“Today I wanted to share with you one of the most asked questions I get at my support desk and answer it. That question is:

“Chad, what keywords can I use in Arbitrage Underdog to find
opportunities on Craigslist?”


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If you’ve watched Tom’s preemptive strike videos you will notice in his example he uses the keyword “book cover” to search for opportunities. Although this is great keyword to look for opportunities to make money on, there’s tons of other keywords you can use that will find you way more opportunities. I’m going to give you some keywords that you can use that will bring in tons of opportunities and potential clients.
Here are a list of keywords to get you started.


These keywords will help you get started. I know that some of our successful users have used these keywords on my recommendations.

There is another secret I want to share with you. This information could really help you dominate with Arbitrage Underdog.

Find Your Own Keywords

Another thing that our successful users do is search for their own keywords they can use. Tom has given you a great method for making money with the software and I’ve given you some great keywords to get started but you can go even further.

If you can find your own keywords to use, the competition for those opportunities will be far less and again, you could really dominate.

How do you find these keywords? I’ve recommended to users before that you should spend sometime on the Fiverr site and just browse what kind of gigs people are offering. This advice alone has helped many users to find keywords that no one else is using in Arbitrage Underdog.

Here’s how you do it.

Go to the Fiverr.com website and just spend sometime browsing through gigs. Take note of any keywords that are used in the title of the gig. Really, take tons of keywords down as you browse.

Once you have a list of keywords go to Arbitrage Underdog and search those keywords in the bigger cities in Craigslist to see if results come up for those keywords.

Black Label users do the same. Only search those keywords in the bigger cities, not ALL STATES.

Here are some states you should try those keywords in (and be sure that you search ALL CITIES within that state):

California (best state for researching keywords)
New York

Some keywords may not bring up results, but many keywords will surprise you when they bring up a good amount of opportunities. Of course you will want to write down those keywords that bring up results and use them later to search other states. Black Label users can then use those saved keywords and search ALL STATES at one time.


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Although this may take sometime, I can’t stress enough that you will be greatly rewarded once you spend sometime doing this.

Find Even More Valuable Keywords

Once you’ve done your research on Fiverr for keywords and researched those keywords with AU to see if they brought up opportunities you will have definitely got an idea of what services are needed by people on Craigslist and what they have to offer on Fiverr.

Go down this list of niches and do some brainstorming on other keywords that go with those services. The service itself may be a keyword itself. For example…

Writing services – keywords could be write, blog, sales copy, etc..

Web Design Services – graphic, logo, banner, setup blog, etc..

Once you’ve spent sometime on the Fiverr website you will really get a feel on services and keywords. It will just come together for you.

Again, I wish you the best with Arbitrage Underdog and I hope this information will help you on your way. Stay tuned. I’ll be giving you more tips on how to use Arbitrage Underdog effectively!”