Discover your hidden audience: Sync up your social and display ad strategy

In the digital advertising industry, social media has come along way in a short period of time. In 2008, eMarketer reported that ad spending on social networks reached $1.17 billion in the US (which accounted for paid advertising on Facebook and Myspace). More recently, eMarketer reported that social network advertising will reach $14.59 billion by 2017. Social media is a great advertising medium for brands to reach existing and potential clients because there is a large amount of user data that can be leveraged for advanced targeting. Now, more than ever before, users are willing to offer insights into their likes, interests, hobbies, and preferences. With Eyereturn’s integration with Facebook, marketers can create custom audiences based on these insights and target them with effective creative messages.

Discover your hidden audience.

Let’s say you’re a marketer trying to promote an electronic music festival through social media. Our expert analysts are able to use Facebook’s proprietary data to create personas that fit your brand’s target audience. For instance, we can create 3 different groups to find and target electronic music festival fans by interest and likes.

Males and Females EDM

Different audience, different message.

Once you have built out your custom audiences, Eyereturn can target each group with different creative messaging. For instance, the audience who has liked “electronic dance music” can be targeted with specific festival creative and females who are interested in festivals in general can be targeted with brand awareness messaging to garner their interest. Track conversions by driving the user to take a measurable action, such as purchasing tickets or learning more about the event.

EDM Facebook Ad Female Festival Facebook Ad

Increase reach, improve results.

Based on visitors to your website, Eyereturn can find and create similar audiences to target within social platforms, bringing your social and display campaigns together. See an increase in brand awareness by attributing different portions of your ad spend to engaging music festival lovers through display advertising and social media platforms.

Data from a previous Eyereturn campaign demonstrated that conversions quadrupled after adding a hyper-targeted social media strategy to a display awareness campaign. When optimized together as one, social and display are greater than the sum of their parts. Once a user crosses over from your website to a social platform, Eyereturn can retarget those users and target similar ‘lookalike’ users to expand the reach of your campaigns.

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