Getting Traffic Via Ad Swaps

Today Ad Swaps are the number one technique to build your opt-in list faster than ever. Ad Swap is the process when two list owners agree to email their list an offer. They usually promote a product or give away a free report from the other list owner. As a result, depending on their list size they both add hundreds of subscribers in no time.

The majority of the people have small lists. And they think nobody will agree to make an ad swap with them. Wrong. You will be able to make an ad swap no matter how large or small your list is.

You should know that anybody could make an ad swap if you`re in the internet marketing niche. And this method is the fastest way to add targeted people to your list. These are the people ready to buy whatever you`re promoting to them.

But before you do an ad swap you must have a list is to have a list of 1000 people to start with this. Of course, you could have more, or you could have less, but I have found that 1k people are the best to start. I know several people who a few months ago had only 1k subscribers or less. And thanks to ad swaps some of them have now more than 20k and counting.

Now, building a list of 1k people isn’t that hard as you might think. You could do it pretty fast by using a few techniques. Such as article marketing, video marketing, social bookmarking, etc.

With a list in hand, it`s time to find a potential JV partner within your market. I recommend you contact more than one JV partners, don`t focus on a single person. Some of them will respond you. Some will not. So, by contacting many potential partners will increase the probability to find.

Your partner will have a list bigger than you. Well, in this case, told him to email only a segment from his list. Tell your partner to send the promo email to 1k subscribers from his list if your list is above 1k subscribers.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Ad Swap?

The top internet marketers are using the following method with one main reason. This method usually makes them “bigger” in the eyes of their subscribers. And also help them to gain more authority.

I call this method a “personalized squeeze page”. As it involves creating a personalized squeeze page with the name of your partner. This is not complicated at all. All you must do is to insert a catchy headline that contains your JV partner name.

“Exclusive Free Report Only For Michael Olson Subscribers Usually $XX. Xx Yours Free”. OR
“Only For Michael Olson Subscribers”.

Some of those headlines are more creative. Anyway, you get the point here. Those headlines have a massive impact on their lists of subscribers. And is a proven fact that this also increases the conversions.

Ad Swaps have another significant advantage. They are also critical in developing relationships with other website owners.

Having a good relationship with other website owners will benefit you over the time. You would have reliable JV partners for your ad swaps. Those people will be more than happy to promote your product or service if you plan to launch your product.


Where to find potential Ad Swap partners :

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