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Lead Prospector Review FAQ


Q. What is lead prospector?

A. Lead Prospector is a automated research software allowing you tap into an unlimited pool of profitable, qualified local leads!

With a single click, Lead Prospector grants “speed of light” access to local businesses in your market and provides you with vital intelligence – including if the business pays for advertising – everything you need to know to quickly convert that lead to a INSANELY PROFITABLE customer!

Q. Who will benefit most from this software?

A. The Internet Marketers dealing with or want to start dealing with local/small business.

Q. Can a newbie use Lead Prospector?

A. Lead Prospector is so easy to use that even a child could use it. You simply enter your niche and a location, and Lead Prospector INSTANTLY works its magic, providing you with a detailed list of profitable local leads.

Q. What makes the leads generated by Lead Prospects profitable?

A. Lead Prospector finds only those local businesses for you that are already spending money on advertisement.

Q. What are the benefits of Lead Prospector software?

A. Instant researching software that will shave hours off of your work.
•Enter a keyword or niche and your location and receive blazing fast results!
•Instantly get detailed business intelligence – including whether a company pays for advertising
•Fast Adobe Air desktop software that runs on Mac or PC without hassle.
•Easy installation and virtually no learning curve.

Q. To whom Lead Prospector is not for?

A. Only those do not want to make money with local/small businesses.

Q. I want to know more about Lead Prospector Software.

A. Please click on this link to know more on Lead Prospector.