Designing Sales-Funnel Web Pages


Are you designing Sales-Funnel Web Pages? Well, if we are to design sales funnel web pages, we need to understand what a sales funnel is.

What Is A sales-funnel?

Well, a sales-funnel is an element or an event or a series of features or events that initiate, gear up, and close a sales deal. 

For instance, look at McDonald’s or KFC chain shop’s events, their discounts, buy-one-get-one-free offers, Free fries offers, and many more offers and deals. All those offers are aimed to close sales-deals associated with the offers and more; these are perfect examples of offline sales-funnels.

But we are here to discuss the online sales-funnel or the Internet marketing sales-funnels, though the objectives are the same for offline or online sales-funnels, that is closing the sales deals. Only that online events cannot be displayed other than via web pages.

So, how we can define an online sales-funnel? An online sales funnel a series of interlinking, transitional web pages where events unfold, a bit by bit on each of the web pages. 

Online sales-funnels could be simple or complex, depending on the objective. Let’s start with the most basic Internet marketing sales-funnels. We are designing sales-Funnel web pages-  a list-building one as the example here and we can make a basic sales-funnels interlinking only three web pages, such as:

We Are designing Sales-Funnel Web Pages:  A List-Building One As The Example


  1. A squeeze page
  2. A thank you page with a One-Time-Offer and A product download page
  3. Squeeze page


Check the picture above; it is a screenshot of a Squeeze page.

What do we see here that is important? A web page containing a beautiful picture of hills in the background? Okay, this is important too! The eye-catching background gives us a pleasant experience; it changes our mood. But the center of attraction is the rectangular box hanging in the middle of the picture with some easy-to-understand text written on it. The message is apparent and to the point. It says it is free for you if learning about the list building system interest you, leave us your email here so that we can deliver the report.

You can see a live sales-funnel example here.

Effective Squeeze page Making Tips

  • Your squeeze pages will be more effective following these tips:
  • Use simple and basic design
  • Use a simple auto-responder web form
  • Start with an intriguing headline
  • Provide benefits in bullet form
  • Include a specific call to action
  • Include an image of a free giveaway product
  • Add an introductory video
  • Guide the visitor with an arrow mark
  • Include a “Disclaimer” and a “Privacy Policy”

We may not have to add all these features in one squeeze page, add what your funnel needs. Moreover, we can discard many features if we add an introductory video. The video describes the benefits of our report.

2. Thank you page & One-Time Offer (OTO)

The Thank you page is another web page like our “Squeeze page.” We send the visitors to this page immediately after they agree to take our Free Report and revealed the email address on the squeeze page. Purpose of “Thank You” page is to thank them for their interest and downloading our report for free. We also appreciate them to allow us the opportunity to send them more tips on list building.

One-Time Offer (Instant moneymaker)

By this time, we already gave away our free report and captured their emails; we also thanked them at our “Thank You page” for downloading our free report. Here, in this very thank you page, we are going to offer our paid product at a discount, means we sell this product at a higher price. We call this offer a “One-Time Offer” or OTO, and they can see this OTO only once. If they take it now, they will get it at a discounted price. If they don’t, they will lose the opportunity to buy it at a lower price. The conversion of OTO into sales is much higher because of the psychology behind the process.

Placement of the OTO on the “Thank you page” gives us the earning opportunity. We can start earning right after our visitors decide to grab the free report at our squeeze page.

We need a convincing sales letter for our OTO product. We can outsource our sales letter or create it with webpage builders or Plugins.

Here is a screenshot of a Thank you page:


3. Product Download Page

The product download page is the web page where we keep the link to our product or the FREE report to download. We send the visitor here if they buy our product at our thank you page or reveal email-addresses at the squeeze page. They can download the product or the report immediately after they take action.

Here is an example page:


Many visitors can opt not to buy our OTO product at our thank you page. But we can place our product in front of them many more times. Because we have their email address, we can send them a series of emails telling the benefits of our product with a link to buy our product.

Now, our basic sales-funnel is complete with these three simple web pages — a squeeze page, a thank you page, and a product download page. Driving traffic to our squeeze page will build us a list at the same time as making us some money.

Now, you must have noticed that each web pages of our sales-funnel have some elements on them, such as:

  1. Texts: Sales copy, product feature description, etc.
  2. Images: Images of the offers, infographics, and other related images.
  3. Video-Audio: Sales video, product feature displaying video, background music, etc.
  4. Software: Search software or similar purpose software
  5. Payment Buttons: You need to get the payment button code from your payment processor.

A complex coding is needed in the background to appear the elements on our pages. But we can place any elements not knowing the coding, with the help of the most updated and free publishing platform of present time, the GrooveFunnels

Objectives of sales-funnel

1. Not to mention, the primary object of the sales-funnel is to initiate sales; it makes sure that the visitor could buy the offer, as hassle-free as possible.

2. Sales-funnels also make sure that the buyers get the delivery of the product they purchased.

3. The sales-funnel is also a place to convince visitors to buy the offers. We can use a lot of elements to persuade our potential buyers, such as we can put a convincing text sales copy with compelling images, or we can use video instead of text; or a blend of video, writing, and graphics. Also, we can put more than one page between our first page and the delivery page.

Now, we have discussed the simple form of the sales-funnel that contains 2-5 pages. But sales-funnels could be complicated with hundreds and thousands of pages.

You can see, for instance, and understand how complex a sales-funnel could be! The first Amazon page is linked to thousands of other pages. The images and the clickable text links, the search software all take you to another page, and those pages are also linked to another hundred pages. 

But Amazon deals with thousands and thousands of products, no point in making a complicated sales-funnel with expensive software if you are dealing with one offer because the complexity of the sales-funnel would depend on the type and the number of products. 

Making Pages Of sales-funnel With The Components

The squeeze page is the most critical element of online business, and it is the access point for the visitors, the visitors we want to turn into the subscribers. That’s why we recommend you go to a professional to design your squeeze page if you have some money to invest. 

However, there are tons of free ways to get a useful squeeze page if we do not want to spend money at this point. We are going to discuss the two best ways to generate a simple squeeze page.

Free Template

Don’t think that we need to have web design skills to develop a squeeze page, because there are plenty of free templates available in the GrooveFunnels dashboard we can use.

Using Free GrooveFunnels

If we go for the simplest way to get a squeeze page, all we have to do is create a free account on GrooveFunnels. There are tons of free manuals and videos inside the dashboard. 

I use GrooveFunnels, it has drag & drop features, and I effortlessly create all the pages of my Sales-funnel. 

Now that we have our sales-funnel web pages at hand, we need some other resources that are a must to set up our sales funnel. Such as, we need a domain name and a hosting account to upload our web pages to make them visible on the net. We also need an email management software to build our subscribers list. 

Choose a domain name of your choice. A domain name with the extension of dot com, dot net or dot org works best on the Internet. We have to register the domain name to make it our own. There are many domain registrant companies, but I use NameCheap. We need a hosting company after we get a domain.

There are many web hosting services on the market. I use NameCheap hosting. We can start with NameCheap, paying as little as $ 3.96 per month. Blue Host is also a good option. These two are the best and the most professional on the market. But that’s my opinion. We can choose any company we want. Make sure the hosting company we are picking that supports the c-panel system. We have to sign up for a hosting account, selecting a suitable package. And we have to upload our Squeeze Page, Thank You page, and Download page to our hosting account. In our hosting member area, we can find some video training on how to upload our files in our c-panel. There are tons of videos on the YouTube site as well.

Sales-funnel Strategy

We have discussed how to make a simple sales-funnel already. Now we are going to set a killer sales-funnel strategy. The idea is to place our offer in front of our page-visitors as many times as possible.

That will increase the possibility of our sales. We have created this funnel based on the trial and error systems over the years, and it works great for us. We need a few more web pages and a few more products to install our killer strategy.

Don’t we have a few more products? Not to worry, we can always use affiliate products and make commissions! Now, look at this diagram below and try to understand the flow:

 Scenario 1

(1) OTO: We got the email address we are looking for, as soon as someone signed-up at our squeeze page. We will immediately send them to our thank you page with our OTO. Let’s say we sell a list-building report at our website for $37, and we are giving away the same for $10 at our OTO page.

(1.1) Upsell: Congratulations to us for our first sale. A subscriber has Become a customer! But why stop there? Let’s grab the opportunity to place another product before our customers!

1.2) Upsell 2: If they bought the OTO and Upsell 1, then there is an opportunity to show them the Upsell 2 products.

Scenario 2

We sent our subscriber to our thank you page with OTO; it’s turned down. It can happen. But in that situation, we will send them to our down sell-page. They can buy the same product (with reduced features) at a lower price from this page. We will include a down sell-page after every Upsell page on the same principle.

There will always be some subscribers who end up purchasing nothing. But we will send them our pre-written autoresponder emails to persuade them.

Traffic To Our Sales-Funnels

Designing sales funnel funnel web pages will become pointless if we cannot send enough traffic the lifeblood of your sales funnel. Our sales-funnel will fail to deliver if we cannot drive web visitors to your funnel pages. No matter how good our offer is and how convincing our sales funnel is, it cannot close a sale without traffic. It’s common sense.

We wanted to discuss the sales funnel, but we had to pull the offer and the traffic in our discussion. In fact, without them, a sales funnel is not complete. It cannot function and serve its purpose. We can say all the three elements together make a functional sales funnel.


I'm Khondoker. I'm a full-time lifestyle entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, and info product creator. Living my best life in Dhaka City, Bangladesh. I find great people worldwide, and I work together to find digital marketing solutions that lead to more sales. If you have any questions or comments for me, just send an email at or leave a comment below!

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