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Groove Pages-The Next Generation Pages, Funnels & Website Builder

Video Transcript: 

Are you not happy with your current website, landing page, and marketing funnel builder? No?
Well, you’re not alone. Neither were we. And that’s why today we are happy to introduce you to the all-new Groove Pages. That’s right. We reinvent the drag-and-drop page & funnel builder.

Hi, my name is Mike Filsaime, and in the last six years, I have created or co-founded many of the most successful online software platforms for digital marketers. Some you might even have heard of — brands like Webinar jam and Ever Webinar. But I saw my stake in those companies in 2016. This gave me some time to reevaluate the market, see emerging leaders, and plan what it would take to build a legacy platform to leapfrog anything on the market today. The first thing we needed is to create a dream team. So in 2019, I, along with my three awesome partners John Cornett, Matsarata, and Matt Nouse, formed Group- digital. Our vision is simple. Create the most powerful, the most affordable, and the easiest to use software platforms for e-commerce and digital marketers. Period. And we did just that. In early 2019 we launched our first project GrooveKart to compete with Shopify. Groovekart launched thousands of new customers with outstanding reviews. The smash success of groove kart allowed us to invest over one million dollars in development in just the last nine months. And today, we’re announcing our biggest and boldest project yet, the all-new groove pages.

Groove pages is a cutting edge drag-and-drop landing page builder. Well, it’s also a website builder. And even more than that, it’s a high converting money-making marketing funnel builder.

That’s right Groove Pages is only page[-builder that will create landing pages, marketing funnels, and professionally branded websites with full navigation. But don’t take my word for it, you have to see it to believe it.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here. So let’s set the date to June 2010 and hop in the Delorean and jump back in time to talk about the terrible place of page builders and how we got here. Okay, it’s now 2010.

WordPress 3.0 has just come out, and it’s supposed to make building websites easy. Yeah right. You see, we all learned the hard way. What made WordPress cool ended up being its downfall?

Complicated themes and plugins that were slow clunky. and worst of all, many of these plugins ended up conflicting with each other. Plus the security issues, you didn’t update your install as soon as a new version came out, you were vulnerable to hackers. Truth be told, that’s why you could not pay most people or me to use an unoptimized page builder designed for WordPress.

Let’s go forward a few more years. Okay, we are now passing through 2013 and 2014. The page and funnel builders are all the rage, with hefty monthly fees to go along with it. They did solve the issue of getting away from WordPress. That was good, but they’re just not easy to use. And they’re just overly complex. Their UI or user interface is, how do I say this nicely, a hot mess. And what you left with is simply this- the coolest software that once promised you could fire your web developer should no longer make their promise. It’s simply not true. The sad truth is this. For beginners and intermediate users alike, those once cool platforms have now become outdated. Period.

As a result, this becomes necessary to hire an agency or an in-house tech team to build your funnels and deploy them. And if you are like me, I am not a fan of having to pay for an easy-to-use software only to later have to pay even more just to create and deploy what’s needed for my marketing. And finally, these page and funnel builders don’t allow you to create real brand websites with full navigation. In the end, you are still stuck, also needing WordPress.

What that you say? Squarespace? Okay. Don’t even get me started on Wix, or this video is sponsored by Squarespace. Yeah yeah, I know you can build a pretty site with Wix or Squarespace. But let’s face it. You don’t convert leads or make money with a pretty site. You just get to tell your friends that you have a pretty site. So now that brings us back to the current day. So, what to do? As of now, there has never been a platform that can do it all. While also being easy to use affordable and able to create websites, pages, and funnels that convert visitors into leads and leads into customers. Until now. And that’s why, today, we’re excited to introduce the all-new Groove Pages.

Welcome to the future. Imagine now, with Groove Pages; you will now have a platform that is fun and easy to use. Check. Affordable, check. Fast loading, check. Seo and mobile-friendly, check. Mobile-first indexing complaint, check. Mate for designers? Hell no. Want to learn CSS go to skillshare. Made for beginners that want results, check. Loaded and ready for you with hundreds of gorgeous high converting drag-and-drop blocks and templates, check. Made for marketers that want conversions, check, check, check.

Today groove pages grant you full access with unlimited sites, unlimited pages, and unlimited funnels. BOOM! You will have unlimited images, unlimited hosting, and unlimited bandwidth, bam. Let’s talk about our tech stack now. That’s geek-speak for what makes us special. Many builders out there are good but not great. Not that we consider great. In fact, all of the page builders that I have mentioned are good, not great; simply for the same reason, they are old. You see, most of them are developed using a front-end framework called Bootstrap, which is good. And yes, it was developed by Twitter, but over nine years ago. That’s like myspace years ago. But seriously, new and better alternative frameworks that are available today allow us to create websites in an easier and more efficient manner with better results. Instead of Bootstrap, we use the progressive javascript framework called vue.js. This allows doing anything in a page builder that HTML, CSS, and javascript can do. We are not limited to Bootstrap and sites that look like Bootstrap, like most of the page builders on the market. Of course, you get expertly designed templates, blocks, landing pages, conversion funnels, webinar funnels, and of course, killer brand websites, but we want to allow you to do things faster and easier than ever before, while also creating better looking and better converting sites pages and funnels. And here’s an exclusive feature only available with groove pages. On top of our premium designer blocks, we are also introducing a new way to build sites using layout mock-ups. These layout mock-ups are prototype or wireframe blocks that allow you to focus on layout and not get distracted with colors and text and images that may distract you or take away from your focus. Later with a click of a button, you can change the layout mock-ups to match your theme. It’s revolutionary, and you really need to see it to believe it.

O, you use blogs for updated content and SEO. Now you can leave word press for good. You will be glad to know in 2020; we will be releasing Groove Blogged, our blog management feature, into Groove Pages. Finally, you can run everything on your entire website in one place if you are using blogs. Plus, Groove Pages have all the cool things like countdown timers, pop-ups, and millions of royalty-free images. Integration? Yes, we will integrate with every popular email and webinar platform you can think of. While we focus on making it easy, we do have an expert mode.

Are you a design geek? Yes, yes, we will have an under the hood feature to allow you to do anything you need to do behind the scenes for pixel-perfect accuracy. If you want, you can get access to the page code or drill down to a block or even an element to isolate code, and our editor has a full CSS style injector to allow you to do anything that can possibly be done on a web page.

There are a lot more that makes Groove pages special. That’s just too long for this video, but our main focus is on the user interface to help you create a pixel-perfect and font perfect final product with perfect web standards and a uniform design that will still convert better than anything on the market today. No one can make that claim you see our goal is to make it nearly impossible to create ugly Frankenstein design sites. Now we know you may think your current platform gets the job done. Okay, that may be true.

But everyone thinks a Toyota Camry is awesome until they drive Ferrari. Groove Pages are more affordable faster and easy to use and allow you to create pages that look and convert better, don’t you think you owe it to yourself to build your own company on groove pages.

So, here is why you want to get started today during our grand opening and not later today. You can get access to groove pages for just $1, and you get everything for the next 14 days. Yep, for just a buck. If it’s not everything, we say it is and more, of course, you can cancel at any time. And if you love it, which we think you will, you will get grandfathered in at just $99 a month.

This means that when we rais prices and charge more later for features that you’re getting today, you won’t pay more but hang on. You are also getting some huge bonuses only available during this grand opening. To see what bonuses you get right now, see the limited-time grand opening bonus section below. Right there, you are going to learn how to get instant access to our other brand new product called groove sell, which helps you sell your digital products and get an army of affiliates to help you. You really need to check that one out. And we are still not done yet.

When you get access today during this grand opening, you’ll also get future access to the all-new groove mail, and we’ll give you 2500 contacts to mail for free with no extra cost and Groove mail scheduled to launch in late spring. And one more cool thing starting today during the grand opening. We’re also going to give you future access to the all-new webinar groove for live and automated webinars at no extra cost. Webinar groove is scheduled to launch in late summer.

And finally, in 2020 and in 2021, we also plan on rolling out new features like groove video, groove membership, groove blog, groove help desk, groove calendar, and more. Now please note, later, these will be premium add-ons but not for you. That’s right. Lock them now, and you won’t pay extra when we roll them out.

So, let’s recap. I n a nutshell, groove pages has all the features that are in the latest cutting edge builders. Even in the beta, you’ll get hundreds of wireframe blocks, hundreds of designer blocks, dozens of templates, dozens of sites, and dozens of funnels. And of course, we will be adding more and more as we continue to grow. Plus, you get instant access to groove sell, and of course, all the killer groove pages features that are planned for the very near future. Plus future major add-ons like groove mail, webinar groove, groove blog, groove video, groove membership, groove help desk, groove calendar, and more.

See the page below from the road map. Hurry, this grand offer is ending soon. And when it closes, this offer is gone forever. Later others will pay many hundreds more each month for fewer features than you are getting here today.

Get started now. Get instant access to groove pages beta with groove sell. Lock this in now, and you won’t pay extra when we roll out the new killer apps and features. The only thing you have to lose is the savings if you don’t take action now.

So don’t miss out. Please hurry before this grand opening offer ends. Once it has gone, you will pay more for less. Thank you. And we look forward to having you as a charter member of the all-new groove pages.

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