Affiliate Marketing And Importance Of Pre-selling In The Process


There are certain ways to do affiliate marketing. Your success with affiliate marketing will be slim. Unless you grasp the process correctly.

Here’s the affiliate marketing in brief: you go to an affiliate network. You select a good product to promote. You grab your unique affiliate link. And you start promoting your link here and there. That’s what the affiliate marketing is.

That being said, affiliate marketing is actually a three-step process. Such as:

1. Selecting a reliable affiliate network
2. Selecting a good product, grabbing your affiliate link and
3. Promoting your link

1. Selecting a reliable affiliate network

There are hundreds of affiliate networks out there on the internet. But you need to be careful when choosing your affiliate network. Because there are countless horror stories of people joining an affiliate platform, driving in hundreds of dollars worth of sales, and never once got the money!

You should stay away from shaky non-reputed CPA platforms that promise massive profits from promoting their offers.

I stick to just 3 affiliate platforms. These affiliate platforms are extremely reliable. I never had an issue with payments and never heard of any. There are FULL of awesome, high converting products.

I depend on WarriorPlus and JVzoo to pick affiliate products on Make Money Online niche. And Click Bank for the products that are of other niches. Although, MMO niche products are also found on Click Bank. I recommend you stick with these three if you are just starting out.

2. Selecting a good product
The first step of selecting affiliate products to promote is to select your niche. Once you decided on your niche you can dig deeper to find your products in that niche.

Certainly, there are important aspects and criteria for selecting a product to promote. Successful affiliate marketers have their own approach to this. Some say, buy the product, examine the process in it. Some would say to find the products that offer a solution or an automation. There are many opinions and many approaches!

I do it in a simple way. I mean I do it to make my affiliate commissions by offering good products to my visitors, right? So why not offer them the products that are already proven in the market? Moreover, it saves me tons of research!

I just go inside of the affiliate networks, Warrior Plus or JVZoo as I’m in MMO niche. Then I pick an offer that already sold 300+ or 500+ copies. You can pick a product that sold 100+ also, but don’t go for a product that sold less than 50.

Other than the sale numbers, there are some other important stats to be noticed. One is how the offer is converting. You will get this figure in percentage. An offer converting at 10% means out of hundred people visited the offer page 10 bought the product. Any offer, converting at 5% plus is good to promote to me.

Another matrix you need to take into consideration is the EPC. It stands for earning per (hundred) clicks. I don’t go for an offer less than a dollar EPC.

The last important stat is the Refund Rate which is self-explanatory. I prefer to go for a product that has less than 3% refund rate.

So emphasize on sale number, Conversion rate, EPC and refund rate. Set your algorithm. You’ll never have any issue picking up a converting affiliate product.

3. Promoting your linkPromoting your website offline
The step of affiliate marketing begins once you selected your affiliate offer/product.

Different people promote in a different way. If you have a list of subscribers, just send them a promotional email with the link. You can do content marketing, use banner ads or PPC ads, Video marketing. In fact, there are hundreds of ways of promotion. I’m not going details on it, but what I like to point out here is the importance of Pre-selling of your affiliate offer.


Importance of Pre-selling

Pre-selling means getting your visitors curious, excited and thrilled about the idea of using your product. You need to create the right mindset for your visitors and help them reach a positive conclusion.

You need to create this positive impact before you send them to your affiliate-product-vendor’s site. How you do it, how you set up your affiliate product marketing funnel, all depends on you.

But you’ll two essential elements to pre-sell. The first is the copy and the second is the images. Okay, you can pre-sell with video also, but again the video script need to be expertly written!

So, you need to grow good copywriting, video and image editing skills to pre-sell your visitors.

Reviewing the affiliate products with your affiliate links inserted is one of the proven ways of pre-selling. You need to actually acquire the product to review its advantages and shortcomings. If you can find any shortcomings the better. Then you point out it to your visitors and supplement that gap by offering them a free resource as a bonus. Your visitors would love that. It would boost your sales!

There are a number of ways to cater the product reviews to your visitors. I publish my reviews on my blog and email my subscribers the blog link. I also make a short pdf report and distribute throughout the net for FREE.

In fact, the success of your affiliate marketing will depend on: how good you can pre-sell your affiliate products to your visitors.


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