How List-building Campaigns Are Made To Make Money Online

We are going to show how list-building campaigns are made. We have used solo ads for our traffic source in this example. But the principle is the same for other types of the traffic.

Following steps are taken already. We have placed a 3-page funnel on our domain- a reverse squeeze page, an optin page and a thank-you page. You can check this funnel by clicking here:

You can also get hold of this funnel that I’m using for 2 years. It filled thousands of options in my email database. I’ll leave a link below this content.

Okay, we have done following things with our funnel elements:

1. We have given the link of our reverse squeeze page to a tested and trusted solo-vendor. He studied our page and wrote his solo email accordingly. Note that, some solo vendors allow you write your own solo email and pass it. But most of the vendors are comfortable writing emails as they are more familiar with the list.

Our action begins after the solo-email is sent to the solo-vendors email database.

2. Visitors landed at our squeeze page where we offer 4 different training courses. Visitors can choose anyone according to their level. (Ex:

3. They are redirected to another page with optin form and encouraged to give away their email address so that we could start delivering their desired training course materials. (Ex:, etc.)

4. After they subscribed, they were sent to our ‘thank you page’ with a paid product regarding free traffic generation- that perfectly goes with our training courses (Ex: If they buy, they are getting a valuable resource, and we are getting the opportunity to reduce our solo purchase cost.

5. After they subscribed, our first follow-up email (welcome email) reaches their inbox immediately.

6. After the first follow-up email, they will get 9-12 follow-up emails with a 24 or 48-hour interval. These follow-up emails are crafted to educate them on Internet marketing in a systematic way, as well as to establish authority on them and build trust with them.

7. Follow-up email ends with preparing them to receive more emails containing our recommendations of affiliate products.

8. Recommendation of affiliate product email continues as long as they stay at our database.

Look at this chart to below to grasp the campaign flow


Think it as a story- a story that starts with the solo email of your vendor or whatever traffic source you want to apply.
The story continues to your reverse squeeze pages and then at Thank you page. The story continues through your first follow-up email and continues through the next follow-up emails.

Your story does not make an end with your last & final follow-up email, it continues through the “broadcast emails” or the “affiliate product promotional” emails you are going to send them, as long as they stay in your database. It’s a never-ending story.

You are the story teller, so you must have the clear perception about your story. How or with what it will start, how it will go through the transitions and how it will continue.

This story should be like, “Arabian nights” where a thousand stories were told inside one story. Where each story finishes with the beginning of another story, to be told the next day. Your storytelling principle will be as same as “Arabian Nights.” That way, the audience remains ever curious, they eagerly wait- what’s coming tomorrow!

If you can identify how this curiosity arising, cliffhangers are used in our pages and follow-up emails, if you can identify how our follow-up email ended up leaving an opening of a new story for the next day- making effective promotion with affiliate-product-promo emails will be easier for you. And you can create your own funnels at your will.

Story Continues To Make Money
We make money recommending affiliate products to our list. We make commissions of the affiliate products we sell to our list. The entire system is made with one primary purpose in mind. That is, making affiliate commissions out of the list built with our funnel. But we do it by helping them. By educating them, by showing them the right directions.

We set our subscribers up to take our recommendations. We introduced a story at our first meeting. We established authority by giving them valuable resources for free. We earned their trust. We continued our story with our funnel pages and follow-up emails and kept them curious. We set them up to receive our recommendation.
Now, it is up to you, how you continue to send them emails with your recommended affiliate products. You’ll make commissions sending emails recommending affiliate products. But the result will depend on how good you can weave your story in those emails.

You can make your recommendations by three ways.

By Expanding Your Follow Up Series:
The reason I love this method so much is that you just write the emails once and let them go to work for you forever. Your only job then becomes to drive traffic to your reverse squeeze page, everything else takes care of itself after that.

We crafted the follow-up sequences for our funnel like this: day 1 lead into day 2, day 2 lead into day 3, etc. Well, when extending you’re follow up sequence you want to do the EXACT same thing.

The only difference this time, you will be selling a different product in a different niche. So if your niche was affiliate marketing for the first 7 days, the next 7 days, it could be list-building, then the next 7 days it could be blogging, then the next 7 days it could be Kindle…and so on.

Sending Single Mail Recommending One Product

You can pick one affiliate product each day and send a single email recommending it. Many marketers do like this and make a lot of money.

But I do not recommend you carry out this method of promotion to your list. Initially, you can make good commissions but your list will become non-responsive very fast. It is hard to give value with a single mail. It is hard to craft transitional stories to keep them curious. The trust you built with your subscribers will begin to dislodge if you start promoting day after day. They will start to wonder if you are sending emails not to educate them but to make money yourself. A number of opens and clicks on your emails gradually will decrees.

Sometimes you have to send a single mail recommending an affiliate product. The situation will demand it. So my recommendation is you mix it with other two methods. And send a single mail recommending an affiliate product as less as possible.

Sending a Product Launch Sequence

This is all about creating a ‘Product Launch Sequence’ around a product that is about to launch. A 3-mail sequence is recommended, but it could be increased if required. It is easier to craft a story with 3-emails and easier to make the curiosity arising transitions.

The principle is, you will heat your subscribers up with the news of a product that is about to hit the market. This first mail of the 3 mail sequence must be sent one or two days before the launch. Your aim here is to pre-sell the product (Google-”Pre-sell”). Make a story…how the life is about to change with this product, etc.

Send the second mail of the sequence right at the time of the product hit the market. Continue your story. Discuss the features of the products or identify advantages and disadvantages of the product. Offer them free bonus resources that make up any disadvantage identified by you. This alone will increase your credibility to the roof!

Send the last mail of the sequence one day after second mail. Continue the story of the second mail and expand it. You may have seen a three-day product promotional sequence already if you are a subscriber of any good email marketer.

We recommend you make your own funnel pages, write, no not write, CRAFT your email sequence and upload your files to your domain & autoresponder account. But here is a Done-For-Opportunity for you. You can grab my funnel that I’m using and use my email sequences (49 in total) that I’m sending to my new subscribers. Just go to this page:

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