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Hi friends! Khondoker here.

I'm working online since 2009- full time. Over the years I have created and launched at least 20 training courses and (Done-For-You) sales funnels. And I earned pretty good reputation in the marketplaces. 

I was making money online following a few methods I invented. But then "List building and Email marketing" appeared very lucrative to me. So, I started to turn those money making methods in to training courses. I launched the courses and they sold in thousands. Also, it built my list very fast and cheap!
So, my training courses are not just theories. They came from real life experience and practice. Case studies included with results and stats are the proofs.


I also had to create a few sales funnel so that I can capture subscribers for my email list. I took time to test my funnels with both free and paid traffic and tweaked them to perfection. They have become profit machines. I'm still using a few of these funnels.


I turned the funnels in to products and launched only after they became a conversion machines. I shared all my results and stats with my customers. Their eyes were lit up seeing all those stats, and they bought my "Done-For-You" sales funnels like crazy!
Now, a few days back I was browsing warrior plus. I noticed some products of the leading product-vendors. They bundled their successful products and relaunched with a much lower price!


That's what gave me the idea to make a December discount product. That is, to pack my courses and "Done-For-You" sales funnels (with all their OTOs) in a bundle. And give away with a tiny portion of their real price. You may be surprised to know, all the products are still selling at the launch prices.
To make my bundle more valuable, I added some bonuses. I went to my online friends, buddies and business partners. I asked permission to give away some of their current selling products.
Some of them responded. And I bundled those current-selling products in my package. The selling price together becomes $144.80. That's the total if I add the price of all the individual produts.

I set the price of this pack at  $13.00 for a brief period. 

 Each of the products, my courses or the bonuses, are still selling (individually) at a much higher price ($144.80)! So, don't miss this opportunity. Check the products below and hit the BUY NOW BUTTON below...:


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Regular Price:$9.95

Inside you'll get:

-Complete, done for you, tested for high conversion funnel pages (HTML/CSS)
-Recurring Profit Machine main method (PDF)
-My targeted traffic sources.
-Funnel set up step-by-step instruction manual (PDF)

Regular Price:$17.00

Inside you'll get:

5 report written by me on Internet marketing that you may giveaway to your list imprinting YOUR name on those! It will establish your authority and build trust with your subscribers. 

Regular Price:$27.00

Inside you'll get:

49 well crafted Emails (written by me) distributed in to 4 email sequences to be loaded in to your autoresponder. Your customers will have option to choose their preferred training course. They approprite sequence will start to reach their in box starting right after they opt-in. 

Regular Price:$9.95

DEAL OF THE DAY Awarded Course!

Inside you'll learn:

-How to get autopilot traffic using my 9 untapped sources.
-How to hit the jackpot by using my secret traffic recipe.
-My secret sources for getting others to drive traffic for YOU for free.
-Drive traffic wherever you want...squeeze pages, offers, or websites.

Regular Price:$17.00


Inside You'll learn:

Real life case study of all the 9 methods of Free Traffic Jackpots
Each method is shown practically, in detail and with a lot of screenshots.
Done in easy steps to implement the processes as easy as possible.

CheatSheet Cash Blueprint
Regular Price:$9.95

What Is It:

CheatSheet Cash Blueprint is all-in-one, case study based training course showing how you can make affiliate commissions and build your list at the same time, creating and giving away simple Cheat Sheets.

It is a step by step training with homework so that you can start making affiliate commissions right away.

Done-for-you CheetSheets (OTO)
Regular Price:$17.00


Inside You'll get:

20 Done-for-you CheetSheets, with cover images and all. The are made following the principles of CheatSheet Cash Blueprint course.
All you need to insert your name and affiliate link on them. And you are ready to make commissions.

Regular Price:$9.95


Inside You'll Get

Internet Marketing JumpStart is a systemized, List Building funnel that will give you the power to convert those cold traffic visitors into a crowd of people who are hungry to buy what you have to offer.

Regular Price:$27.00


Inside You'll get:

The Premium Wordpress Theme that goes with the Internet Marketing Jumpstart
In order to make certain that everything runs smoothly with all that you’ve got in Internet Marketing Jumpstart, you will need to have this included and you can get this.

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Shows You How to drive unlimited traffic to any offer, page or website. The sources are new and unique. Both Free and paid traffic methods are covered.

Traffic could be FREE or Paid. This resource deals with only free traffic methods. It will show you how you can generate traffic with NO COST. Only one of the methods of Zero Cost Traffic Tactics could make you pocket full of money! 

One of the advantage of creating and selling high priced info product is, you can make money fast.

Here you can learn how to create your own high ticket products, and how to become an athority on your niche.


Your Complete Youtube Channel On Your Website
Play video in Lightbox or Inline.
7 video thumb styles.
Beautifully responsive
Feature suggestions are implemented quickly.
Shortcode works in page, posts or custom fields.
Loads files only if shortcode is present.

There a few tacticks that makes you money very fast.

Learn a number of tecniques that quickly makes you money online.


Build Google Friendly Blogs in Just Clicks.
Never Create Content Again
Curates content from any website
100% google and other search engine friendly
Copy and paste simple. Anyone can use it and build stunning blog posts in seconds
Schedule your post and relax
Never pay for content again

Bing is trying to capture the PPC market now. They are giving heavy discount to their customers. So Bing ad is the cheapest ad network right now.

With this report you can become a master on Bing Ads platform and create profitable ads for your business.

5K per month is not a myth. There are a lot of Internet marketers make more than that.

Learn the tricks, how you can join them in the 5k per month club.


Build Stunning Pages In Seconds
Drag and Drop Interface
100% Newbie Friendly
Works With Any Theme
No Conflicts With Any Plugin
Builds Stunning and Professional Pages In Minutes

The most overlooked social site is the Slide Share. But you will be surprized to know Slide Share is a under used traffic gold mine.

Here you can learn how you can tap into this and make thousands.

Keeping things stupid simple is one of the keys to the success in the Internet marketing. Do simple steps, be persistant and consistant. There will be no way of failure if it is done.

Here are the 3 easy steps- following which you will make money beyond your expectation.

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