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Energy Flows to Where Attention Goes- So Fix Your Focus!

Energy Flows to Where Attention Goes

How To Fix Your Focus! Have you ever heard of the saying energy flows to where attention goes? Energy flows to our attention goes. So what does that really mean? We are all made up of energy, right?   We have water in our bodies. We have blood flowing in our body. But are you […]

How To Set Goals In A Positive Frame of Mind

make a positive frame of mind while setting goals

Make a positive frame of mind while setting goals Make a positive frame of mind and I’m going to give you a straightforward process for you to set goals. Also, I’ll give you a free worksheet. You can print it out, and write down your goals, know what you want to achieve.   To me, helping […]

How to set life-changing goals and how to achieve them

Life-changing Goal-setting and goal-achieving process

Life-changing Goal-setting and Goal-achieving Process Today we will talk about how to set life-changing Goals. And then the process of achieving your life-changing Goals. So there’s a process for both Goal setting and Goal-achieving. We will also find some related components in the processes, like strategies, tactics, habits, beliefs, and reasons. We will discuss how […]

How To Evaluate Two Different Opportunities When Both Are Good

How To Evaluate Two Different Opportunities When Both Are Good

How to Evaluate Opportunities and Make Good Choices Weren’t you been in a situation you have so many opportunities in front but don’t know how to choose the right one? Maybe you can see many opportunities because you are a hard worker and you are smart. There are so many business opportunities nowadays to start. […]

How Not To Buy The Next Shiny Info-product

I gained enough experience to shed some light on “how not to buy the next shiny info-product.” The reason is, I was guilty of tending to buy anything that promises a lot. I bought a massive number of info-products, training courses, and marketing software as a result. Not To Buy The Next Shiny Info-products- But […]

Right Mind Set For List Building

When I started to build my list back in 2009, I went through several courses to master the techniques and to jump start my List building efforts. The courses were from very successful Internet marketers. Some of the courses were video courses, and some were just reports. Every angle of list building methods and strategies […]

Recipe For Making Money Online successfully

Anyone can make money online selling their skills. Like content writing, graphics design, web design, etc. You can make some money working on surveys or writing content for others. There are hundreds of ways you can make money online working for others. But making money online, by “contract” working for others is not the subject […]

How My Internet-Marketing-Mindset Was Made

1. Introduction This content is an excerpt from a book named “Goal” by Bryan Tracy. It changed my Internet Marketing perspective. My success was triggered by this book. I strongly recommend you read this book, at least this excerpt of that book and follow the instructions word by word. 2. Believe You Can Succeed And […]