Domain Flipping & Gene Pimentel

What is domain flipping?

Domain flipping is buying a domain at a lower price. And then selling the same at a higher rate; improving the quality in some cases at least if you can. Domain flipping is another business model that earns you a profit.

Let me tell you how I came across this business model in my very early days of the Internet marketing.

I was browsing through warrior forum as usual on a beautiful February morning back in 2009. A thread in the war room caught my attention. It was by a Gene Pimentel, knew nothing about him (then!). The thread was “Domain Flipping Success – A Proven 10-Step Action Plan .”


Like all the good warriors, he gave away his report, “Domain Flipping Success – A Proven 10-Step Action Plan”. I went through it and impressed immediately. It was a “tiny” 15 paged pdf report with step by step and easy to do action plan.

I was so motivated that I took action almost immediately. Following the research procedure of the report, I researched. And located some US local businesses. One was Fort Collins Dentist and another California hotel. I bought two domains, uploaded word press and started working on the sites according to the plan.

Apart from the report of Gene, the original war room thread was growing. Others were adding new resources and new directions to the original plan. I was following every move and implementing the instructions on my sites. That thread ended up consuming a whopping 32 pages of discussion at war room!

I planned to take my sites at the 1st three positions of the Google for the keyword. I did it in four months. It was before the Panda-Penguin era, remember!

Once it reached there, I started my domain flipping marketing. I did there very well. I sold one site for $700 and the other for $500. It was early days of my Internet marketing venture. Earning $ 500-700 in one shot was like hitting the jackpot!

Since then, I know Gene Pimentel very well, adore him. In a later period in that year, or was it in 2010! Later, he hit the market with an Amazon discount finder software! I used that one too! That was a bit off-line for him! His primary expertise is the domains.

Now, I know. Gene Pimentel is one of the bests in the domain flipping business, being in the industry for more than 15 years. He is not the one who would sell you a product made on a hypothesis!

As the Industry leader, he teaches you what he does for a living, that is, domain flipping!

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