5 Tips To Grow Your Network Marketing Business

If you want to have financial freedom building your network marketing business, recruiting is essential. However, I’m sure you will agree with me that it also can be very frustrating.

In here I’ll give you five tips I use to recruit ten peoples in ten days.

So let’s start.


1. Number one is understanding that recruiting is a process in your network marketing business, it’s not an event.

This is a relationship business. If you think, look, I’m going to go and recruit ten people in the next ten days, it might not go like that! You got to give it some time.

Right now I’m getting paid. But I’m getting paid for the work I did 60 days ago or 90 days ago! 60 to 90 days from now I’m going to be paid what I’m doing now!

You need to feel your funnel and understand it does take some time!

Think about a garden. You won’t plant a nursery today and then show back up tomorrow saying where’s my harvest! That would be silly! We all know you need to cultivate the land, prepare the bed and then plant the seeds. We need to water them day in and day out. Then you rip your harvest at the right time.

The same thing happens in network marketing business and in recruiting. After planting your seeds, you need to water your seeds. You need to build a relationship. It needs some time to grow the relationship if you nurture it. You need your prospects recruit themselves when the timing is right.


2. Don’t pre-judge. When I got into this industry, I made this mistake time and time again of making a list who I thought may be interested. It doesn’t work. People I thought would be interested were not. And the people I thought no way they would be interested, they were!

So you want to make a list of people and share the information. Don’t pre-judge; you are not selling, you are not recruiting, all you do you share the information what you are doing.



3. Remember it’s a numbers game. Some people have the ability to recruit 9 out of 10 peoples. I may do 1 out of 10. Still, I can beat them if I take it as the number game. You want to recruit ten people you need to draw the attention of 100-200 peoples. You want to hire 100 people you need to share your info to 2000 peoples. It is all number game. You need to learn your numbers. How many out of 10 you can recruit? You could figure out how large an audience you need to address.

I understand that I need to say less and to more people. I do it using third party tools. A third party tool does all the presentation for me. It may be a website or a blog, an email and it could be a video or a webinar.

If I make 1 recruit out of 10, I need 100-200 people to review my information I share with the third party tool. And it always gets better. 1 out of 10 will become 2 out of 10 and eventually 9 out of 10. Take them to your funnel and build your list.



4. Remember that the fortune is in the immediate follow up. You got to have a sense of urgency. You have to strike when the iron is hot, while their emotion is still involved.

So when I’m talking to them, hey I’m excited about something, and I’d love if you take a look. It may or may not be free for you. Here’s the info:

Then I would follow up with them, hey did you get a chance to look at it. Great! What caught your attention the most? And so on. Keep following up. When the time is right, they will recruit themselves to you.

And if it is a no, then it is no. Period. But remember a no might not be a no forever. They may be content with their life and what they are doing and don’t need to venture anything new. But it might be not the same after six months! They could lose their job! There could be 100 reasons why they would desperately try to reach you.


5. Work with the willing. You want to go through the recruiting run, and you are ready to take your business to the next level, you’re ready to explode out of the mud. That’s the beauty of this recruiting business.

I’m working with the willing. It is easier to run with 1000s of people than drag one dead body. It’s easy to give birth than raise the dead. Right? Don’t look back. So you are going through the recruiting process, you are going through to the numbers game, you are following up, you are locking arms, you are walking with the walkers, and you are running with the runners.

So those were the five tips you may say these are so simple. How could he go with these simple things and recruit people! Because it is simple. You could build your business very fast if you these simple things and you do them day after day after day.

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