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This site Slide Share at is a traffic marketing sleeping giant. Internet marketers have yet to tap into its full potential. The site averaged 60 million unique visitors a month and 215 million page views in the last quarter of 2013. It is among the top 120 most-visited Web sites in the world! Let me share some statistical fact about this site.

Slide Share receives 500 percent more traffic from business owners. Than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. And 20% of the visitors come from Google. Mobile views on Slide Share are also on the rise, having seen a 223 percent jump from last year (2012). Blogger, Facebook, WordPress, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Those were the top 5 traffic referrers to Slide Share in 2013.

Can you believe that? Can you foresee the traffic potentials here? It’s huge! The traffic is full of business owners. So it is likely that they will not hesitate to pay money for right info.

Okay, let’s get to action if you don’t have any doubt on Slide Share traffic potentials. This site will allow you post your content in their platform in two formats. You can post your content in the slideshow, or you can post your content as pdf format. So before you upload your content to Slide Share, your content must be in either pdf or slide show. Well, you may not know yet how to turn your content in those formats. Please go to these YouTube videos below:

For Making PDF Files:
For Making Slide Shows:

Preparing your content for Slide Share is not hard. You have to note that shorter and more visual content saw the most success in the recent years on Slide Share. The average number of slides per presentation fell by four slides from last year, from 18.8 to 14.4. In line with the current trend, there were also 29 percent fewer words per slide in 2013.

So, the better content type would be:
not more than 3-4 short sentences per slide or page.
Not more than 12-14 slides or pages for the whole content.

Relevant Images or info-graphics in the slides or pages. And of course your links inside, importantly at the end of slideshow or pdf files. So the content would be more like headlines of a presentation. Rather than details of each headline and sub-headlines.

Prepare a short description of your content before you submit it to Slide Share. It will let your readers know what’s your content all about. It could be 3-4 lines, or it could be more. Also, you should prepare some relevant keywords to your content. Carry out some research to come up with high searched keywords. It will come handy for Google’s indexing.

Now that your content format (in slideshow or pdf), it’s description and keywords are ready. Let us head over to Slide Share site at, and sign up for a free account if you do not have yet.



Log in to your account and click on “Upload”. You’ll get to a page like this:


Select “Public” because we want to show our content as many eyeballs as possible, the more, the better. Then click on “Upload” again. Here the interface will let you browse your computer and select your pdf or Slideshow file.
Selecting the file you already prepared for this purpose will start uploading. And a new page will open as below:


Title of your content will already be there. You need to select the “Category”, fill out the “Description” and “Tags” fields. And then hit “Save & Continue”.

And that’s it. You have uploaded your content to Slide Share.
In the next page, you can get an embed code to use to your site. You also can share your content on many social sites from this page. A confirmation email will be there in your inbox with confirmation. And that’s it. You can enjoy your traffic.


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