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Front End Products (4)

1. DFY Profit Funnel

With “DFY Profit Funnel," your customers can start building their list starting from today, even if they are a complete newbie. We have done all the hard work that will save them a ton of money, time, effort and learning curve! All they have to do is to upload the files to their servers. A step by step “funnel setup” manual is also included.

2. Profit Funnel Blueprint
A 45 page no fluff report on list building with solo & forum traffic. Your customers will learn “setup principles” of a unique funnel. The system is specially designed and tested, that weeds out the tire-kickers upfront, and takes in only the “Responsive” subscribers.

“DFY Profit Funnel,” is put together based on the principles discussed in “Profit Funnel Blueprint” report.

3. DFY Auto-responder Email Sequences

Four different types of DFY Auto responder Email Sequences (9-12 emails in each sequence) will also be accompanying with the “DFY Profit Funnel." Your customers will set these up to their auto responder accounts and cater for their subscribers to build a relationship and trust with them.

4. PLR Rights To 6 Internet Marketing E-Books

With the email sequences, your customers are also getting PLR rights to 6 (both in the pdf & text format) reports on IM subjects written by me. Your customers are having the opportunity to transform them (make their own) putting their names' & pictures on these. They are going to give away these reports to their subscribers to establish their authority over them. Here's list of the reports:

1. Mindset
2. How To Prepare For Internet Marketing
3. Make Money Online- Success Recipe
4. Transforming A PLR/MMR package
5. Killer List Blueprint
6. Responsive List Building Secrets

So your customers are getting “Profit Funnel Blueprint” report + DFY Profit Funnel + Four different email sequence + 6 e-books with giveaway rights, all for one purchase with only $7- $9.95.

Upsell 1
Upsell 1 is Word Press site version of “DFY Profit Funnel” plus “Easy Setup Instructions” in zip format. Your customers will get all the regular syndication benefits of a word press platform with this funnel.

Downsell 1

Word press site version of “DFY Profit Funnel” without “Easy Setup Instructions” in zip format. Recommended for your customers who are WP experts, who knows how to upload a wp site and create database in their cpanel.

Upsell 2
“FB Profit Ads” pdf report will show you how to make a killing with fb ads that are attached to “DFY Profit Funnel” with it.

Your customers will also get the exact video; I use to run “Video View” ads at FB that get me high-quality leads with less than $0.80 per lead.

Your customers are also getting- 9 free traffic sources (Free Traffic Jackpots) plus A case study of the traffic sources that they can use to drive traffic to their DFY Profit Funnel.

Downsell 2
“FB Profit Ads” pdf report, FB Ad Video MP4 file, without Free Traffic Jackpots and A Case Study Of The Traffic Sources.

Upsell 3
Setup service of DFY Profit Funnel (html or WP) + life time maintenance + Resell rights of the whole package with graphical sales letter.

Downsell 3
Setup service of DFY Profit Funnel (html or WP) + life time maintenance

Downsell 4
Resell rights of the whole package & graphical sales letter, without setup service.