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GF Affiliate Link : How To Promote GF Affiliate Program

The Right Way To Promote GF Affiliate Link

I’ve seen quite a few people throwing ad spend at their GF affiliate links. Because they are getting frustrated.
That’s okay. By all means, paid traffic can be a fantastic way to scale a winning system. And build fast, but it’s not the only option and can quickly leave you out of pocket if you don’t know what you’re doing.
So don’t rule out using free organic traffic. Is it usually slower – yes. Can it be the foundation of a long term business that anyone can start – absolutely!
There are so many ways of doing this, and all can work, whether it’s to promote your own products or GF affiliate link.
The advantage of GrooveFunnels and GF affiliate program is that it’s new. There’s opportunity everywhere. Look at how established some of the leading GF affiliates are becoming that have been in for a while. It is awe-inspiring what they are achieving!
It depends on what suits you, what you enjoy, or even what you wish to learn about organic traffic.
As an introvert, being on camera is a terrifying thing for me. But I knew that YouTube would be the most rewarding so dived in – now, I love creating videos for my GF affiliate link.
My advice would be to focus on one and then add other streams in as you progress. My personal favorites:
  • If you like to write about GF affiliate program- Blog

  • If you like to talk about GF affiliate program- YouTube

  • If you like to connect with people – Facebook Group.

But there are so many more options than this.
Find one and go for it.
The more content you create, the bigger the audience you build.
Make sure that the Groove products are aligned with their needs, that it can solve their problems. Show them how the product can get them from A (Pain) to B (Pleasure).
One proven strategy that I like is the bridge funnel.
This is a landing page that you use to personally pre-frame the products:
  • Create trust and value

  • Build your email list for long term growth

  • Break down objections

  • Lead people too the products you promote

  • Increase conversions

  • And many more benefits.

Point all your content at that bridge funnel – descriptions, CTA’s, profile, anywhere you can add a link. Because Groove and GF affiliate program is incredible. They let you do all this even with a FREE account (You need to work around the lack of mail)
This is an approach I’m personally taking – to help fellow GF affiliates get started.
Now I appreciate that not everyone likes to do the technical side. So I have been building up some free training and a sample bridge funnel that people can import too. And Groove has tons of great templates that can be quickly adapted.
I am slowly building this up and adding content that I find myself learning.
Invest – Learn – Teach (I will save that for another long-ass post!)
So consider how a bridge funnel could work for you?
Think about what you could offer to bridge your audience into the products you promote?
How you could use one to promote:
  • Your own products and services

  • The GF affiliate program itself as an affiliate.

  • Or really, ANY product you like, using Groove to host your bridge funnels.

The possibilities are endless with Groove and GF affiliate program. So grab your free GF affiliate link and start promoting.


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