Go Viral! Tricks Of Creating Viral Contents

-Mrs. X posted an image of her baby on Instagram. Suddenly it went viral and had close to a billion views!

-A short social quiz by The Guardian goes viral, everybody loving it, participating in it and sharing the quiz! It got shared more than 40K times!

Aren’t you familiar with these scenario? Of course you are!

Aren’t you fancy sometimes- if it were my content go viral like that! How many leads I could gather! How much money could I make from just ONE content!

Well, it’s every online marketer’s dream. Going viral is the Holy Grail of the Internet marketers.Going viral that makes the Internet-browsing people hit the share button. It helps you to connect the audience with your brand.

But how to create one? How to create such content that goes viral? Is it possible to create content that would go viral in the first place?

The answer is NO. Nobody can guarantee that!

There is Zero possibility that your every content would go viral. But if you create your content carefully, 1 out of 10/20 could go viral. It would be more than enough for you if that happens.

So what’s the trick of making a content that would have the good possibility of going viral?

Nobody could possibly predict that a “content” would go viral. But we always can study the contents that already went viral.
Studies have been carried out on hundreds of viral contents of all forms to extract some common characteristics. Let’s check what they are:

1. Funny, intelligent, knowledgeable – are common values that most people possess. These types of content are more likely to go viral.

These types contents should be intelligent enough and have the actionable info that it makes the sharer look like he knows his stuff.

2. Because we are more inclined to share things that are already at the front of our mind, our content should be based upon something in our society that’s happening right now and is being discussed relatively widely.

3. Emotional posts and videos, no matter positive or negative emotion, commonly get shared. Stories that evoke joy, happiness and controversial emotions like anger and outrage also work.

4. We see others do successfully, we inclined to imitate the same.
If we could add actionable triggers to a successful topical content, then people will want in getting involved with the discussion.

5. Practical values that are useful to us get shared easily. Current news, disaster news, weather reports and issues like these are common to be shared.

6. People like stories and like to relay stories but without facts and figures facts and figures. So craft the post so that it flows as a story, perhaps beginning with an anecdote.

To summarize, here are some insights you have to consider when creating highly shareable content:

Competition of long contents is less and gets average number of shares

Must use images on Facebook for better results.
Must use images on Twitter for better results.
Inspire awe, laughter, or amusement.
Write long content in easy language and paragraphs so that it could be skimmed easily
Make list with bullets in your content.
Contact and use influencers to get it shared.

See Your Content Go Viral!

And thank me later!


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