Beta Testing Instant Buyer Traffic

Instant Buyer Traffic is a 22 part step-by-step video course that shows your customers how to get BUYER traffic FOR FREE!

Here’s What Michael Cheney A Veteran Marketer Has To Say About This Product




I’m a beta tester of this method since July 2, 2018, and I learned:

how to build a “buyer only” subscribers list for FREE!

how to build “buyer-list” without a paid autoresponder!

how to build “buyer-list” right into my FB profile

how to engage with my list and extract the maximum profit!

I already added 2024 buyers in one and a half months working only 15×3 minutes a day! Quite an outstanding achievement!

In this short report I discussed my 45 days journey of “Instant Buyer Traffic” method.

I discovered a few golden nuggets in my journey. I found a few places where there are endless numbers of buyer-friends. It’s almost a “done-for-you” buyer-friends list, ready to post your friend requests!

So, it will be enormously helpful if you grab the Instant Buyer Traffic and my IBT Cheat Sheet I discovered along the way!




Hi, I'm Khondoker & you can know me better by going to About page above. Here, I like to describe the purpose of this blog briefly. Our blog is all about making money online. That being said, we want to point out that buying online (courses or whatever) won't make you money, selling will. So you need to know the art of selling online to make money. It does not matter what you want to sell. It may be your own product; it may be someone else's product you are affiliated with, it may be physical goods, or it may be digitally downloadable products! The bottom line is you need to master the technique of selling online and you can learn a lot of it in this blog.

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