Affiliate Marketing Software & Apps- What They Are For?

How affiliate marketing software $ Apps coming into play here?

I see a major shift in the product-launch-space of the internet marketing.  I’m talking about the Warrior Plus or JVZoo or similar, when I’m talking “product-launch.  These are on the “Internet marketing” and “make money online” niche product-launch. And no other.

Some year back, all the reputed product vendors were creating and launching products around some kind of money making methods. Mostly on making money with affiliate marketing. With sneaky ways of traffic generation to an affiliate offer. Or underground methods of building subscribers list and making money promoting affiliate offers to the subscribers, etc.

Major product-launch players have already changed their strategy. They are more inclined to create and launch software or Apps nowadays. It started in 2015, were many in the year of 2016-2017 and I can see it is continuing still.

Before it was a pdf or a series of the video showing the method of making money. You need to work manually to complete the tasks to implement a certain method. But now they are including a software or an App with the method.

Still they are on making money with affiliate marketing, still, a method is involved. The difference is, you can put some parts or the whole operation (depending on the type of the software or the App) on automation.

Now, what exactly the affiliate marketing software & Apps do?

The plain and simple answer is affiliate marketing. Only that, these Apps automates the process or part of the processes of affiliate marketing. Let’s define affiliate marketing process so that we can understand what the software or the Apps do. More or less affiliate marketing is like below:

1. Getting affiliate-link
2. Producing content to insert the affiliate-link.
3. Placing the content to the right visitors.

Step one cannot be automated. I don’t think any affiliate network will allow a bot creating an affiliate-link for any user. Moreover, you’ll need approval from the vendor himself. So, this part you need to do manually.
Softwares and Apps come into play for the step 2 and step.

Producing content to insert the affiliate-link

These Affiliate Marketing Software & Apps generally pull quality contents from the web according to the keywords you have inserted. This may not be good for your site SEO. So we shouldn’t use this software if you are trying to rank your site in the search engines.

But if you are focusing only to make affiliate commissions, this software and Apps would serve your purpose perfectly. Just imagine you are inserting YOUR affiliate link into a high-quality content that you managed with one click!

Some Apps and software would go and find content that is already viral, shared thousands of times!

Placing The content to the right visitors

Getting a high-quality content and inserting your affiliate-link aren’t enough to make affiliate commissions. You must ensure your content is seen and read as many persons as possible.

The software and the Apps help your content get syndicated in the social media, the sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit and many other similar social sites. Of course, you need to have accounts on those sites and must integrate them with your software. All most all the software and Apps comes with a video tutorial that shows you how to integrate your software with your social sites.

I personally tested many of this software and using a few. I notice the software posting my content to my social site accounts alright. But they are not getting any traction. Especially in the new social accounts that I have just created.

I understood that the content posted by the software gets traction if the social account already has thousands of followers. So, I need to work manually to get followers in my new accounts. The increase of followers increases traction to my content.

We already mentioned the advantages and the disadvantages of these kinds of software and Apps but let’s list them again for better understanding.


Gives no SEO value to your site.
Need to work manually on each social sites to increase social site-followers.


Can produce quality/viral content without sweating.
Has ability to generate quality/viral content as many as you need with clicks of your mouse.
These Affiliate Marketing Software & Apps are able to insert your affiliate-link seamlessly.
Automatically posts to the popular social media sites with one click.

Want to see a demo of such an App? Click Here


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