Easy List Building With JV Giveaway Events

“JV” stands for Joint Venture.

A Joint Venture is when 2 or more marketers get together to do something that pools each others resources together to accomplish a specific task.

In our case of course it’s Traffic. Which leads to subscribers / leads, then which leads to sales, which leads to us profiting and making those $$.

What is a Giveaway event?

A  “JV Giveaway Event” is a group of marketers who usually know each other online or by acquaintance to join together to trade traffic, give away free products, and gain subscribers and eventually sales.

We use a website and a script to do so, but I’ll show you how you can do this without having to install a long, horrendous script and save you tons of time! Anyhow, ach marketer tells their list about the event and they go onto the website, sign up (you collect their email of course), download free gifts and buy whatever it is the marketers are selling.

It’s a win / win / win for all!
The contributors win by getting new subscribers and making some sales, the consumers of course win because they get free gifts, and the host of the event wins because he gets the most subscribers.

How does the host win?
The host of the event gets ALL of the subscribers for the entire event! This is where you come in!

Can you imagine finding just 10 marketers who send 100 a piece (Super easy to send 100), and boom there is 1,000 fresh, new subscribers waiting to hear from you via email! Think of finding 50-100 marketers! I teach you ways to do this and how to market the event almost effortlessly below, so keep reading!

Typically events last 14 days. It really depends on what you as the host want to do! It’s your event! Go for it!

Paid membership vs Free membership
This comes down to personal preference.
You can either have your contributors pay $10-20 to join up because they know they’re going to get a ton of subscribers for their list. Also, you can run a cash contest and have top 3-5 places paid out.

So, for example the 1st place person (who gets most members to sign up) gets $100, then the 2nd gets $50, then the 3rd gets $25. $175 in prize money and you found 20 contributors at $10 a piece… You’ve gained $25 but also had some GREAT incentive for people to join up.

I prefer free membership, because honestly it’s the only type of JV event that I’ve done and I’ve been successful with them.

If you let yourself get in the way of yourself, you won’t get anywhere online, including JV events. Please get out of your own way and be successful. Stop using excuses or asking silly questions and just do the damn thing. Worrying about “where I’m gonna find contributors” and “will I get enough contributors” and all this other stuff is rubbish… Start it, market it (we give plenty of tips) and complete it. Just do it…go to Google and search for “jv giveaway events” now!

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