3 Mistakes Every High-ticket Affiliate Marketer Need To Avoid

As A High-ticket Affiliate Marketer How I Avoided 3 Mistakes


I started my high-ticket affiliate business in May 2016. Of course, it was not a smooth and easy takeoff. I had my fair share of struggles, which I am thankful for because they were a real eye-opener.​​

At that time, I was struggling with making my 1st sale online. Even $5 per sale was already a blessing to me.​​​

Since I entered the high-ticket affiliate marketing world, everything has started to change. I see the vast possibilities affiliate marketing can provide, including helping me quit my day job and focus on it full time.​
Basically, I shopped for a one-stop-shop because I needed to learn everything without buying into many fragmented programs.
So I got a program with a good mentor.
  • Had lessons on mindset skills
  • Had lessons on skillset
  • Had lessons on how to create content
  • Had lessons on how to generate leads
  • Had lessons on creating offers
  • Had lessons on conversions
  • Had lessons on how to sell​
My journey as a high-ticket affiliate marketer has had a couple of mistakes that I wouldn’t want anyone to go through, and today I just want to highlight 3 of them. ​.​​


𝟏. I Didn’t Show up Consistently​

At first, I was lazy, giving myself excuses to disappear online to play with my daughters, craft my own offer, think of content at the expense of my audience​.​​


So, this was a huge lesson1: ​
It becomes an uphill task bringing them back once you disappear. Try to be consistent by creating a post or story on Facebook, which will let your audience know you are still available to help them.​​


2. Thanking of Cost Instead of Investment

My mindset was full of scarcity and thought that $1000, $2000, $3000 was too much to invest in a business. This false belief cost me months to hit walls and wasted money on some unnecessary expenses.​​


I bought many useless courses that I thought were cheap and would help me get the breakthrough thinking that I was saving some cash only to realize I had a pile of Courses that ended up being expensive with no results whatsoever.​​
So, lesson 2, learned:
Do not focus on the cost. Rather think of what the investment can do for you in the long run. ​If it can be beneficial to you, then figure out your way to get the funds to invest.​​


Treat your online business the way you would if it was an offline business, like selling trendy T-shirts. You need to invest in buying the T-shirts, branding them, packaging before selling. ​​


Hence you also need to invest in a quality course that will help you brand yourself, package your offers then sell your products.​​


3. I was hoping the company will make sales for me.

Have you ever told just to bring in the leads, and the company will sell the product for you?​​
Yes, I was sold to this concept at the early stage of my affiliate marketing journey. ​​


At that time, I was promoting low ticket programs to earn $10 per sale. I just focused on pushing people into my free affiliate link and hope the company would sell them once they were opt-in​.​
I got a few sales here and there, but also a number of people asked for refunds because some of the products didn’t meet their expectations​.​​


So, I had to figure out if what ​ am promoting is good enough to help me achieve my goals. I realized I was putting so much effort pushing traffic for $10 commissions and depending on someone else to make the sale for me. It would really take me a very long time to take me to my desired destination.​


I decided that I needed to learn sales and how to close Sales, especially high ticket Sales. And that’s when things started taking a different turn point. ​​


Many affiliates hate sales or are too lazy to learn sales. Sorry, but you will keep turning your business wheels if you don’t learn this vital skill. This is what ultimately helps you secure the bag​.​


​So, lesson3:
Don’t be like me and make these mistakes that cost me time and resources. I am sure your business will start to thrive if you avoid these blunders.​


These were not the only mistakes I made in my journey as a high-ticket affiliate marketer. There was a lot more! Again, you may not have made the same mistakes as I did.


I'm Khondoker. I'm a full-time lifestyle entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, and info product creator. Living my best life in Dhaka City, Bangladesh. I find great people worldwide, and I work together to find digital marketing solutions that lead to more sales. If you have any questions or comments for me, just send an email at support@imdeals.org or leave a comment below!

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