundred thousand dollars), we can still make a decent, and steady income flipping average domain names found on expired lists, or available for immediate registration with your regular domain service provider!

The potential for ongoing profit is unlimited, and you can average anywhere from $50.00 in profit, to $200.00 or more. Best of all, there are ways to safeguard your domain investments so that you NEVER lose money on a domain sale or auction.  The very worst-case scenario is? You break even.

Buying and selling domain names can be an exceptionally lucrative venture to get into, however, if you are starting off with small cash flow, it’s always best to purchase lower cost domains and generate small profits as you work your way up to larger flips.

I have sold hundreds of domain names that I secured from marketplaces like Ebay and resold on marketplaces like, or

While the marketplaces where domain sales are most lucrative are different from that of website flipping, the flip process remains the same with your focus being on locating and purchasing low-cost domains and selling them for a higher price.

One of the significant aspects of domain flipping is that the work required is minimal. Unlike website flipping, where you have to update websites, tweak or split test sales copy or outsource tasks to freelancers. You can start, run and manage your domain flipping business entirely on your own with minimal start-up costs involved.


Make $ 3427.90/PM  Flipping Domains



To get started in the domain selling arena, all you need to do is find notable, appealing domain names in niche markets and sell them to buyers, eager to create their website because they see value in the domains you are selling.

And don’t be mistaken….  Even standard, a $10 domain registrations can be sold for up to 10x the initial cost if you can present the domain name to potential buyers in such a way that you give them ideas as to how to develop the domain and emphasize branding opportunities.

In fact, I’ve seen “aged’ domains that were registered for $9 that had absolutely no revenue or traffic sell for up to $2000 simply because the buyer had a splendid idea for the domain name and felt it would fit in with their existing brand.

Furthermore, the risks are quite small as are the investment costs, and once you have set up your system so that you are generating daily profits, it will require no more than one hour a day to keep the cash flow going.

Many of my partners, students and friends are earning $500 – $2,500 per week from flipping low-cost domain names, while others have gone to secure high-value domain names that are generating them revenue even before they are resold.

It’s not a difficult business to get into if you follow this domain flipping course to buying and selling domain names.

Instant Profits Commissions- What It Is?

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High Ticket Cash Machines- Bill Reviews

I’m a list building and email marketing guy. To tell more accurately, I’m a list building and email marketing student; a serious one!

And I know the marketers who are market leaders in this niche. One of them is Bill Hugal, I absolutely admire him for his contribution to this niche. I closely follow him.

Recently, he made a review at his Facebook of a product called, High Ticket Cash Machine”.  I was so impressed by his honest view that I couldn’t resist posting the review at my blog! Bill wrote”

I was supposed be starting my weekend off but I had a product I wanted to review before it launches Sunday I believe. I’ve been brought back here to tell you how good I think it was. The vendors didn’t ask me for this post, but I felt it was truly deserving of Some praise.

High Ticket Cash Machines is possibly the best low ticket info product I’ve seen in a very long time(including my own). Gary Alach and Rash Vin have done a brilliant job teaching people how to get into internet marketing and how to make really money fast. Not small commissions, but huge ones!

If you wonder how you are ever going to afford your traffic when it always seems like you make a few sales but NEVER get an ROI… this will help you see what you’ve been missing. Not only is the content great, but I know 100% this is a valid and working process that has been used by big time marketers for years. In fact the ones who make BIG money behind the scene (aka not here on FB bragging about it) tend to do only this.

Simply by posting this I will add a few more JV’s to the fire in the contest, but it’s worth it! I glazed over this one when it first launched and I’m pretty sorry I did 🙂

I’m going to put everything I have behind this because I think it’s one of those products that everyone should have. I never post about things like this on Facebook, nor will you see my face on many sales pages, but I think this is a product that deserves to be seen by the masses.

The best part about it is that if everyone begins to do this, you will see our prices and incomes all rise while having happier and happier customers.

With so many calls outs and negativity floating around our marketplace, it’s nice to finally see something we can all get behind because of its value to the customers. Feel free to drop the JV link below guys. Well done!”

-Bill Hugal


CPA Acceptance Made Easy

CPA Acceptance Made Easy

Introduction: Act like A Smart Guy
Let’s face it. Getting accepted into CPA networks is the hardest thing for most of the newbies in this CPA business. Because CPA networks try to play safe as there are lot of frauds that happens online in terms of fake leads and transactions. The more quality traffic these CPA networks send to the advertisers makes the advertisers happy, they make money, and then they send CPA networks their commissions and these CPA networks pay you your commissions. So we need to play some smart moves to get accepted into CPA networks.

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Second Tier Networks
If you’re new into this CPA game and you never accepted into a CPA network then what I suggest to you is always go and first try to get approve into small CPA networks. And the reason is all CPA networks ask 1 common question when your joining them. What other CPA networks you work with? People reply none and CPA networks denied there applications. Once you get accepted into 1 or 2 small CPA networks then approach to big networks and your chances to get approve into networks increase. This is very important you should register a domain name with your own name. Like I have a domain name “” this shows you’re a professional guy and working in internet industry. Always use your domain name email while applying into CPA networks. Like I use the following email address when I apply to any of CPA networks
Call Your CPA Account Manager
Another tip while applying to CPA networks which increase your chance to get accepted into CPA networks is once you finished your application process you should call your affiliate manager and talk with him. The only thing which most of the CPA managers are looking to know is how you promote their offers. So you should have a complete pin point plan ready which you will explain your affiliate managers on the call. (Don’t worry in the next section I will give you answer of some of the common question which your affiliate manager will ask from you).
Be Confident
When you will be talking with your affiliate manager be sure you’re confident and already prepared about the question your affiliate manager will ask to you. So it is important that you’re well prepared before your call. One of the purposes of phone verification is because most of scammers are not willing to give their phone number. So they just want to check either you are a genuine affiliate or not. And second purpose of call is just to ask you your driving source.
Important Question which CPA networks Ask
Now let’s discuss some common question and their which your CPA networks ask from you
Q 1) How long you have been working in Internet Marketing?
A ) I have been working in internet marketing for about 8 months now. And I have seen some success using FB and Bings as my traffic sources.
Q 2) what is your website Landing Page Url? Or Show me you’re landing page
A ) I mainly use the bing ads to drive traffic to CPA Offers and I mostly use direct linking mechanism.
Q 3) what is the volume of your daily traffic?
A) Currently I am spending $50 to my traffic. As I told you I mostly Use bing ads and FB ads to drive traffic so he volume of traffic entirely depend on offers. And keywords belong to that offers.
Q 4) what is your monthly traffic volume?
A) As I told you my entirely traffic is depend on the PPC campaign. So it’s hard to tell you exact volume of traffic. But I target long tail keywords so my traffic conversion ratio is very good.
Q 5) how did you plan to generate traffic to our offers?
A) I only use PPC traffic and my favorite traffic sources are FB and Bing Ads.
Q 6) What Kind of Offers You Like To Promote?
A) I am interesting in Weight loss and Fitness relating offers
Q 7) How did you heard about us?
These are 7 most common questions which almost every CPA network will ask from you. So it’s advisable that you are already prepared for these questions to improve your chances to getting into any CPA network.
Tip: – Alright guy here is my little advice which will help you to get accepted into CPA networks very easily. Never file your applications to Top Tier Networks. Always Try To File Your Applications to second and third tier networks.