Elements of Viral Blogging

Alright, here’s the deal…in order to get a blog to go viral, you need to actually have a good blog. The good news is setting up a “good” blog is easy to do once you know what a good blog consists of. There are three main factors that your blog must have in order for it to go viral.


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Great Content
The first thing you need is great content. You need to create (or outsource) great content that people are going to want to share. I am going to show you how to set your blog up in a way that will help it go viral, but the truth is if your content is absolutely terrible, you aren’t going to go viral because nobody is going to want to share that content.

Social Proof
People are funny, they are more likely to do something if other people have already done it. For example, part of this system involves creating a Facebook Page and getting people to “like” that page. The problem is if you don’t have any “likes” on that page yet, other people probably aren’t going to press the “like” button.
However, if you already have a couple hundred likes to that page there is a good chance other people will press the “like” button.
Your Facebook page will be connected to your blog, so people can “like” your Facebook Page directly from your blog.

A Way To Collect Leads
The third element that goes into creating a good blog is to have a way to collect leads. Now I guess this isn’t necessary, but I do believe you are losing out on a lot of traffic (and money) if you don’t have a sign up page on your blog.

You can use a service like Aweber or GetResponse to collect leads and email them whenever you want. Plus you can use that list to help you gain even more viral traffic.

If you have a blog already then great! We just need to make a few tweaks to it. If you don’t have one already, go ahead and create a WordPress blog right now and come back once you are done.

Must Use WordPress
It is important you use WordPress because there are a few plugins we will be using to help our sites go viral that were made for WordPress. I know there are other blogging platforms out there, but for this system we will be using WordPress

Choose A Clean Looking Theme With A Sidebar
There are a countless amount of themes out there and because of that many people get caught up in choosing a theme and take way to long on this step. You just want to choose a clean looking theme that has a sidebar. I have done a lot of testing on this and having the sidebar on the right has been proven to work better so just find a clean looking theme with a right sidebar.
There is no need to spend hours looking for the “perfect” theme. Just chose one you are happy with and move on.

Two Mandatory Plugins
Now comes my favorite part, we need to make sure your first blog is set up in a way that will maximize its exposure on Facebook. WordPress has two incredible plugins that make this extremely easy to do. I will go into detail on each plugin below.

1) Facebook Comments By Fat Panda
I know, this is kind of a funny name but what it does is completely awesome! It replaces the standard WordPress Comment section with a Facebook Comment section. This means each time someone leaves a comment on your first blog, that comment will automatically be posted on their Facebook Timeline as well so all their Facbeook friends are going to see that they commented on your post and many of them will head over to your post to read it as well.
To install Facebook Comments By Fat Panda, just head over to the plugins section in your WordPress Dashboard and search “Facebook Comments By Fat Panda”.

Just click the “Install Now” button and then activate it. Now we want to get it all set up properly. Getting it set up is easy to do. Just go to “Settings” in your dashboard and click on “Facebook Comments”
I leave all the settings as they are except for “number of posts”. I change that to 50 because I want as many posts as possible on that page (just because it increases social proof).
Once you do that just select “Save All Changes” and you are all set up with that plugin. Now once you write a new post for your first blog, under the blog post you are going to have a “Facebook” comments section instead of a typical WordPress comments sections.

Notice how the “Also post on Facebook” box is automatically checked? That means each time someone comments on your first blog post, as long as they leave that checked (which they more than likely will) it’s going to be posted on their Facebook and now all their Facebook friends will be exposed to your first blog post. Pretty cool huh?!
Later on I will show you an awesome way to encourage people to comment on your first blog post, but for now just know that the best way is to have high quality content. The better your content, the more comments you will receive, and the more comments you receive the more traffic you will get.
Now let’s talk about the next plugin you need to download.

2) Facebook Fan Box With CSS Support
Remember when I told you one of the things that makes a great blog is Social Proof? Well this plugin is what will show that Social Proof. It is also the plugin that will allow people to “like” your Facebook page directly from your first blog which is extremely important.
Install this plugin the same way you did the other one, but this time just type in “Facebook Fanbox With CSS Support” Here is a picture of the one you want to install:
Go through the same installation process as you did last time. Once it is installed and activated go to “appearance” then “Widgets”.
In the “available widgets” section you will see “Facebook Fanbox with CSS”. Go ahead and drag that into your sidebar. Once you do that, this will pop up:
For the title, just fill out whatever you want. I usually say something along the lines of “Like Us On Facebook!”
Fanpage ID: This is really easy to find. At the end of your Facebook Page URL, there will be a string of numbers.

You can leave the rest as it is. Now you will have a section in your sidebar that looks like this:
I know you don’t have any “likes” yet, but I will show you how to generate those likes in the next section. It’s a lot easier than you think!

So now you have a Facebook page with an awesome looking cover and profile picture and you have a blog set up that is ready to go viral. Now the next step is to get some likes to you Facebook page to generate some social proof.

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