BoostOptin- What It Is And What It Does?

I never saw anything like it before because anything like it never existed.

I want you to check a software named BoostOptin if you are an Email List Builder, or planning to build an email list.

What is BoostOptin , and what it does?

BoostOptin is easy to use software that is only of it’s kind. I never saw anything like it before (in my ten-year IM life) because anything like it never existed. I’m pretty confident about it!

Okay, let’s come to what it does.

Say, you have created an opt-in page with a lucrative giveaway product. You are having 40, 50 even 70 percent opt-in rate. But the open rate of your first email is way below per.
Why does that happen? Because of a good chunk of opt-ins used a fake email (and name) or a secondary email to grab your free product. They never open or read those secondary email. Even if they opted through buying your product, they give a gibberish name and the secondary email!

Sound familiar?

BoostOptin software solves this problem for list builders; it forces your leads to give REAL NAMES and PRIMARY EMAILS. How? You should check the demo for the answer.

Open-rate of your first email is lower for another reason. A good number of your first email goes to the SPAM box instead of INBOX. Right?

BoostOptin solves this problem too! It forces your leads to send you the first email, with their real names and primary emails, asking for your opt-in giveaway product! Your sending email is getting whitelisted automatically! No chance of your first email going down to spam folder.

These are the headaches List builders were facing for more than twenty years! Boostoptin is the first to solve these problems once for all!

There are some other cool marketing features in BoostOptin you can use. These features are pretty handy but not STANDALONE like the features I discussed above!





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