Best List-building Funnel For Solo Ad Campaign

I must warn you, the information you are about to learn in this article is going to be completely different than anything you have ever read before, so I really need you to put your trust in me, put your trust in this system and just give it a try.

Let me also point out this upfront. What I’m going to reveal here is not something I seen or read somewhere and just sharing the system with you. I’ll be revealing my exact system and funnel which I perfected and utilized over the years and still USING to build my list of responsive subscribers. I call my list “my money printing machine.” I’ll reveal here how I build my money printing machine and how I run it to make money on an autopilot.

There are many list-building methods out there. I’m building my list with a number of methods myself. What I gathered running all those list building methods is, there is hardly any difference between the methods. The setup is pretty much same for all methods. The only difference between one from other is, the traffic generation technique associated with it. The traffic generation technique we are using at here is running solo ad campaigns.

I picked up only one traffic generation method at here for a number of reasons. The first being, you do not have to have a lot of Internet marketing knowledge and experience with this method, unlike all the other list building methods. You can start building your list from today even if you are a complete newbie.

Solo campaign method is one of the fastest methods of list building in the industry. This is the best way to build your list in a short time. For newbies and veterans alike! Period.

But there is a major pitfall running solo campaigns. You could lose your fund very fast with the database full of junk & fake subscribers who give you no returns.

Yup, that could happen if you are not absolutely in control of your campaigns. You can build a profitable list very fast with solo ads, only if you know what you are doing. If you know how to set up a solo-ad campaign properly. And if you are aware of the pitfalls and know how to tackle them!

Basically, you have to take three distinct actions to make a list with solo campaigns. These three actions together will make you a list on an auto-pilot, well, almost on an auto-pilot. These are:

1. Setting up a proper funnel
2. Buying quality solo ads
3. Building relationship with the subscribers

Putting together and running the above three will build your list. You can carry out promotional activities to make money once you built a sizable list.

For now, we will go through each of the three above actions one by one. Let’s start with:

1. Setting Up A Proper Funnel
You must understand the funnel and the funnel elements properly- the reasons the funnel elements are placed the way they are placed.

Traditional Funnel
Traditionally, funnel built with three elements. A (1) squeeze page with an opt-in give-away product, (2) a thank you page with paid product offer and (3) auto-responded email sequence promoting the paid product.
Putting together of these three elements in a systematic way is the simplest form of a sales funnel.
You can see a traditional solo funnel example in picture 1 & 2 below:

Picture-1 (Squeeze Page)


Traffic sent to this kind of squeeze pages. Visitors are encouraged to receive a valuable resource free of cost, provided they give their name & email address.

Generally, the promised free resource is sent to their email inbox, after the visitor’s sign-up. They are also immediately redirected to a “Thank You” page with a paid offer. Below is an example of a traditional “Thank You” page:

Picture-2 (Thank You Page)

Visitors may buy the offer at “Thank You” page, or they may not buy but the next step of the funnel goes into action. They began to receive follow-up emails at a specific interval. You can see the whole process of a traditional funnel in the flow chart 1 below:

Picture-3 (Flow Chart 1)

Let’s do a “profit & loss” math here. Let‟s say you put together a traditional squeeze page and OTO (one time offer) at the ‘thank you page’ that you sell for $17.00 and you purchase a 100 click solo ad for $40.00. Now let‟s say you have a great 50% opt-in rate, that means 50 people will subscribe. Now the standard OTO conversion rate for traditional funnels seems to be 1.5%, but let‟s round up to 2% for the sake of easy math. That means out of the 50 subscribers, 1 will purchase your product for $17.00. You paid $40 for the solo ad and made a $17.00 sale, so you are out $23.00. This means your cost per subscriber was $0.46. Not bad. We will take a look at another example later using the squeeze page and funnel set up (Profit Funnel Blueprint Funnel) you are about to learn.

The Funnel We Use
We do not follow the traditional set-up of the sales funnel discussed above. At least for our solo ad campaigns. With years of testing with hundreds of solo ad campaigns, we perfected our solo profit funnel.

The primary difference between a traditional funnel and our solo profit funnel is, we do not send our solo traffic directly to a squeeze page with optin form. Rather, we send them to a page full of content with a “Click Here To Continue” type of button at the end of the page. (They may be redirected to another full page of content but it will depend) We place our opt-in form in the second (or third page). These pages together are called “Reverse Squeeze” page.

The initial content pages work as the repulsion of the tire kickers. Those who are not interested in that subject don’t want to read so much content. It is a good way to discourage the tire-kickers to subscribe to your list. The initial content pages also work as an attraction for those who truly are interested in the subject, those who seriously want to know and want to learn more…

With the elimination of the tire kickers, the opt-in rate naturally will drop! But that’s what we look for, that’s what we expect to happen! We are looking for the elimination of the tire kickers up front (No point filling the database with junk subscribers) and intake of only super targeted responsive leads! In the end, we make more money and make more money repeatedly with our highly responsive and targeted list. Because we will get higher opens, higher clicks and a higher number of sales from each promotional campaign we will run to the responsive subscribers.

You can see the whole process of our funnel method in the flowchart 2 below:

Picture-4 (Flow Chart 2)

Let’s see what could happen with this type of funnel. Say you purchased a 100 click solo ad for $40.00. This time your squeeze page only converts at 25% but the conversion rate on your OTO is 10% (very likely using this system). This means you will have gained 25 new subscribers and made 2.5 sales (we will round down to 2 sales for the sake of math). 2 sales at $17.00 is $34.00. This means you are only out $6.00 and had a cost per subscriber of just $0.24! This does not even include the upsell offer. If you make just one upsell, you would have actually made a PROFIT from that solo ad bringing your cost per subscriber down to $0.00.

Looking at those two examples, at first glance the first one might seem better because you got twice as many subscribers, but if you take a deeper look into it the second option is MUCH better because the cost per subscriber was cut in half, which means you can spend the same amount of money and build a list that is twice as big as well as 10 times more responsive.

2. Buying Quality Solo Ads

This is the most tricky part of this method. I remember when I first started buying solo from Facebook groups. I used to PM the vendors like this: Hi, I’m a newbie trying to build my first list with solo purchase. Can you send 100 clicks to…it was almost popping up in front of a pack of hunters (no offense to the honest solo vendors) and saying, “ hi, I’m a fat duck & cannot fly, will you shoot me please?”

I lost my first thousand dollars very fast. The subscriber emails that got into my database were junk, fake and super non-responsive. Later, I discovered that 75% of the emails were fake emails, sent using black hat software.

It is the initial setback that made me successful in the later period. Fear of losing more money forced me to study all the way and learn in-depth on the solo purchase. I began to test in small scale that helped me to identify the pitfalls. I also loaded myself with the right tools needed and perfected a system for me that worked a wonder for me.

There are a lot of solo ad sellers out there who are just trying to scam you by sending bot traffic, and there are also a lot of sellers who will only send you traffic that never buys anything. With our special funnel, we can reduce freebie seeker subscribers. Now, we have to make sure we avoid bots clicks as well.

Tools To Eliminate Bot Traffic
You are purchasing solo clicks for your funnel and paying for each click in advance. Naturally, you want to count incoming clicks. If you bought 100 clicks, you should make sure you are getting 100 clicks in the least.

You can track your clicks with free services like “bitly” or other url shortener services. You copy the url of your (initial) funnel page and paste it to any url shortener service and hand the shortened url over to your solo vendor. You will get click statistics at the url shortener service page.

But ensuring the total number of incoming clicks is not enough to run profitable solo campaigns. You have to determine the quality of the clicks also. You have to know how many clicks you are getting from tire1 countries (tire1 countries- Google it!). Unfortunately, free services will give you nothing other than the number of clicks happened. You need a paid tool to determine your click quality. Speaking of paid tools, I want to recommend Click Magick that I’m using, and absolutely loving it. There are many clever features specially designed for solo purchasers, and you can check these at their homepage. But the feature I absolutely love is the “automatic bot filtering” options. You don’t have to worry about that new “solo ad” vendor you’re trying out – ClickMagick’s got your back and watches all your traffic 24/7. It is absolutely best out there, and you should get the service with only $17 per month.

Another good tool for this purpose I used before is “My Click Boss”. There’s no monthly bill and you can get it with a one-time payment of $87 or so.

In a nutshell- you absolutely need a click tracking tool if you want to buy & run solo ads. It is up to you which tool you want to use.

Where To Buy
There are hundreds of places, you can buy solo ads. But I don’t recommend buying solos from many places. I use only two places to buy my solos. Facebook groups and Warrior Forum. These two platforms are interactive platforms. That means you can easily go back & forth with your inquiries with the vendor.

You can find quality solo ad vendor at section. Read all the threads and comments from previous buyers so you can decide which one you should pick.

But I prefer to buy my solo at the Facebook group because I can find quality solo vendors with cheaper price there. As low as $25 per hundred clicks (with a first-time buyer’s discount of course!)

There is a Facebook group where people will leave honest testimonials for people they have purchased solo ads from before. You will see how many clicks they ordered, how many clicks they received, how many opt-ins they got, and whether or not they got any sales.

But first, you need to join the Facebook group. Here‟s the link:

Once you get accepted in the group, you can browse through the testimonials to find sellers.

Evaluating a Solo Ad Seller
Buying quality solo ads need some time and effort. It would be unwise to go with the first solo vendor you stumbled anywhere. Don’t just jump in and place your order. Take some time and few steps to evaluate the vendors. Ask them questions. Check if they are fit for your requirements.

Solo Ads Testimonials page looks like below:



It is important for you to check the sellers FB profile page. From there you are going to determine if the seller is a real person or someone hiding behind, uploading a fake profile page only to run solo ad business.

I run a three-step investigation process to pick a good seller for me. Step one starts like this:

Go through few latest testimonials in the FB group and select one of your choices. Take note of both the buyer’s and the seller’s name. Clicking on seller’s name will take you to his/her timeline. What you want to check is, if the page looks real, used by a real person who leaves social proof on this page. Check the date of the page created. A new page always provokes suspicion, Check all the posts and its dates. Check “About” section. Is there a lot of information that proves a real person using this?

Not only the “about section,” you should check every section like “Friends,” “Photos,” “Video,” “Group” etc. just to find social proof. A solo vendor is also a person who shares his opinion, views, events, photos, and videos with his friends and family. Check for statuses, pictures, and videos that represent life’s common events, like birthday celebrations, or family tours, even walking dogs! A fake profile that is made only to run solo ad business generally lacks such social activity proofs. So take notice of that. Discard that seller if something looks suspicious. Or PM him for clarification.

If the seller has passed your initial scrutiny, paste the seller’s name in the group page search box and click on the search icon. The search box is placed at the right bottom of the cover pictures. See the picture below:


If that particular seller also buys solo ads from other sellers and provides testimonials to them, his testimonials as a buyer will show up. If he only sells solo but doesn’t buy, only the testimonials he got as a seller will line up.

We are looking for quality clicks. We do not want to pick a solo seller who also buys from other solo sellers to fill his database. Well, most solo vendors do it, and it’s the nature of the business. Still, we can find some who don’t do it. There are fresh sellers who built their solo list through product launching or Click Banking and haven’t started buying solo clicks from others yet.

If we can pick a seller with a good testimonial from other buyers but no testimonials given by him (seller) to others as a buyer himself, we can pick him and start the second step of our investigation.

This time, search the buyer’s (the testimonial provider) name in the search box to get to the buyer’s profile page. Once you are on the timeline, click on “Friends” tab and insert the seller’s name in the search box to see if the seller is in the testimonial provider’s friend list. If it is, there is a possibility of being the Testimonial a fake one. Well, I’m not saying that buyer-seller friendship will indicate the testimonial given is fake for sure! But we cannot deny that there is a possibility! We are not taking any chances. It’s your money, and you should protect it in any way you can! So discard the seller if the buyer-seller are friends.

With the process above, pick 3 to 5 sellers, so you can finish up with a winner.

Now the third step of our investigation. For this, you need to join another Facebook group at, once approved, paste your seller’s name in the search box to see if it appears on the page as “partner.” The name does not appear means, the seller might not be building his list with click banking (Click Banking- Google it!).

We will take the seller in if the name appears on this page as “partner.” Reason? In a minute.

Basically, we are looking for those sellers who build their list creating and launching their products. Because this is the buyer traffic. Now, my experience as a product launcher tells me that a lot of the Click Banking-clicks come from the download page of a product. Those people are proven “buyers” and certainly came to the download page after purchasing a product. A solo seller is Click Banking, means a lot of subscribers in his database are buyers. We want to welcome those types of clicks on our solo purchases!

Hey, don’t worry if you have to discard a seller for reasons discussed above. You will find hundreds and hundreds of sellers out there. It would not be difficult to pick a few among them. I say this investigation worth it. Give some time and effort investigating. It’s your money you are protecting!

Ask questions before purchasing
Now that we have selected one or two sellers after carrying out our initial investigation, we can start communicating with the seller by “private messaging” option of Facebook. In fact, this is part of the further investigation. Initially, we investigated on our own, now we are going to see what the seller has to say regarding our further investigation. Below, I’m lining up some questions (with explanations) to ask the seller and see what are the answers he comes up with:
Q. What niche is your list in? This will ensure the incoming clicks are in the same niche you are in.
Q. How did you build the list? We are looking for product launching and click banking list.
Q. If product launching, where can I find your products? Products that launched years back are no good for our purpose.
Q. Where can I subscribe to your list? It is important to see the quality of the emails the seller generally sends.
Q. How responsive is your list? Have to depend on the seller’s answer on this. No other way to measure before buying.
Q. What offers do you mail your list? Take the answer but you can see it yourself if you are able to subscribe to sellers list.
Q. Do you have a sales page? This is where you have to pay for your solo purchases. You will get all the terms & conditions and order instructions.

Additionally, you can ask bellow questions to see what answers they come up with. You can decide your next step according to their answer.

When can you deliver clicks?
What percentage of tier-1 clicks?
Do you have any testimonials?
How often do you mail your list?
How long have you been in business?
What’s your over delivery rate?
Do you have discount-option for the first-time buyer?

You don’t have to ask all the questions at all, or all the questions at a time. Select some questions according to your need and then go back & forth with the sellers accordingly, until you get satisfied. There are hardly any ways to cross-check most of the answers. But don’t let this reason stop you from asking questions. Don’t be shy to ask. At least, you can judge how cooperative or how prompt or how serious they are with their answers.

After you are satisfied with your investigation and selected your solo vendor, you can pay and place your order for desired clicks.

3. Building Relationship With The Subscribers

If you use our funnel for your solo campaigns. You’ll get 25-30 targeted subscribers per 100 clicks you purchase. They will be stored in your autoresponder database, whether they purchase your product at “thank you” page or not.

Since they are already in your database, you got the opportunity to build a relationship with them, and you’ll do it by sending them follow-up emails.

Now, let’s see what are the purposes the email sequences will serve.

These emails will establish your authority in the mind of your subscribers. You need to provide some free Internet marketing E-books. These free e-books will immediately establish you as an authority in your niche.

Once you can establish yourself as authority, they will begin to trust you. They will trust your tips and advice regarding Internet marketing. More importantly (for you!) your recommendations will be highly appreciated by them. You are going to make money recommending them various affiliate products in the later period. So, establishing authority and building trust with your subscribers is the key.

I haven’t set any action steps in here as it is written just to make you understand the principles. The principles, following which our funnel above is made.

Well, there are two actions you certainly need to take. The first is to create your funnel according to the principles discussed. And the second is to buy and run soloads into your funnel created. That’s all. You got your complete money-making system.

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