24hrs Income System comes with my Super-Pack Bonuses. There are multiple e-books, plugins and other resources inside each of the super-pack below:

Conversion Super Pack:-

  1. 20 IM Mistakes To Avoid
  2. Affiliate Marketing Success
  3. Affiliate Whisper
  4. Affiliate Marketing Basics
  5. Power Of Branding
  6. WP Profit Doubler

Lead Generation Super Pack:-

  1. 20 Ways Online Income
  2. Lead Avalanche
  3. Mrkt Online Biz Offline
  4. Online Curt Engagement
  5. Sales Lead System
  6. WP Buzz Machine
  7. WP Local Lander_plr

Traffic Super Pack:-

  1. Big Video Marketing Tips_MRR
  2. Facebook Riches
  3. FB Marketing Tips
  4. Rapid Traffic Secrets
  5. Social Bookmark Tech
  6. Video Patrol

Super Pack Bonuses are added to the download area of "24hrs Income System" as my special bonuses.