How Could Auto-pilot Affiliate Marketing be Done

No, you cannot make 100% auto-pilot affiliate marketing campaign. Okay, Below chart will show you a simple 3-step affiliate marketing process:

You need to select your affiliate products. Then apply for the product-vendors permission (i.e. permission to promote their products). And if they accept, you’ll get your unique affiliate links.

You must do step1 manually. Because no affiliate-networks would allow bot, software or Apps. The product vendors also check each affiliate link application. They won’t allow any link if they suspect anything.
Apart from that, you can run auto-pilot affiliate marketing campaigns.

Step2 is to generate content. You need to put your affiliate links into some form of content. You cannot promote your affiliate-link unless you wrap it in a content. You must produce a content, whether it is dupe or original. Dupe or original serves the same results in terms of affiliate marketing. Only that the dupe content is bad for SEO. But your goal is to make affiliate commissions here. Not to optimize the content for search engines.

Step3 is to circulate your content throughout the web. In fact, you need to publish and re-publish your content where real peoples exist in the web. Where the real peoples exist? What are the places they roam, what are the sites they browse regularly?

The answer is simple. To the social media. Media like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and many more.
Now, apart from the step1 of the affiliate marketing process, we can put the other two steps on auto-pilot. There are many software and Apps out there. You can create auto-pilot affiliate marketing campaigns using these.

One of the Apps named AAM2 that I’m using. I can create my campaigns and post it to my socials sites with a few clicks of my mouse.

I particularly like it because it is a cloud-based app, nothing to download. Unlike most software, you don’t have to publish your content on your blog first. You can create your content inside Virasoci. Also can publish it to your social sites directly from there. That saves your site from dupe content harassment if you are on SEO.

Now, let me show you what AAM2 do for me. Like I said it creates and runs my auto-pilot affiliate marketing campaigns with a few clicks of my mouse. I can create a campaign in five minutes flat, that gives me time to make over 20 campaigns a day!

I just need to work to get the affiliate product link. The App takes care of the remaining 2 steps.
I set my keyword. It finds content on Reddit, Buzzfeed, youtube, telegraph and little things.
It creates a beautiful webpage with the content and my affiliate-link. I have the option to regulate the color, size font and other design elements like buttons, etc.

The App posts my page on Facebook (Timeline, Pages or Group), Twitter, Reddit, and Tumblr. I get enough visitors to my page as a result and make a good commission out of each campaign.
There are some extra features too!

Like a finder, tab to find Facebook groups according to your keyword. Option to insert your “re-targeting code.” Insert an (customizable) exit pop-up window. Option to schedule or campaigns, etc.
Better you check this video to understand what Virasoci can do:




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