Energy Flows to Where Attention Goes

Energy Flows to Where Attention Goes- So Fix Your Focus!

How To Fix Your Focus!

Have you ever heard of the saying energy flows to where attention goes? Energy flows to our attention goes. So what does that really mean? We are all made up of energy, right?
We have water in our bodies. We have blood flowing in our body. But are you aware that you are focusing on your attention that’s where the energy flows, the blood flows?
So let me explain: let’s say you have worries to a problem. The problem causing anxiety, stress, and uncertainty.
The part of your brain that can help you solve that problem, which is your left prefrontal cortex. You can call it the Einstein part of your brain.
Now, energy or blood move away from the Einstein part of your brain when stress hit you. And flow towards the fear center of your brain or the uncertainty center of your brain.
And so, when you’re in a state of focusing on your doubts, things that you can’t figure out what to do. Your worries, your things that aren’t working in your life. Or things that you’re upset about, things that you’re angry about. Blood flows to the part of your fight-flight or freeze part of your brain.
The part of the brain also known as your sympathetic nervous system.
Have you ever considered that the more you worry, the more you give energy? You give energy to what it is that you don’t like or don’t want to feel or don’t want to do?
You actually are reinforcing the very thing you don’t want. That you would wish would go away. That’s why stuff doesn’t just go away. But you can guide it away!
So the question is: how do you restore energy flow back to that genius left prefrontal cortex? To the Einstein, part of your brain?
By stop being aware whenever you’re feeling stress, anxiety, doubt, worry? Or any of the disempowering feelings and emotions?
And calming yourself down instead of exciting you into the worry one of the easiest ways to do. Here’s the easiest way you should follow.
Take a deep breath, in full with your nose. Then release it slowly through your mouth. Do this a few times, at least 5-6 times. This will calm you down.
So easy? I’m doubtful! Will it work?
Rest assured. It may looks easy but it works every time you do it. Doing it, we actually deactivate that doubt stress, worry anxiety center in our brain. And we shift from the reactive stress mode into a calm, responsive mode.
In this calm, responsive state, you can respond. Instead of automatically react, you can now ask what’s causing me to have so many doubts. What’s, causing my worry? Does it make sense to worry? Is worrying an emotion that I want to engage in?
Worries are prayer for what you don’t want. Let me repeat: worrying is a prayer for what you don’t want. So in a state of doubt and worry, we perpetuate more doubt and worry in a state of calmness.
We can actually be more proactive and responsive to say what’s causing my anxiety. What’s the reason of my doubt, worry, fears, and uncertainty.
And then, if we asked another question, say what can I do right now to relieve the doubt, stress, worry, and anxiety. What can I do? Who can I call? What help do I need in those empowered questions?
Believe and remember, energy flows to where attention goes. Stress that you may not want to have that may not serve you. You can manage stress and its outcome. You can do it by controlling your focus, with a simple breathing exercise.


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