Hey, welcome to the “Solo Profit Blueprint” and thank you for putting your trust on me! Appreciate it, real glad you are here. I'm confident that this course will be some of the best training course on building a business model based on solo ad campaigns you will ever be exposed to.

The truth is building a RESPONSIVE list using solo ads isn't hard at all when you know what you are doing. However, I must warn you , the information you are about to learn in this guide is going to be completely different than anything you have ever read before, so I really need you to put your trust in me, put your trust in this system and just give it a try.

Also, let me tell you this upfront. What I'm going to reveal here is not something I seen or read somewhere and just sharing the system with you. I'll be revealing my exact system which I perfected and used over the years and still USING to build my list of responsive & buyer subscribers. I call my list “my money printing machine”. I'll reveal here how I build my money printing machine and how I run it to make money on auto pilot.

Back to the “Solo Profit Blueprint”. When I'm referring to “solo profits” here, I'm referring to long term profits. Take notice on this. Making some quick bucks running a solo campaign is not the goal here. I prefer working once and plucking the profits for a long long time. That's my style. That's what I always preach & teach!

You may ask, what's wrong with making some quick bucks?
Nothing wrong. In fact I'm a great fan of making quick bucks online. But, in this particular model I'm about to reveal, making quick bucks may hamper the quick growth of the system. We are here not to make a one-time quick cash, we are here to establish a business that would give us sustainable income months after months, almost on auto-pilot.  

Okay. Let's get into what to expect inside “Solo Profit Blueprint”.

Solo campaigns method is one of the fastest methods of list building in the industry. This is the best way to build your list in a short time. Period. There are many other list building methods out there. But if you want to build a list faster, a list that would give you a healthy return, Solo ad is your best choice.  

But there is a major pitfall running Solo campaigns. You could loose your fund very fast without having expected results. Yup, that could happen if you are not absolutely in control of your campaigns. You can build a list very fast with Solo ads, only if you know what you are doing. If you know how to setup a Solo ad campaign properly. And if you are aware of the pitfalls and know how to tackle!

In “Solo Profit Blueprint”, I'll show you a specific and profitable method of setting up your solo ad campaigns. The way I do it. Avoiding all the traps and pitfalls. With this special method, you could build a responsive list faster than the conventional setup of solo ad campaigns.

I also give importance to fast increasing of email leads in my database. Rather than, to make a quick return from each solo ad campaigns. Like I said before, I don't look for a quick return of my investment from each solo ad campaign. I look for fast multiplication the responsive  subscribers.  With my type of solo campaigns, I also don't look for higher opt-in rate, I look for responsiveness. I setup campaigns in such a way that discourages the tire-kickers to subscribe in my list.

With the elimination of the tire kickers, my opt-in rate naturally drops! But that's what I look for, that's what I expect to happen! Elimination of the tire kickers up front (No point filling my database with junk subscribers) and in-take of only super targeted responsive leads!  In the end I make more money and make more money repeatedly with my highly responsive and  targeted list. Because I get higher opens, higher clicks and higher number of sales from each campaign I run to my responsive subscribers.

Okay now, that's all for the introduction of “Solo Profit Blueprint” and we will get into the meat in the next chapter.

Oops! I forgot! I should introduce myself, tell you who I am and how I popped up in front of you ! I'm sure most of the purchasers of this report know me already, who am I, what I do, where I'm from, how my Internet journey is, my failures and successes, sorta things.
But some of you might be the first-time purchaser of my product. So I must introduce myself to you. But I don't think sparing a chapter for this would be a good idea. Rather, I would like to send to my website “About Me” page. You want to know me more? Please click on my picture below.