Affiliate Traffic Lab- Pros And Cons Of The Software

Well, I received a review copy of the Affiliate Traffic Lab software yesterday from the creators. Playing with it since. Just wanted to document my thoughts while I’m testing different functions of it. Like, what it does and what it doesn’t do; what are the advantages and where are its shortcomings and many things like that.

Let’s start with what the Affiliate Traffic Lab Software does. It automatically creates and posts slide-videos out of the sales pages of the affiliate offers of your choice and tries to rank the video to make your affiliate commissions.

Well, I placed it at a stretch and it may appear confusing. Better to break down the process into steps for better understanding.

1. Affiliate Traffic Lab loads affiliate offers from the affiliate networks like Warrior Forum, JVZoo, Click Bank and Amazon.

You have the choice of selecting your offer from here to make and post your video on YouTube. There are options to find your product by sorting “marketplace name,” “product name,” “vendor name,” “number of product sold” etc.

2. Once you select your offer, the software will create and suggest some slides that it pulled from the sales page of that product.


You’ll have the option of editing the slides, add/deduct slides, select or upload your slide-background and soundtrack etc.

3. Once your slides are ready you just have to click to turn it into a video. You can preview your video inside the Affiliate Traffic Lab software.

4. Next is the posting the video that you can do from inside the software.
There’s a particular tab to add your video title and description before posting it to the Youtube and Google.

5. Step by step training is available inside.

Check Demo Of The Affiliate Marketing Lab Below

Who Could Be Benefited Using The Affiliate Traffic Lab Software?

1. Those who haven’t started video marketing, one of the powerful marketing tools out there.
2. Those who are still shaky making video.
3. Those who take hours to make a video.
4. Those who want to make videos in bulk in a short time.

Pros of Affiliate Traffic Lab Software

1. It makes your video very fast. You can create and post your video in 5 minutes flat.
2. Every function is customization. Also, there is a good collection of background soundtrack and images in the built-in library.
3. Is it newbie friendly? Yes, I must confirm that. Running the software isn’t an issue! ZERO technical skills required.
4.  You need not download anything because everything hosted online securely.
5. It is actually 3 in one Marketing Suite that gets free traffic, leads & sales.

Cons of The Software

1. My test shows that the search function doesn’t work very well. I searched by vendor name in JVZoo platform and it showed only 3 products but I know that vendor has more than 10 products in that marketplace! But it’s not a big deal because you can pick your affiliate offers from inside the software as it loads a wide variety of products from different vendors, marketplaces.

2. Some less important tab like “Articles” didn’t load for me. But maybe because I’m using a “review” version or it will be updated later.

3. Most important short-coming of the software, although you can create and post your affiliate marketing video with a few clicks of your mouse, there is actually NO GUARANTEE that your video will rank in YouTube and Google.

But I have a solution for this… Read on….

My Bonus That Perfectly Complements The Affiliate Marketing Lab Software

Like I said before, the Affiliate Marketing Lab unable to ensure your video ranked on Youtube and Google. In fact, it is not a fault of the software. Ranking video on Youtube need some special tricks and some extra work. The software couldn’t possibly do these particular tasks; it would get complex and couldn’t remain as newbie friendly as it is now!

So I’m giving a bonus named, “YouTube Rocket Ranking” and you need to pick this to move forward from where The Affiliate Marketing Lab left you.

Inside, you’ll learn all the tricks and nitty-gritty of ranking a video effortlessly. So it is like this: use the software to make your videos rapidly and use the instructions of “YouTube Rocket Ranking” to rank your videos on Google & YouTube. It will be ready for you to download after you purchase The Affiliate Marketing Lab from the link below.

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