img { max-width: 100%; display: block; } 10 Blogging Mistakes that Top Bloggers Wish They Would've Learned Sooner

10 Blogging Mistakes that Top Bloggers Wish They Would’ve Learned Sooner

10 Blogging Mistakes that

10 Blogging Mistakes

10 Blogging mistakes?

What are they?

Well, these 10 blogging mistakes could be in different areas. But in here, we identified these the 10 mistakes that happen at the starting point. And these 10 mistakes surely are the problems that hamper the purpose of the blog.

[Note that when we refer ‘blogging,’ we mean blogging for money. This article is specifically for them who want to generate income from their blog.]

Mind that almost all of the bloggers make mistakes. The mistakes occur at different stages and in different areas. Successful bloggers identify them eventually and correct them along the way.

But we are not talking about any regular or random mistakes that happen throughout the blogging process. Instead, we will discuss 10 blogging mistakes that occur when they start their blogs mainly because of the lack of knowledge and expertise.

Here we are going to identify them in the lights of the mistakes done by the top bloggers. We will try to give solutions to them as well, so you don’t have to repeat the initial mistakes while putting up your first blog.

So let’s get to the 10 blogging mistakes they have identified.

Mistake #1 Wrong Niche Selection.

Do not select a niche if you are NOT passionate about that niche– most Gurus of the field would tell you this. And it makes pretty good sense. Sharing your views that put in values would get a lot easier for you. Similarly, it becomes a whole lot easier for you to create ‘contents’ for your blog.


Only that, you need to ensure that there are money-making opportunities in the niche you are passionate about. Because we don’t encourage blogging for blogging’s sake, there must be some monetary return for your time, efforts & expertise.


However, you can start your blog on a high paying niche, and you may not have any passion whatsoever on that niche! We have many bloggers doing it successfully. But this route demands continuous study & research on that niche. It also needs the ability to construct a personal view. And finally, it requires mastery to prepare blog-contents that cast value to the community.


I know a few bloggers who prepare their blog-contents with careful researching on the field, and they are doing great!

Here are the two essential issues you need to consider if you want to this route:

  1. Willing to spend a whole lot of time researching and
  2. Possessing an analytic mind

You are good to go with these two.

Important thing is, you need to access yourself and make sure which of the two routes would go well for you, following passions or taking on potential money-making niches. Because wrong assessment could bring you failure.

number of expired domains

People around the world discard thousands and thousands of blogs each year; the image below of the expired domain-list is the proof.
Provably your efforts may end up in the expired domain list if you fail to identify your niche or plan your blog correctly. That was the reason for placing ‘wrong niche selection,’ as the mistake# 1 in our 10 blogging mistakes. So, take your time and give a deep thought on the issue.


Mistake #2 Selecting a Broader Niche

Well, should I call the selection of a broader niche a mistake? Because many bloggers can argue on this matter, it is a little bit tricky!

But let me put my opinion here, you can start a blog on a niche despite considering it’s broad or narrow, only if you have an OVERRIDING passion for the specific niche.

But it would be a bad idea if you select a broad niche, and you have no love in the niche because a broader-niche could consist of hundreds of sub-niches. There could be many micro-niches in each of the sub-niches. It will be impossible for you to be a jack of all trade and give a solution to every problem.

What I recommend is, starting a blog in a micro-niche and grow from there. To me, it’s easier and safer. You can gradually focus on a related sub-niche and then a broader niche when you are done giving all the solutions to all the problems of your micro-niche. That’s the way to grow your blog.

That’s the way to establish your authority on the web.

Mistake #3 Starting A Blog Not Determining Your Audience

Well, you must have a clear idea about who will read your blog.
Now that you have selected your micro-niche, you need to know who will be interested in reading your blog posts.
To determine your readers, you need to carry out a process called the audience research, and you need to do it before putting up content on your blog. The term “Audience Research” may appear a bit heavy, but don’t freak-out, it is not as hard as it sounds.
All it needs is spending a bit of time to know how to perform audience research. You’ll see you could do it using only the free online tools! Many videos on YouTube show how to do it. Here’s one of the examples you can watch:

BTW, I must mention one more technical term here, and it is the marketing persona. Creating a marketing persona of your blog visitor will lead you only to success.
But what’s a marketing persona? Well, according to Google, Personas are fictional characters, which you create based upon your research in order to represent the different user types that might use your service, product, site, or brand in a similar way.
Creating personas will help you to understand your users’ needs, experiences, behaviors, and goals. This achievement would help you create your mission regarding your blog.

Below is an example of a persona I have taken from Neil Patel’s site:

10 blogging mistakes client-persona

You can use this post on Hubspot to get detail of customer persona, what it is, and how to create it.


Mistake# 4 Not Planning From Start To Finish

Now that you have selected your niche and determined your audience, it’s time to organize your blog and plan a strategy.
Think about a movie. A movie has a start, a running story, and a finishing. A good number of consecutively flowing sequences make the story from start to finish. And again, each of the movie-sequences has it’s own focus & purpose.
Let’s consider your blog as a movie. Like a movie It has a start; it has a running story, and it has a conclusion. Consider your blog-posts as the sequence, and arranging one after another makes the story and flows towards the goal.
Seems complicated? It is not if you plan your blog and focus on a specific strategy. How you want to start, what issues you want to address, and where you want to take your readers.

You can check out this article from Neil Patel, How to Create a Brand-Building Blogging Strategy

Mistake #5 Spending a Lot Of Time & Efforts On nitty-gritty

Here’s my best blogging strategy- find your niche, take an approach, and start blogging, and that’s it.
Waste time on other unimportant, even prime issues are, well, waste of time! We can always come back and correct things and finish unpolished matters later. What crucial is to start rolling the ball.
Too many bloggers are guilty of spending time perfecting everything upfront. What matters is you prepare and post content on your blog at regular intervals. That will best serve the purpose of your blog.
Like I said before, you always can come back and correct the issues you left, whatever they are. They may be your mission statement, header design, or that sort of thing.
Even you can improve or update the content you posted earlier, and Google loves it if you update your old materials.

Staying focused info graphics

So start blogging today and stay focused on your mission.

Mistake #6 Starting a blog on a free blogging site

No point blogging if you are not branding yourself. And branding yourself on a free blogging site is a terrible idea!

It’s true that you do not have to pay for hosting in a free blogging site, but you are going to pay more because blogging on an open platform will cost you in many ways!

Here are the things that can happen if you start blogging on a free platform:

  • Your readers may consider your posts unprofessional
  • You’ll have limited control over your blog (terrible!)
  • Monetization potential of your blog will be slim to none (unthinkable!)
  • Free platforms may monetize your blog-content, and you can do nothing about it.
  • There will always be a possibility of shutting down.
  • It shows that you are not serious about your blog.

Don’t Use Free Platforms If You Are Serious About Blogging. Period.

take# 7 Starting a Blog Other Than Word Press Platform

Don’t start a blog other than Word Press publishing platform because it is the most popular platform with all the reasons behind it. Moreover, it’s free.

What are the reasons behind its’ popularity? There are many, but we will discuss only 9 of the crucial reasons below:

  • 1. Built-in Blog

WordPress is a content management software and, the goal of its features is to make your content publishing process as easy as possible. Moreover, it has a built-in blog feature that allows adding a blog to any website.

  • 2. SEO

The platform is SEO friendly; search engines find it easy to index content shared through Word Press. Moreover, there is the opportunity to add additional apps (called plugin) to boost SEO factors of the content. You don’t have to worry too much about SEO with WP.

  • 3. Responsive Web Design

You do not have to worry about how your blog looks on mobile devices or different browsers. All the WordPress themes are responsive and web-browser compatible nowadays.

  • 4. Auto-Syndication

The platform possesses an auto-syndication feature by RSS feeds. As a result, content sharing across the web by others becomes effortless. Also, the inbound link creation gets a lot easier.

  • 5. Social Media Syndication

Social media integration through API is seamless and straightforward with Word Press because social share buttons are available in most WP themes. Moreover, some plugins will allow you to syndicate your content to your social media accounts.

  • 6. Easy Dashboard

The WordPress back office, also called WP Dashboard, is the most painless & straightforward tool for any level of expertise. Anyone could learn to operate Word Press in a day because of its simplicity. Also, you can update and customize your blog and blog content no matter where you are as long as you have access to the internet.

  • 7. Open Source

WordPress publishing software is open-source software; its’ source code is available for modification or enhancement by anyone. This excellent policy allowed hundreds of experts to enrich the platform continuously.

  • 8. Dynamic Community

Encouraged by the open policy of WordPress, an active user-developer WordPress loving community has developed over time; research and inclusion of features and up-gradation of features are typical here.

Also, members of the community are supportive of any issue, and you can get all the support you need from this community. Most importantly, you need a click to upgrade any of the features with a click of a mouse.

  • 9. Loading Speed And Security

WordPress blogs with its themes are built for loading speed. That means your site will load much more faster in the browsers. There are some additional plugins we can use to boost the loading time.

It is to be mentioned here that there was some cry on security risks when WordPress first launched. But now, you can make your blog 100% secure with WP because the WP community is continually working on new threats and updating the software accordingly. You’ll see from your dashboard how fast the versions upgrades.

We can say that with so many advantages and almost zero disadvantages, starting your blog on any other publishing platform than WordPress will not be the right decision.

Mistake# 8 Not Making Upfront Arrangement To Make A Subscriber List

I think this mistake could go all the way to the first mistakes out of the 10 blogging mistake list.

Just think about it, your blog readers are already considering you as an expert on your blog topics. The readers are the most engaged in your blog, and likely they comment on your blog posts and share your posts on social media.

So, if you fail to take this opportunity to educate them further, it will be a lose-lose situation because your reader will lose the chance to learn more, and you will be missing a lot of opportunities like:

  • Your chance to talk with your potential customers directly.
  • To establish yourself as a positive community builder.
  • To build a trust-based relationship
  • To educate them with your field-specific knowledge.
  • To lead them in the direction where you need them to go.
  • To establish and spread your brand through them.
  • And there are more.

So, making subscribers list is essential for blogging, and here’s what you need to do to add a list-building machine with your blog?

  • You need to take the service of an autoresponder company. Although there are some free autoresponder services, I would prefer a paid service so that I have full control of my list.

There are a lot of such services like Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, etc. Each has plenty of training videos on how to use them.

  • You need to add a sign-up form in the most prominent area of your blog. Additionally, you should use pop-up windows to draw their attention to your sign-up form.
  • You need to create a series of consecutive emails and put them in your autoresponder. These emails will go out automatically on the day you defined to your subscribers.
  • Time-to-time, you need to create emails to promote offers or serve exclusive news, etc.
  • Each time you publish new content, send an email with the link to your subscribers, and encourage them to comment and share.

Follow these steps above and see your subscribers growing.

Mistake# 9 Not investing in your blog

A blog is one of the most inexpensive marketing tools. It is economical, yes, but you need to make small investment upfront if you are aiming to make money from your blog. Here’s a list of five mandatory expenses:

  1. Professional Hosting
  2. Domain name
  3. Email marketing automation tool
  4. Giveaway product to collect subscriber
  5. Premium Themes & Plugins

Mind that you cannot make money from your blog without these five mandatory expenses. In fact, you should not plan to start a blog, not arranging this budget.

Other than these five, you should further invest as your blog grows. Better to say, you need to re-invest because you should able to generate modest to high income with the proper utilization of those five initial investments.

You might be interested to know about the investments you will need along the way; I found a detailed list, you can find it here: 20 Things To Invest In Your Blog.


Mistake# 10 Not Giving Much Attention To The Anatomy Of Blog Post.

Stuffing your blog with re-published and valueless content would be one of the grave mistakes among our 10 blogging mistakes; you are supposed to give value to your audience and give them solutions. Also, you need to keep your audience engaged and fascinated. So you need to plan your content thoughtfully, what type of content you should prepare, plan the length of your content.

What are the best types, you may ask? The answer is complicated because the audience is not the same. In fact, putting up valuable content is another mastery you need to know and practice. There are a lot of free resources available on the web, and I like the style of a blogger named Neil Patel. You can find a valuable guide from him here:

Additional Mistakes:

  • Not giving much attention creating Titles

You have 3 to 5 seconds to catch attention of your audience and that you do with the title of your content. That being said, here are the 6 reasons why you should put all your efforts to make your titles outstanding:

  1. Title is the part your readers first see
  2. It tells your audience what your article all about
  3. It makes the readers curious and, or excited
  4. It proves thoughts in the minds of the readers
  5. It initiates the engagement of the readers
  6. It may generate traffic from search engines
  • Not using images, info-graphics and video in blog posts

Would you like to look at three pages of text? I wouldn’t, and most people don’t. The same three pages of text could appear appealing with a combination of images and other multimedia elements like video, charts, slides, charts, etc.

There’s an old saying; an image talks a thousand words. It’s also true for blog posts. A post with a compelling image or info-graphics gets a whole lot more social shares.

If done right, images also could bring a lot of visitors from image-search features of the search engines.

The bottom line, we should add compelling images and info-graphics in our blog posts.


Our blog is not a place to stuff with the pieces of content with a combination of text, images, and other media elements; it has a branding and marketing potential.

So, we should be careful with the looks and anatomy of the blog. So, make it as socially and search engine friendly as possible.

Also, we need to plan our blog posts and create them with all the bells and whistles because one good blog post can outweigh a hundred valueless posts.

10 blogging mistakes discussed above are the mistakes that happen while creating a blog and these are the mistakes that you should be aware of upfront.

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