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[Cheat Sheet] How I Generated 53,789 Views To My Offer STEALING Traffic From Authority Sites-list

Khondoker here. I was waiting to welcome you to my Cheat Sheet “How I Generate Insane Traffic From A Site.” Real glad to see you here.

My challenge here is to show you an easy process that would start making good amount of online money – fast! Like $1967.32 I made in last 5 days! So, let’s show you my process.

But first, let me know what do you think of the process of making money online? Complicated? To me the process is simple. Because I see the complicated process in a simple way. I break down the process in 3 easy steps. I place the complicated process in a simple way in 3 steps like this:

1. I need to have a product to sell online.
2. I need to have few web pages lined up to sell my product online. And
3. I need to have traffic (the more the better) to my web pages.

That’s all. You are done. Master assembling these 3 steps correctly and see money pour in! Now, let’s dig a bit deeper.

1. I need to have a product to sell online.
I don’t give too much concentration on this. I mean I don’t want to spend hours after hours, months after months to create my product. I simply take other peoples hard work to make me a good amount of online money. Every day I visit muncheye.com to pick products to promote.

2. I need to have few web pages lined up to sell my product online
LOL! I have saved myself doing all these hard work. Because the product owner has done it for me! He has done all those hard work setting up killer sales funnel. I just take advantage of the hard work.

However, I need to place a “pre-sell link” in front of the funnel. The general person would have written a content. They would have wasted a day and a night writing a piece of killer pre-selling content to post on their blog. They drive traffic from their blog to the funnel. But I don’t work that hard, LOL! I merely generate a link. I promote my link that brings me an insane amount of traffic!

How I do it? Coming next.
3. I need to have traffic

This is the most important part of the process. Bringing as many traffic to your affiliate link. More traffic means more sales. No traffic means no sales. No matter how good your product or your funnel is!

I do a tricky thing for traffic. I also exploit (or should I say steal? LOL!) other peoples hard work. I just go to “most viewed” blog page in the net on the niche of my product. I use Google search and Google Trends to find the right content with millions of views!

I generate a link with ONE CLICK once I find the right blog content from the net. What does this link do?

Once you click on the link, that popular content will appear, and within seconds, a pop-up window with my offer will appear in front of you. Thousand of visitors like to read that content also will be forced to see your pop-up with your offer. Can you grasp the power of it?

My next move is to spread out my special link throughout the net and social media. People love to share on social media.
You’re borrowing the authority of popular websites – that means you can start from scratch and get traffic without writing any content… ever!
When people share the link you posted thinking it’s an authority article or website, you benefit!
The link that you share has a built-in pop-up that will get traffic to your affiliate offers or even send people to an opt-in page to build your list….
Everything is easy-to-customize with just a few clicks.

But How I generate this special link in the first place? I use a cool app for this. This app is new and I’m using it for a couple of days now. Still, I have generated $1967.32 in affiliate commissions in 5 days! If you want to copy my success you should try this cool piece of life-changing App!

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