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What is eCoverAuthority and what it does?

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eCoverAuthority is a web based software that lets you easily create stunning eCover Graphics WITHOUT Photoshop. Actually it is more than that, with extra features as the “Packager” that lets you create a group of 3D eCovers that is perfect for more complex “Pack Shots” including eBooks, Reports, Video, Software and more.
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What Is The Auto Profit System?

Recently I’ve found something that has been used secretly by the biggest list builders online.

Not all of them, only some of them use this method!

They’d figured a way to monetize traffic from anywhere on the planet by giving away FREE stuff…

An ebook, a course… You name it… If it’s something you’d like to give away for free.. you’ll be able to monetize the people coming to get it! IN ANY NICHE!

You see, when building your lists by giving away a free gift, the smartest way to make money is by offering an OTO aka A “one time offer” – But you need to do it in a way that doesn’t annoy or confuse them.

This is where the Auto Profit System comes into play!

The Auto Profit System is a complete DFY system that help you get immediate profits without all the rehashed methods and without trial and error. By following all the strategies covered inside Auto Profit System, you can make money easily with freebie seekers and get 100% CTR from them. Not only that, you will also have the ability to convert the list of people not buying anything into buyer on the very same day.

Now you can finally obtain the secret that people have been following but not sharing, optimise it and automate it so you can take full advantage of a method that’s going to blow your mind.

Easy to use
Take minutes
Monetizes FREE traffic
100% ClickThru rates
Grow your rep with your leads
Monetize freebie seekers


The way you’re about to grow your list using a freebie is about to happen.

The Auto Profit System review and bonus – The Auto Profit System

CrownReviews – Review Trial
How Does The Auto Profit System Work?
Special Features of The Auto Profit System:

The APS Strategy

You will receive a video course covering all detailed instructions that will teach you step by step until you make money and build huge lists. After completing the course, you will know the strategy, what pages to create, what products to promote, what follow up emails to write. More importantly, everything is kept simple so you can quickly see results.

DFY APS Page Builder

For those of you who don’t know, APS pages are different than normal thank you pages. That’s why you only need 2 pages for this strategy, not a full funnel. The APS page will help you get 100% CTR and convert freebie seekers into buyers.

WP Connector Plugin

With just a single click, you can import to your WP site for more control. In case you would like to have more control and want to host the APS page on your own WordPress site, you can take advantage of the WP Connector Plugin. Now you can choose your own hosting, or the producers hosting for you.
How It Works:

With The Auto Profit System, everything is broken down into 3 simple steps for you:

Step 1: Building the 2 page system. You can use the available buider to ensure the APS pages are on “Turn freebie seeker into buyer mode”.

Step 2: Drive traffic using the traffic methods. The solo ads is a goldmine for you as you will have the ability to turn freebie seekers into buyers.

Step 3: Automate the whole process and generate more revenue with the special automation section. And then all you have to do is keep pumping the campaign with traffic, and make sales.

The best part is that you can create a list of hungry targeted subscribers that you can sell to repeatedly.
CrownReviews – Trial Pack
Who Should Use The Auto Profit System?

The Auto Profit System is a very simple method that everyone can easily put this into action, regardless of their technical ability. All of the hard works done for the user by the software, combined with the information provided of the method, they cannot fail.

So overall, it is perfect for anyone to build their subscriber base as well as generate revenue by giving free stuff away to people.


Why Should You Get The Auto Profit System Now?

Here are some benefits that you can reap when getting The Auto Profit System:

No social media traffic or FB ads traffic, they’re too risky, difficult or just flat out don’t convert..
100% automated system, set each campaign once & profit for months
Real customer getting system (turns freebie seekers into BUYERS)
Works again and again without fail and NO competition
Psychological trick forces people to show interest in what you promote (100% Click through rate)
Don’t need fancy funnels, just a 2 page system and they host and create pages for you
No “TESTING” until it works, the system gets it right the first time, always!

By now, you’ve seen exactly how The Auto Profit System is going to drive you profits. The producers are SO excited about this product that they want to give you every chance to success. So they are including the following priceless bonuses when you take action today through my link.


How To Register For CPABuild In Two Easy Steps

To Make an Instant $5 at CPABuild, you need to do following:

Step1: Click Here To Go To The Registration Page

You’ll be taken to a page like this:

Fill up the form and submit, you’ll get an email from them asking to confirm your Email. Confirm it and wait for an hour for approval email.


Log in to your site once you get approval email, site link will be at the email. You will be taken to a page like this:

click on the “Click here” link will take you to a page like this:

Click on the “Profile Setting” and you’ll be taken to a page like this:

Fill-up your profile info, upload your picture and make a comment, then press “Submit”.

You’ll Get $5 a few moments later. Now browse the site to understand now to make money further with this. I’m browsing NOW! I’ll let you know in a post later once find some golden nuggets.

Bye for now!

$1967.34 In 3 Days With Pinterest And Traffic Trapper Plugin

Well, this report is, in fact, my review. It is my review on a cool plugin I’m currently using. It is a software but it beyond a software. I’m totally blown out with the results I’m getting.

The name of this plugin is, “Traffic Trapper,” and indeed, it traps traffic for you.

First of all, it seems like everyone is struggling to get quality targeted traffic to their offers. Most everyone is struggling with both paid traffic and free traffic.. and it seems like very few are actually winning.
Traffic Trapper fixes this problem and allows your customers (even complete newbies) to finally get traffic to their offers on complete AUTOPILOT.



How does Traffic Trapper work exactly?

Simply enter keywords and this powerful plugin searches for relevant images and automatically posts them to Pinterest accounts on a scheduled basis. People will then see the images that Traffic Trapper posted on their timeline and many will click and be redirected to your site.

In other words, Traffic Trapper is a fully AUTOMATED traffic-getting system. Simply set it up once and it runs forever. This is a truly “set it and forget it” kind of software.

Now You Can Get Truly AUTOPILOT Traffic and Income Whenever You Want!

->>Increase the profitability of ANY website with just a few simple clicks of the mouse…
->>Simple step-by-step process to setup a Traffic Trapper campaign and grow your list with ease.
->>Get more eyeballs to your affiliate offers, videos, lead magnets, etc. Literally any offer that you plug into this new technology will dramatically improve overnight…
->>Send more floods of traffic through your affiliate links by simply installing and using this new software.
->>Step-by-step training included so that you can hit the ground running with this.

No need to spend hours on implementing slow useless traffic methods because WP Traffic Trapper can be implemented in just 60 seconds.
No need to waste hard-earned cash on paid traffic because Traffic Trapper can drive highly targeted traffic to ANY offer you wish on complete autopilot…


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is WP Traffic Trapper in a nutshell?
This is a simple-to-setup software that virtually ANYONE can use to start getting consistent FREE traffic on complete autopilot. The traffic comes from a legit and overlooked traffic source. Setup time takes only 60 seconds to do. Sounds too good to be true yes.. but it’s the technology itself that does the heavy lifting.

Q. What makes this different than other softwares and WP plugins out there?
No other software lets you set up a complete autopilot stream of targeted traffic in just 60 seconds! And this works in ANY niche.

Q. Do I need tech skills to do this?
We made sure that we made this a seamless and very SIMPLE process so that any newcomer can be up and running with Traffic Trapper in no time. With that said, no difficult tech skills are required whatsoever.

Q. Do I need a list to make this work? Or any prior experience?
No list is needed to do this. No prior experience is needed either. Literally all you need to do is follow our crystal clear steps for the initial setup process & you’ll be up and running with Traffic Trapper.


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Campervan Commissions Review!


Camper Van Commissions. Why Campervan? The creator of the Paul Nichol claims that he travels a lot in his Camper Van. He used to do small Internet marketing things with his smartphone and his tablets during the tours. And he makes $150 to $300 daily in commissions for those little actions. Okay?

I got a review copy; I have gone through the course last night. It is a seven video tutorial, eight including the Intro video. The tutorial is on affiliate marketing, the way Paul doing for four years now.

His strategy is not complex but he is doing it for four years! That’s why he can put in place his strategy like clockwork or during a tour!

Let’s check the Intro video of the course below:



Click here to learn more on this course



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Start Your Arbitrage Life Style




Get Ready For All The FREE Video Traffic You Can Handle…



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Get Ready For All The FREE Video Traffic
You Can Handle… WITHOUT:

Making videos from scratch…
Spending Hours Posting To Social Media And Sharing Sites…
Paying others to do it for you…
Creating manual backlinks to try & get free search engine traffic…

All the power of video traffic, with NONE of the hassels..
Create traffic getting videos with a mouseclick
No experience or tech skills required.

Research dozens of keywords to see which ones you can rank for…
Manually upload your videos to social media sites…
Either create or buy backlinks if you want even a dribble of free traffic…
ALL WHILE being super careful to do things right so you don’t get a Google or YouTube slap and watch your videos disappear from the search engines.
Then FINALLY… IF you avoid the Google/YouTube slap your video ranks, gets traffic and you’ll make some sweet commissions…


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QuickStart Profits Review, Bonus & Member Area Preview

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Welcome to my QuickStart Profits review video. QuicStart Profit is the video training course by Branden Pierce, launching on July the 16th @9AM EST.

The course is a super simple, step by step process that teaches you how to get results ASAP & Scale Into A $100- 300/day Online Business.

Focus area of the course: list building, email marketing, and affiliate marketing using both free and paid traffic methods.

No doubt, it’s perfect for newbies, but also good for anyone seeking a reliable process to build a $100- 300 per day business model.

Only two upsells in the funnel. Upsell 1 is the complete done-for-you package of QuickStart Profits.

And Upsell offer 2 is, membership to the private QuickStart Profits coaching program, which will be providing 30/60/90 days challenges, live calls, private group support and email support.


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How PriceWatcher Can Turn Your E-com Sites Into A Money Machine!

Ecom and drop shipping businesses are hot right now. I know most of the veterans and even the newbie Internet marketers focusing on this area. Some are making a good amount of commissions.

But there are many that are not so lucky! Running e-com sites is a good business model for making affiliate commissions. But again, competition is high too. You need to think and act out of the box to become successful with e-com business; to stand alone from the crowd. Okay, let me explain what I mean by the “out of the box” actions!

Say, you have an e-com site. You showcased some good quality products (with your affiliate links) nicely. You take various methods to drive traffic to your site. Maybe you make few sales or maybe not.

Now, let’s think about the traffic at your site. Most them were there at your site but didn’t buy anything. Maybe they didn’t get what they were looking for? Maybe price seemed a bit high to them? Maybe the find nothing on your site that would make them interested? So they are gone without leaving anything for you. And most of them will never return to your site.

How to make them visit your site again? Or how to track them so you can show some different products in the same line?

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Okay, the can capture them placing some kind of re-targeting or re-marketing pixels in your site; to place your ads before them.

But wouldn’t it be better, if you could have their attention before they leave? Maybe capture their emails by offering them something interesting?

Just imagine! A visitor visited your site and give you his/her email address because you are offering something they couldn’t resist.

Now what is there you can offer? How about a price watcher? They will be alerted the moment the price of a product of their liking goes down. They will happily give away their email to receive such notification.

How will you do all that? By installing PriceWatcher word press plugin at your site. Let see a demo of how the PriceWatcher plugin works!

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Make $100 By Today And Everyday


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