I Make $2.50 For Every $1 Spent With EACH Facebook Campaign…

Our challenge here is to teach you a newbie friendly way that would make you money fast, within 24 hours! So, let’s move on.

Below I’ll show you step by step what I do. I carryout only 3 steps as follows:

Step 1: I Research My Audience On Facebook

This is the most important step I carry out. But I must admit I don’t carry out my research manually or the hard way. I use an “idiot proof” software that finds the winning audiences and makes $2.50 for every $1 spent on each Facebook campaign… This is a software & system that turns FB traffic into a goldmine.

Step2: I Place My Ad Targeting The Audience

Once the “Idiot proof” software pin points my audience on Facebook the rest of the process becomes easier for me. I just make my Facebook ad targeting the audience built and place the ad to my targeted audience. Well, I don’t go for any of the types of ads Facebook “Ads Manager” offers. I always stick with a specific type of ad that I learned from the training attached to my “Idiot proof” software.

Step3: Rinse & Repeat

I research for an audience with my “Idiot Proof” software to market a different product and I repeat the whole process.


I set my daily ad budget at $10 and make thousands of dollars out of it..lol..just kidding!

No sir, $10 investment never gave me thousand dollars in return.

But spending $10 never failed me returning at least $25. Sometimes it gave me more than $200. Thanks to my “Idiot Proof” software.

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7 Hidden Features Of Facebook Ads

These days it’s getting tougher and tougher to know all the ins-and-outs of every single advertising platform available. What once was a simple interface has now become a robust and complicated system of delivering your ads to all kinds of niches and audiences, improving the performance of your campaigns and providing a better return on investment for your company. Since we’ve gotten our feet wet already optimizing our own campaigns, here’s seven features you may not have had the chance to test out just yet.

Core Audiences

Facebook ads obviously work best when targeted to the right audience ADNC +0% – so it’s a “best practice” that you understand how to use their Core Audiences feature. Earlier this year Facebook improved these options to include targeting precise audiences via locations, demographics, interests, and even behaviors. While the concept isn’t exactly “hidden” to those familiar with what Facebook ads bring to the table, the actual targeting is often misunderstood until it’s put into action.

Custom Audiences

Taking the audience-targeting feature even further is the Custom Audience option. Behind the core demographic options lies the ability to target audiences of your existing Facebook page or even those you’ve gathered via email acquisition. Facebook makes it easy to target those Facebook users who have an account using the same email they’ve opted-in with through additional marketing efforts.

Multi-Product Ads

We are starting to rely more and more on ad re-targeting to reach customers, and luckily Facebook is growing and enlarging its ability to target by specific product. Recently they introduced Multi-Product Ads, which features 3 different products in each advertisement along with their specific titles and descriptions. This allows you to bundle similar products alongside with the ones you may already be re-targeting.

John Rampton Facebook AdsUnpublished Posts

If you’ve been using paid advertising to drive traffic to specific landing pages in the past, you understand that not every one of these pages should be available to your organic audiences – whether it’s for testing purposes or for special promotions. Luckily, Facebook has an “unpublished posts” feature which allows you to advertise specific landing pages without having them appear in your page’s news feed for all to see.

Call-to-Action Options

Everyone knows the most important part of your ad is ultimately going to be the call-to-action, so Facebook has some options for you to take advantage of in that department. You’ll be able to choose from 5 available buttons: Shop Now, Learn More, Sign Up, Book Now, and Download. These options are also available for boosting organic posts, as these buttons are only available for ads that you are targeting in the news feed.

Wifi-Enabled Ad Placement

Quality score of your ads is really important to the optimization of your ad budget, so learning new and inventive ways to keep that score as high as possible means more ads, less spending, and ultimately a larger ROI. One intriguing way to keep your score high is to use the “wifi-enabled” option when preparing a campaign, which essentially allows you to only target mobile users who are using wi-fi to browse Facebook (and not their phone’s data plan.) The theory is that sometimes mobile users will respond negatively to new advertisers while using their mobile data plan, lowering that important quality score.

Adding Multiple Users

Early in the days of Facebook ads it was a real headache to manage campaigns if you weren’t the actual account holder – and we all know no one wants to give away their Facebook login (or sometimes even have someone else’s account in their possession!)

Luckily Facebook has introduced a way to easily invite others into the campaign account management, much in the same vein as they do with Facebook Page owners. With 3 different account types (admin, advertiser, and analyst), you can have your entire team access various levels of ad management to keep everyone on the team in the loop.

Courtesey: Forbes.com


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