How My Internet-Marketing-Mindset Was Made

1. Introduction

This content is an excerpt from a book named “Goal” by Bryan Tracy. It changed my Internet Marketing perspective. My success was triggered by this book. I strongly recommend you read this book, at least this excerpt of that book and follow the instructions word by word.

2. Believe You Can Succeed And You Will

We always hear that only 5% of the people who try to make a living online actually succeed. Have you ever wondered why that is? It’s because of the person’s mindset. I am a huge believer that your mindset has a direct impact on your success (or lack of success). Before you guys start Internet marketing, I want to make sure you are in the proper internet marketing mindset.

There is a great book out there called “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz. If you haven’t picked up a copy of that book, I highly recommend you do. I read a lot of books in my free time, but that book probably had the biggest influence in the way I think about things now. The very first chapter that book was titled

“Believe You Can Succeed And You Will”. I won’t go into detail about what was talked about in that chapter, but I really want you to think of that statement…
“Believe You Can Succeed And You Will” ………………..

Let me ask you something…Do you really believe you will succeed? Really think about that for a second. Do you truly believe you will succeed?

I can guarantee you the top 5% are the ones who believe in themselves, and the other 95% end up giving up because they stopped believing. I wouldn’t be successful today if I didn’t believe in myself. I would have given up after the first Google algorithm change like many others. But I didn’t give up.


Because I believed in myself. I am not saying that you need to be more like me, I am saying that because I want you guys to see that, you determine your own future. If you believe in yourself and take action you will be part of the top 5%. If you don’t believe in yourself, that will lead to a lack of action and there’s a good chance you will give up before you had the chance to succeed. So before you move on, I want you to do whatever it is you need to do to really believe in yourself. While you are building your list I want you to have complete confidence that this IS GOING TO WORK.
Believe you will succeed and you will.

3. Think Big

I want every single one of you guys to be a “big thinker”. I want you to set big goals and not stop until you reach them. Too many people decide to settle for “good enough”. I want you guys to go above and beyond good enough. I want each and every one of you to “reach for the stars” so to speak.

Thinking big will be different for every single one of you. When I first started online, thinking big for me was just $100/day. To me, that seemed like a HUGE goal. I remember telling myself I was going to make $100/day online and not stop until I reach it.

What’s funny now is that I would be upset if I only made $100 in a day. So “big thinking” goals can be different for each of you. For some of you, it might be $100/day. For others, it might be $1,000/day.

I just don’t want you guys to settle. I want you to always think big because when you allow your mind to think big, your mind begins to think of ways to actually make that happen. If you limit your thinking to what “seems possible”, you close your mind off to thinking creatively.

Allow yourself to think big and believe deep down in your heart that you will Achieve your dreams.

4. Change Your Attitude

Okay, so now you know to believe in yourself and to think big. The next step is to change your attitude. I can recall a countless amount of times where I would put my heart and soul into a certain method to make money online and it didn’t work. But you know what? I didn’t allow myself to get upset over it.

If you guys are like me, there’s a good chance you have tried just about everything to make a profit online and haven’t found a way to succeed yet. When that happens it’s really easy to get upset and consider quitting. That’s the last thing I want you to do.

Like I said, I have failed at a lot of things in the past, and I can guarantee you I will fail at plenty more things in the future, but if it wasn’t for those failures, I wouldn’t be as successful as I am today. Those failures led to my success.

There’s a good chance you guys will fail at something some point in the future as well. When that happens I don’t want you to view it as a failure. I started to view my “failures” as the success because that just means I can cross off that method, know it doesn’t work and then move on.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many different ways I tried building my online business for free. I knew there were plenty of great ways to build your list if you had money to spend, but at the time I didn’t so I tried just about every free traffic method I can think of and at least 90% of them failed, but I found the ones that worked and I just did them over and over, so I don’t view it as failure, I view it as a success. If I had the wrong attitude towards it and got frustrated each time something didn’t work, you wouldn’t be reading this guide right now because I would still be trying to figure out how to make this whole “internet marketing” thing work.

5. Action Action Action

I have said it plenty of times already and I will say plenty more times throughout this guide…if you don’t take action you won’t succeed. I want you to get into the internet marketing mindset of doing something every single day to help your business. Even if you have an incredibly busy day ahead of you, get something done. You will learn a few great techniques in this course that will help you build a massive business, I want you to do one of these things every single day. Even if that means you have to wake up an hour early, get it done.

Those who take action on what they learn will succeed, those who don’t won’t succeed. I just got done talking about how you can’t view your failures as failures. Well, I take that statement back. You can fail if you don’t take action.

You can have all the knowledge in the world but if you don’t apply what you learn, it doesn’t matter how much you know. Please take action every day. No matter how busy I am I make sure to find at least one hour to work on my internet business every single day. Even if that means I have to wake up an hour early, I make sure to get it done.

6. Put Your Goals On Paper

Alright so let’s talk a little bit about goal setting. Before you move onto the next lesson, make sure you do everything I am about to talk about below. I can go on

and on about goal setting, it’s a topic I love because it allows you to dream about your future. I am not going to write too much on goal setting, but if you want to

expand your knowledge on this topic I recommend you pick up a book called “Goals!” by Brian Tracy.

I will spare you all the statistics and studies, but it has been proven that those who set goals and WRITE THEM DOWN are much more likely to hit those goals.

So before you move on, I want you to get out a piece of paper and a pen…go ahead, I’ll wait ;).

Got you pen and paper? Good! OK, now allow yourself to dream big. What do you want your life to look like in five years from now? I want you to be specific. Don’t just say “I want to make $200,000 per year”.

Start dreaming big! OK, making $200,000 per year is great, but what do you want to do with that money? Write down the type of house you want, write down the type of care you want. Are there any charities you want to give to? Write down what those charities are. How much would making that much money every single year change your life?

One of my goals now is to make $500,000 in a single year. I know there are a lot of people doing it and there might even be some people reading this guide that are doing that right now! But it’s something I have yet to do, so that’s my “Big Goal”. I opened up Microsoft Word and I wrote down that goal, and then I wrote down everything I could do once I achieve that goal.

I now have two pages worth of content telling myself what my goal is and why I want to achieve it. I printed that out, put a copy of it on my nightstand next to my bed and put a copy of it on my office desk. Every night before I go to bed I read my goals out loud. Then every morning when I wake up, I read those goals out loud again. When I am in my office and I am not feeling motivated to work, I will read my goals and visualize what life will be like when I reach those goals and suddenly I have all the motivation I need to keep working.

Please do this before you move onto the next chapter. If you need to take a full day to do this, then please spare a full day!

When you read your goals out loud every single day, multiple times per day you actually start to believe you can achieve them, and as you already know belief is the key to success.

Alright, now that you got your goals on paper and are going to read them out loud multiple times each day, and now that you truly believe deep down in your heart that you are going to reach those goals, it’s time to move on to the stuff you have all been waiting for. It’s time to start building that list!

6. Your “internet marketing Mindset” Home Work (Must Do)

Step1: Read “Mindset” thoroughly.
Step2: Write answers to the 6 questions listed below. [Instructions on the Answer Sheet]

Below Is My Planning & You Can Take It As Example

Q1: What do you want your life to look like in five years from now?
Ans: I like to be debt free, solvent, then rich!

Q2: How much you want to earn from the Internet after five years?
Ans: I want to earn $100,000 after 5 years.

Q3: How much you want to earn from the Internet within one year?
Ans: $900 first 3 months, $1500 next 3 months, $3000 next and $8000 last quarter, so $13,400 altogether.

Q4: How do you want to live your life during this one year?
Ans: I’ m going to lay my Internet marketing foundation during this year. So, I’m planning to work most of the time
after the day job. I’ll also work on all the Sundays and spend time out with my family on Saturdays. I’ll go on
vacation with my family at least twice in this year.

Q5: How do you want to spend your Internet money during this one year?
Ans: I am planning to spend 40% of my Internet earning to improve quality of life of my family. 30% will go to reinvestment and rest of the 30% I want to keep so that I can go for big opportunities.

Q6: Please write anything you like to remind yourself regarding your life or financial planning.
Ans: I have printed my first planning and pinned on the wall where I always see while working my computer. I may
add something or delete something as I go forward. I may add new demands of life and adjust my earnings as
it goes.

Step3: a Please write down as accurately as possible and take your time answering.
b. Come back to this answers at least once a week, if not daily.
c. Make adjustment to your answers by adding, erasing and editing time to time whenever you feel necessary. You can add more rows to make more detail planning!

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