Fiverr – Exactly What Do YOU Provide?

Fiverr is basic – it is a spot where individuals offer to do something! What you provide is right down for you – anything-goes on Fiverr! (more information about what is okay later)

A lot of people avoid Fiverr as they consider that because you just get paid $5, it isn’t worth their while carrying out work because of this amount but Fiverr joins you, the support supplier, with clients… and several $5 shortly add up.

There is much more to Fiverr in case its potential is utilized by you entirely. Therefore, let us find out a bit more about your website….

Work is called a “show,” and everyone is worth $5. The cost is non-trades that are flexible, and all must move through Fiverr; negotiate, and it is prohibited to try outside the website and anyone found will be immediately banned from the website.

Every vendor only finishes this word when they produce a job: I’ll……. For $5″, accompanied by a description of the support provided and the turnaround time in days to finish the purchase. This span of time is not unimportant – be sure to allow plenty of time to complete the purchase, considering all your additional obligations, residence and equally perform. Failure to meet with your deadline might lead to your show being terminated by the purchaser.

All shows are considered. Therefore, it is not difficult to locate a support you are trying to find.

Out-sourcing on Fiverr

You just finish the lookup box on the right-hand aspect of the front page of Fiverr if you need something completed, and somebody may return for you. You will obtain a message from vendors permitting you to understand how they and discount can help you, or it is your decision to select these.

So, I Have opted – what today?

The worst thing it is possible to do is just produce a job, indication up to Fiverr after which relax and wait for somebody to locate you. Your Gigabyte may most likely fall below the first two web pages of the website should you do this and this in flip means that none will notice you show; which equals no perform!

S O, you should advertise your gigabytes to get them remain out – also to do that, you will drive to the gigabytes just as many visitors as possible.


Become A Seller On Fiverr


You may not be unlucky enough to pick a customer who loves exactly what that you do up plus they retain returning for mo-Re. You need folks to spend to your gig, then abandon feedback that is positive. The mo-Re comments you get, the easier it becomes to get your job highlighted. This just indicates that it will seem on top of the primary page of the website, where it can be seen by mo-Re people!

Fiverr works for the buyer and owner – in two techniques

The Vendor:

• You produce a job for the support Fiverr may credit you after you have sent your projects. The $1 is their fee that is normal

• you’re with your buyer

• You Are Going To obtain a message They can be withdrawn by you and credit your pay-pal account with them • When the money has removed

• As Soon As you have finished the show, Gigabyte is uploaded by You onto Fiverr

when some purchases informing you, your show

• your you need to supply (it is possible to produce up to 20 gigabytes in your consideration)
• You Are Going To obtain a message informing gigabyte is uploaded by You onto Fiverr
• You Will have the ability to convey you when some purchase your show
• You produce a job for the support gigabyte is uploaded by You onto Fiverr
• you’re you when some purchase your show
• You Are Going To obtain a message Fiverr may credit you after you have sent your projects • As Soon As you have finished the show. The $1 is their fee that is normal

They can be withdrawn by you and credit your pay-pal account with them • When the money has removed

• You produce a job for the support gigabyte is uploaded by You onto Fiverr
• you’re you when some purchase your show
• You Are Going To obtain a message They can be withdrawn by you and credit your pay-pal account with them • When the money has removed
• You Will have the ability to convey you need to supply (it is possible to produce up to 20 gigabytes in your consideration)
• As Soon As you have finished the show, with your buyer

Fiverr may credit you after you have sent your projects • As Soon As you have finished the show. The $1 is their fee that is normal

The Purchaser:

• Examine Fiverr away and locate a show that fits what you’re after
• before you commit to buying, you’ll be able to deliver an email to the vendor
• You Are Going To have the ability to talk to your vendor as and spend by PayPal or bank card
• Examine Fiverr and spend by PayPal or bank card
• you’ll be able to deliver an email to the vendor
• You then need to provide comments away and locate a show that fits what you’re after

The cash you obtain as a vendor h-AS a clearing period of 2 weeks. That is to shield the program from scams, and additionally, any issues with whining purchasers may be categorized before payment is eliminated.

Positive feedback is critical to your achievement – the more “thumbs-up” you receive; the more opportunity customers may employ you! Show is selected by many purchasers according to suggestions and its evaluations – they are interested in being sure a trustworthy purchaser that may provide is selected by them!

Showcased Gigabytes

You may also get more visitors to your gigabyte if you become showcased at Fiverr by the article writers, together with acquiring great critiques from purchasers. What this means is your job is revealed on top of the proper Group site, having a “highlighted” banner ad. You will just attract the editor’s attention by ensuring a nice-looking presentation with images and acquiring views to your gigabyte. An excellent explanation of work and video often leads to being showcased.

What is banned on Fiverr?

Anything goes – but articles that are banned contain any content that is adult and porn, by either seller or buyer.

Attempt do-ing some thing somewhat different from everybody else gets hired and to get people’s attention! Only it is possible to determine what abilities you’ve you are not unwilling to promote for $5.

Determine just how best they can be offered by that you and your skill most readily useful, provide some actual thought to your abilities. Be c-Reative – discovering a distinctive position presenting your show will bring about mo-Re perform being acquired by you. Make an effort to pay attention to finishing the show as promptly and appropriately as possible once you have procured the function. You, such as Facebook, the television set or studying your e-mails – putting aside a few continuous hrs to function may spend rewards, and if you can supply the Gigabyte ahead of when the turnaround day, this may endure in great stead.

Obtaining Mo-Re Free Visitors to Your Own Jobs

If you’ve got a few gigabytes, but they appear to be missing sequences and perspectives, attempt several of those strategies to get mo-Re visitors and bring in additional money.   Share period – just take under consideration your additional obligations
Some gigabytes have been finished by you and have positive feedback; it is possible to obtain fresh features to your consideration at Fiverr. They will evaluate your request and tell you if you are not ineligible.

• A-Dd key your gigabytes on Twitter and Facebook
• Make positive your name apparent directions to the buyer
• Say Share your gigabytes on Twitter and Facebook

Some gigabytes have been finished by you and have positive feedback; it is possible to obtain fresh features to your consideration at Fiverr. They will evaluate your request and tell you if you are not ineligible.

• When to Ask them properly if you’re able to place a little advertisement about your service on their website, • In Case friends and family have connected websites or websites that bring visitors that is great

• Contain a supreme quality related is illustrative and obvious – be fair and ensure you explain precisely what you’re providing

• A-Dd key apparent directions to the buyer
• Make positive your name electronic picture to your gigabyte
• Say a shipping period that is reasonable – just take under consideration your additional obligations
• Provide words – these may assist the lookup engines found your Gigabyte

If you consistently aim to supply a quality support in the best means possible, reply the queries of vendor quickly and pleasantly, you’ll start to get your title accepted, and the function has to start to stream for you.

If you are among those perhaps not, however, getting the edge of Fiverr, why maybe not start seeing some of these $5 in accounts and head on over?


Why Should You Become a Seller on Fiverr?

Using Fiverr will let you begin creating income online as fast as possible, by selling products and services that are just $5 per “Gigabyte.”

This sales model was designed to offer a reasonable alternative for Buyers who need these products and services, but may not have the cash to hire a supplier who bills by the hour, with exorbitant minimums.

Some matters which you want to offer may appear to be worth more that $5 at times, but if you’re able to locate means to create a system or template for carrying through your Fiverr orders, this is an established method to sell all types of services and even some kinds of physical products.

Become A Seller In Fiverr


The demand for these ” small services ” beginnings at only $5 per Gigabyte has individuals globally finding the buying power of merely $5 on Fiverr. Being 100% free to join, with no fees for the Buyer, gives Fiverr rather the big community of Buyers only waiting to take a look at your latest Gigabyte.

The popularity of the Fiverr website will bring you lots of traffic to your Gigabytes, with little to no effort on your part, that will help ensure that you simply get lots of sales for your services and products.

It’s significant that you just set up your Fiverr profile when possible so that prospective buyers understand who they are dealing with. An excellent profile establishes self-confidence in the Buyer, making them more likely to purchase from you.

Here are a few quick hints to get up and running as a Fiverr Seller instantly, efficiently, and successfully.

Your Username

A username should be selected that’s related to your products and services.

Social media platforms like Twitter may enable you to direct your Twitter followers to Fiverr for your Gigabytes, thus make your username short, pleasant and significant.

This will help your customers understand your company on Fiverr and know what it’s about.

You may also choose for your name or a personal private or business kind username that you simply use on other sites.

Do not make it overly complicated, just in case a Buyer needs to Seek for you on Fiverr. You need them to spell your username right without many attempts. This will allow it to be simpler to locate the Gigabytes that you’re offering by hunting in your username.

Constantly remain encouraging and friendly as possible when selecting your Fiverr username.

Your Profile Picture

The profile image that you simply select to upload is crucial.

Choosing a little picture for your profile avatar will enable your customers to place a “face” to your name and your company.

It’s possible for you to use a picture of yourself or an image that symbolizes what your Gigabytes or your business are about. You can even create personalized drawings or images for your portrait.

Your Bio

Adding several sentences about yourself, or the company that you intend to develop on Fiverr is quite helpful. This will make your account more personable than just creating the account and then recording things to sell.

Learn ways to control Fiverr with your own simple, foreseeable, and duplicable “miniature” income flows by picking up my free report at our website. 


The Best Way To Earn Money On Fiverr As A Freelancer

Fiverr is a web-based freelancer platform that enables you to sell your abilities and skills for only $5. You’ll be given the opportunity to advertise them without any price upfront. So long as there are buyers who will willingly buy your gig, you’ll generate income.

There are lots of consumers who are trying to find services that are transient and Fiverr is among the finest areas to search for. To supply you with an overview, a seller could offer social media marketing, post writing, web design, programming, images and many other things you might think of beneath the sun.

Now, let us get down to the nuts and bolts. You must identify what you are really good at to ensure you could bring in cash with Fiverr. It should be something that folks would be interested in, and very few folks could potentially offer it. Then you’ll allow it to be huge if you can offer a service that’s catchy. Never be afraid to offer your skills, and use your creativeness to generate income. By way of example, you adore writing afterward what you should offer is your writing abilities. On the other hand, if you believe you have got the ability in web design, subsequently sell services that are related to that subject.

The Best Way To Earn Money On Fiverr As A Freelancer


Once you have determined your services, ensure you could deliver it because your consumers will rate you. Individuals will buy your gig regularly if you supply a superb service. Recall, the best technique for success is the satisfaction of your buyers.

Nevertheless, you do not have high ratings to back you up, and if you are still new with Fiverr, the first thing that you should do is to create an enticing headline. It should be something that makes folks need to check out you. In every marketing strategy, it is vital you will have the ability to emphasize the advantages of your offer. That is why the name of your Gigabyte should be taken quite seriously. The rule would be to be faithful to your words so that your buyers Won’t be disappointed. It would be better if they anticipate from you and get more of what they anticipate, in contrast to expecting more from you yet you are unable to fulfill their expectations.

You must convey as quickly as you could. Be sure you are capable of answering all queries raised by the prospective buyer or your buyer. Like any other online business, so that individuals are alert to your services you should market your show. Influence on social media as this will allow you to increase the traffic to your gig which will, later, turn into gains.


Shiny Object Syndrome- Lemonade!

Shiny Object Lemonade- What Is It?

Few days ago, I got a request to review a report named, “Shiny Object Lemonade.” The request was from my admiring friend and veteran Internet marketer Lee Murray. He also attached a review copy of his report. I quickly went through, as soon as I got it. That’s what I usually do when I got anything from Lee!

Lee wrote to me:

“My latest and greatest, this is “macro training” through which all “micro training” can be implemented.
Let me explain…
We all have “shiny object syndrome.” In fact, we’d be pretty crappy marketers if we didn’t!

Lee Murray

Lee Murray

But how do we actually harness this “product hoppin’ fever” in a way which is organized, enjoyable, productive, and highly profitable? Why, that’s what your customers are going to learn in this book!
It shows them how to build what I call a “Goal-Centric Foundation Site,” which is just a fancy term for “online journal.” I teach them how to set goals, state these goals publicly, and then blog about all of the steps they’re taking to reach these goals, all of the “shiny objects” they’re using to help them reach these goals…
And of course… PROFITING LIKE KINGS as they recommend these shiny objects to their blog readers.
To grow their blog traffic, I teach list building, email marketing, and “accidental SEO.”
To grow their list, I encourage them to be little traffic sluts. 🙂
Trust me, “Shiny Object Lemonade” is an absolute must-have for EVERY MARKETER, no matter how seasoned… or green… they happen to be! “
Well, I went through the report. Situation demanded it. I was a regular action. Nothing special about it. But what I did immediate after was the “task” I never did before in my Internet journey. That’s the first time! So what was it?

Well, I have a special folder on my computer. That’s divided into many sub-folders and sub-sub-folders. I keep all the products I purchase from the marketplaces in this main folder and organized with sub-folders. I started to make an inventory of my purchased products for the first time for my life. Why? In a minute.

Check Shiny Object Lemonade Here


I found 104 sub-folders. That doesn’t mean I purchased 104 products in my life! It’s many more than that. For instance, I have sub-folder named, “The Product name.” So there’s only one product in there. But also I have sub-folders named, Twitter, or Facebook, or CPA, or Instagram, or Pinterest and many more similar. That means all the Facebook-related products I purchased are inside Facebook sub-folder and so on! Some folders have more than 10 products!

Going through the “Shiny Object Lemonade” made me took the inventory for the first time in my life! Because Lee showed me how to make huge profits out of the products, I purchased and that were useless to me, until now. I saw huge profit potentials here!

DFY Profit Funnel Review

DFY Profit Funnel Review

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DFY Profit Funnel Discount

DFY Profit Funnel: To Be Released On September, 19th, 2016

DFY Profit Funnel

DFY Profit Funnel is a product created by these guys above, who has more than 25 WSOTD combined under their belt.  Well, one of them is me :).

I’ll tell you what the products are about in a moment. But let me tell you first that there are 10 products across the funnel and the price is $118.

But I am here to offer you a HUGE discount, you can get all 10 products for penny when it is released! How? It’s easy! Just sign up bellow and you are eligible for HUGE discount! I’ll personally see that you get the discount in full.

DFY Profit Funnel Review

Front End Product: $7  (4 Products)

1. DFY Profit Funnel

Your customers will also get “DFY Profit Funnel,” that is put together based on the principles discussed in “Profit Funnel Blueprint” report. So “Action Steps” of “Profit Funnel Blueprint” report is done for your customers and served in a silver plate! A step by step “funnel setup” manual is also included.

2. Profit Funnel Blueprint

A 45 page no fluff report on list building with solo & forum traffic. Your customers will learn “setup principles” of a unique funnel. The system is specially designed and tested, that weeds out the tire-kickers upfront, and takes in only the “Responsive” subscribers. Our tests show, “Opens” and “Clicks” become 10 times higher than a list built with traditional settings. The “set-up” is tested with solo campaigns as well as different types of fb ads that made us a “responsive subscribers” list of 5000+.

3.  DFY Autoresponder Email Sequences

Four different types of DFY Autoresponder Email Sequences (9-12 emails in each sequence) will also be accompanying with the “DFY Profit Funnel.” Your customers will set these up to their autoresponder accounts and cater for their subscribers to build a relationship and trust with them.

4. Six Ebooks With PLR Rights

With the email sequences, your customers are also getting PLR rights to 6 (both in the pdf & text format) reports on IM subjects written by me. Your customers are having the opportunity to transform them (make their own) putting their names’ & pictures on these. They are going to give away these reports to their subscribers to establish their authority over them. Here’s list of the reports:

1. Mindset
2. How To Prepare For Internet Marketing
3. Make Money Online- Success Recipe
4. Transforming A PLR/MMR package
5. Killer List Blueprint
6. Responsive List Building Secrets

So your customers are getting “Profit Funnel Blueprint” report + DFY Profit Funnel + Four different email sequence + 6 e-books with giveaway rights, all for one purchase with only $7!

Upsell1: $17

Word press site version of “DFY Profit Funnel” plus “Easy Setup Instructions” in zip format

1. Will get all the regular benefits of a word-press site over HTML site.
2. Will get easy “back office” control.
3. Able to add (in the funnel pages) free/premium social sharing plugins to increase free social views/clicks to the funnel.
4. Setup/upload in a snap with the “Easy Set up Instructions”.

Downsell1: $7

Word press site version of “DFY Profit Funnel” without “Easy Setup Instructions” in zip format

Recommended for the experts, who knows how to upload a wp site and create database in their cpanel.

Upsell2: $27

“FB Profit Ads” pdf report, FB Ad Video MP4 file and 9 free traffic sources + case study of the traffic sources (2 pdf reports)

1. Getting an excellent video that would attract Facebook audience to your funnel easily.
2. Can plug in FB video view ad to DFY profit funnel with video you are getting.
3. “FB Profit Ads” report will reveal, how easily you can set up a “Video View” ad at Facebook with your DFY Profit Funnel and get as low as $0.01 per thousand video views.
4. This ad system will get you less than $0.80 per lead from Facebook.
5. You will know how to create a “MMO” niche “Custom Audience” at Facebook for your video view ad.
6. Getting addition 9 powerful but FREE traffic sources with case study report to drive hoards of free traffic to your funnel.

Downsell2: $17
“FB Profit Ads” pdf report, FB Ad Video MP4 file Without 9 free traffic sources + case study of the traffic sources (2 pdf reports)

Recommended for the users of DFY Profit funnel, those who want to stick to Solo ads only for traffic and don’t want to drive FREE traffic to their funnel.

Upsell3: $67

Setup service of DFY Profit Funnel (html or WP) + life time maintenance + Resell rights of the whole package with graphical sales letter.

1. You don’t have to lift a finger, we will set up and run everything for you.
2. We guarantee a life time maintenance after we set up the system at your server.
3. You can setup any of HTML version or WP version, you choose!
4. Getting resell rights of te whole system with graphical sales page, means you can use the funnel for yourself also you can sell the funnel and keep 100% profit.

Downsell3: $27
Setup service of DFY Profit Funnel (html or WP) + life time maintenance Without  Resell rights of the whole package with graphical sales letter.

Benefits: Same as Upsell3

Downsell4: $47
Resell rights of the whole package with graphical sales letter Without   Setup service of DFY Profit Funnel (html or WP) + life time maintenance

Recommended for those who want to make profit selling the funnel but not require any set up service.


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Email Slick 2 Lifestyle

My lifestyle is Email Slick 2 Lifestyle.

“I do whatever I want, wherever I want, whenever I want, as much as I want, and with whomever I want…” that’s my Email Slick 2 lifestyle!

But what is Email Slick 2 lifestyle? Simple! The lifestyle I lead is Email Slick lifestyle! LOL! It’s becoming like- Chicken first or egg first!

Okay! Let’s give you a glimpse of my lifestyle, i.e. my Email Slick 2 lifestyle.

My name is Khondoker. Some of you know me as “K” and many of you don’t know me at all! So let me introduce myself first!

Email Slick 2 Life Style

Email Slick 2 Life Style Testimonial

I’m a full time Internet marketer. I make my living working online from the comfort of my home. Sometimes I work lying in my bed or sofa. Sometimes I work on my working desk and sometimes at the balcony or any place of my home, as I please.

I don’t use desktop computers for my work. I use a notebook that allows my mobility and freedom. That way, I could work in my car or any out-places I need to go for other reasons! For other Reasons?

Well, there are 100s of reasons! I’m a family guy, has a beautiful and supportive wife and two little long haired angels. Now, do I have to explain further, what are the reasons I need to go out? I guess you got the picture already!

A few weeks ago, I went through a series of dental treatment sessions. I could work on my notebook while (boring) waiting for my turn! Ahh.. Well, I was not working entirely! I was Facebooking…..any way, I was enjoying!

I work few hours a day, but I have the freedom to choose my own work times, when to go and sit for my online tasks.

Well, yes. Email Slick 2 lifestyles needed a daily maintenance. Each day I need to complete few routine tasks. It is vital for my online earnings! My daily tasks take 15 minutes at least and (occasionally) 3 hours max. That’s all. I don’t need to work more than that.

Email Slick 2 Lifestyle is all about doing email marketing business. This kind of lifestyle needs proper setup. I had to work hard for a week or two at the setup stage. But once I completed the setup, it’s 15 minute-work to run daily maintenance. As long I could run the maintenance work, the steady income would flow!

Email marketing needs list building first. I need to build a list of buyers to carry out daily profitable email marketing campaigns. I started from 0 in my email database, when it reached 200-300 emails, I began to receive 10-30 dollar per day. It covered my monthly need when the database reached the total of 1000 buyers email. Anything beyond 1000 emails is surplus earnings!

 Email Slick 2 Lifestyle!

Yup! That’s my Email Slick 2 Lifestyle!

Email Slick 2 lifestyle allows to work 15 minutes a day! I visit an affiliate marketplace, choose an information product on my niche, write a compelling email and put it in my autoresponder, to go out to all the email addresses in my database. That’s all. It takes 15 minutes. And I make in between $100-$250 in commissions (depends upon the price on the product).

But most of the day, I don’t need to check affiliate marketplaces. Product vendors frequently requests to promote their products via (FB) Private Messaging. They even send me a copy of the product. So all I have to do is, check tge product, write a promo email and place it to my aytoresponder.

If a vendor requested product appeals me, I choose to write a review of a product to my blog. It is then, and then only, my 15 minutes daily routine turns to 3 hours. Got my point? Otherwise, it’s 15 minutes!

Okay, enough! Let me put Email Slick 2 lifestyle in a nutshell:

I do whatever I want, wherever I want, whenever I want, as much as I want, and with whomever I want… Bingo!

Yup! That’s my Email Slick 2 Lifestyle!

My Email Slick Lifestyle

A glimpse of my email slick lifestyle!


How to Generate Lead Using a Blog

How To Generate Traffic Using a Blog

Do you know how to generate traffic using a blog? And turn that traffic to leads & even sales?

I hear you say, come on now! Everybody knows it!

All you have to do is, write a quality SEO article in your niche, post it to your blog, syndicate it across the web 2.0 & social media and see traffic pour in! Right?

Yes, everybody knows this proven old-school method, and this method works. Every time! Still, only a few people actually do it. Very small percentage of people. For others, consistency is the problem. There’ll be no shortage of traffic, leads and sales for you if you could overcome this very problem.

That being said, I like to reveal a cool method of blogging here. A method of blogging I learned from Lee Muray from his List Synergy. This is the best method you’ll ever be exposed to. Especially if you are looking for the answer, how to generate lead using a blog.

Aren’t there other cool methods to generate leads? Of course there are! Like YouTube marketing, solo ad campaign, product launch, you name it! These all are good lead generation methods.

I also generate a lot of leads using YouTube marketing. I have started this method recently. Actually, I am running a combo of blogging and YouTube marketing. And having results beyond belief.

But for a start, you can use just blogging as I did.

Product lunch is other strong lead generation methods, which could be extremely profitable. I know because I have lunched a few products and built my buyer’s list. But the problem is making the product. I mean making a good product that’ll sell in the market is not that easy. There are many “if’s” and “buts” behind a successful product launch. Every nitty-gritties should be attained! Blogging is much easier and fast!

Let me say a little about solo ad lead generation. That is before I jump into this unique blogging method.

This method of lead generation was never my favorite! The first reason is. It costs money! I run a few solo ad campaigns only to experiment with the method. Or to test the conversion of my funnels. I came to the conclusion running those campaigns, do not run solo ads if you don’t know what you are doing! You can lose money fast!

But I absolutely love blogging as lead generation because, it’s easy, it’s free, and it’s very do-able to all! But you have to be consistent about it. 5 good-quality contents are good. The more the better.

Generating Leads Using a Blog- List Building & Blogging Method

The method is simple enough! You’ll build your freebie list from your blog and will send them to your newest post. You’ll use that freebie list traffic to increase your blog traffic. Your list and your blog content grow side by side. The more contents you post to your blog the more leads you attract. The method runs in a loop.

Now, you may ask, how my list will grow? I’m the one who is sending traffic to my list! They are already subscribers of my list!

Well, when you post a good quality content, your list won’t the only traffic, your will be getting. A good amount of traffic will come from social media and search engines. There will be new subscribers each time you post.

Okay, let’s see what you’ll need for this method of lead generation and list building.

Obviously, you’ll need your domain and a word press blog hosted and all the necessary page set up. Install these plugins: -Yoast SEO, WP Super Cache, Analytics and Google XML Sitemaps. These are the least.

You’ll also need an auto-responder account to capture leads and place your opt-in form at your blog’s side bar. I use Aweber and I have no issue using it for six years!

You’ll need your lead capturing funnel, all setups. Including your freebie and squeeze page and follow-up sequence at your auto-responder.

Once your blog is ready. You’ll need the contents. I prefer writing my own contents. I advise you to do so. But you can outsource your contents if you have money to invest. It won’t be bad investment either!

But before writing the content, it is important to carry out a keyword research. I use free Google adward planner tool. Find at least 10 good keywords, closely associated to your main keyword. Write or instruct your writer to build contents around those keywords.

Good keyword specific content and traffic from your list to it will increase the value of the content in the eyes of the search engines. More traffic will flow to your blog. That means more subscribers to your list.

You must syndicate your blog contents to the social media through book marking and using other regular methods. This will bring a surge of traffic from the social sites to your blog. The social signal of your blog will be increased.

The results I’m having been using this method is mind blowing! That encouraged me to write this post. You should check it!

Domain Flipping & Gene Pimentel

What is domain flipping?

Domain flipping is simply buying domain at a lower price and then selling the same at a higher price; improving the overall quality in some cases at least if you can. It makes sure that you make more profit. Domain flipping has become a profitable business model.

Let me tell you how I came across this business model in my very early days of the Internet marketing.

I was browsing through warrior forum as usual in a fine February morning back in 2009. A thread in the war room caught my attention. It was by a Gene Pimentel, knew nothing ’bout ‘im (then!). The thread was “Domain Flipping Success – A Proven 10-Step Action Plan .”

Like all the good warriors, he was giving away his report, “Domain Flipping Success – A Proven 10-Step Action Plan”. I went through it quickly and highly impressed immediately. It was a tiny 15 paged pdf report, that was articulated step by step and easy to do action plan.

I was so motivated that I took action almost immediately. Following the research procedure of the report I researched and located some US local businesses. One was Fort Collins Dentist and another California hotel. I bought two domains, uploaded word press and started working on the sites according to the plan.

Apart from the report of Gene, the original war room thread was growing. Others were adding new resources and new directions to the original plan. I was following every move and implementing the directions on my sites, where possible. That thread ended up consuming a whooping 32 pages of discussion at war room!

My plan was to take my sites at the 1st three positions of the Google for the keyword. I did it in four months. It was prior Panda-Penguin era, remember!

Once it reached there, I started my domain flipping marketing. I did there very well I think! I sold one site for $700 and the other for $500. It was early days of my Internet marketing venture. Earning $ 500-700 in one shot was like hitting jackpot!

Since then, I know Gene Pimentel very well, adore him. In a later period in that year, or was it in 2010! Apart from his domain flipping expertise, he hit the market with an Amazon discount finder software! I used that one too!

Now, I know. Gene Pimentel is one of the bests in the domain flipping business, being in the industry for more than 15 years. He is not the one who would sell you a product made on a hypothesis!

As the Industry leader, he teaches you what he does for living, that is, domain flipping!

domain flilling

Gene Pimentel

Now you are getting the opportunity to grab the three of his best courses on domain flipping. The course is called “Easy Domain to Cash” fire sale. The best part is, you are getting these three premium courses at the price of one!
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Domains To Cash Review

Domain To Cash Review

Domain flipping is simply buying domain at a lower price and then selling the same at a higher price; improving the overall quality in some cases at least if you can. It makes sure that you make more profit. Domain to cash review is done to show you how this model has become a profitable business model.

“Domaining is a terrifically profitable business once you learn the ropes. My goal is to duplicate what I do, in selling $10 domain names for hundreds, even thousands of dollars each…”

Says Gene Pimentel, of Domain Profit Academy and a leader in this industry.

Gene Pimentel’s, Domain Flipping Success – A Proven 10-Step Action Plan, report caught my attention at Warrior Forum War room. He just gave away the report for war room member and that thread generated a whooping 36 page of discussion in the war room.

Since the he created many more domaining products and the three most dominating products were, Local Domain Empire, Same Day Domain Profit and Easy Domain Cash.

Now he has put the above three products in one video and giving at a firesale for 5 days only for a small price!

Here what Dr. Mani, a veteran IMer has to say in his Domain To Cash Review:

“Pure Gold”
Gene, for nearly 45 minutes, I’ve been reading the long discussion you kickstarted, in growing fascination and respect for you! 
First, THANK YOU. What you shared in the course is pure gold. I appreciate how much time and effort you put into it. 
Next, your PROCESS was a masterful lesson on how to provide value first, then leverage it into attention, then possible sales. I’m learning and remembering all that you’re doing. It’s worth more than many classes I’ve paid for. 
In a nutshell, you’ve just got yourself a new evangelist and admirer in me. 
If there is anything, I can help you with, please let me know. 
All success,
Dr. Mani