How Not To Buy The Next Shiny Info-product


I gained enough experience to shed some light on “how not to buy the next shiny info-product.” The reason is, I was guilty of tending to buy anything that promises a lot. I bought a massive number of info-products, training courses, and marketing software as a result.


Not To Buy The Next Shiny Info-products- But Why You Should Trust My Word? 

One thing is that my directions (that I achieved from my experience in a hard way) will make SENCE to you. By applying your plain & straightforward common sense, you will understand whether to take my instructions or to throw it away. Yes, your common sense will set your action by the time you finish this article. 

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Another thing is, I was a sufferer myself (like most of you), not making enough money for the first five years of my internet marketing journey! Yessir. Five years straight! 

Let me tell you my story briefly. You’ll understand how it twisted and turned and reached its destiny.



I’m a retired person, and I self-retired at the age of 48 back at the end of 2009. It was a simple but bold decision to make retiring from my day job at such an early age! But I was so fed-up with my low paying dull day job that I said, that’s it, enough is enough. And I made the decision.

Retired! Yes, but I was not spending my time like this!


Since then, I was full-time venturing into the Internet marketing arena and trying to make sustainable income online. And my success came in the fourth quarter of 2014. 

It took almost five years to find a viable way to make a sufficient amount of online money (the amount that pays my bills and supports my family). Don’t believe it? Carry on, and I’ll show you video proof.

It took five years! Many guys took only six months to start making a considerable amount of online money! Am I stupid? Maybe I am. Or perhaps not. Perhaps I was heading wrong directions and had to start all over again, not one time, not twice but many times! 

The point here to be noted is that it took me five years, whereas it is possible to become successful within three months, even one month! 

Which one would you prefer for yourself? 

Your answer would be, months not years! Well, my job here is to make you understand how you can achieve that quickly and in the shortest possible time. But you have to take a bold step to reach it. So be prepared to make that bold decision

What’s the bold decision? 

We will get there very soon, but let me tell you what I was doing all those five years. Otherwise, you may fail to grasp the necessity of that bold decision you are going to make. 

So what I was doing all those five years? Instead, ask me what I didn’t do all those five years! I ventured every possible method of making online money, one after another. I bought hundreds of $7, $17, $27, even $97 courses. I purchased $37, $97, $199 software, and spent $100 to $300 a month on Fb ads or Google Adwords to test the methods of the $7 or $9 reports. It took 15 days to 3 months of trying with a ‘method’ before I realized this is not working for me. (Sounds familiar? LOL)

oh no! not again!


Well, not that I didn’t earn a single dime in those four years! Of course, I made a little here and a little there. For instance, I made $8 from Click bank one time but didn’t get the money for a long time because the amount didn’t meet the minimum requirement for payout. 

In another case, I earned $15 commissions from my Amazon affiliate site in a month, then nothing following quite a few months. So, Amazon paid my commissions in the form of a Gift card, and I spend it on sending my niche a birthday gift. Got the picture? 


I earned the privilege of getting frustrated-to-the-extreme! (not my fault!?!)

Out of frustration, I have quitted Internet marketing at least ten times in those years. Means, I quit venturing new methods (I never stopped login into Facebook, lol!) But I always came back to it. Only because I never wanted to go back to a day job again. So I was still giving me one more chance in the end. 

And it was possible for me because I had some savings to play with. I understand that not everybody has that luxury, so they had to join the side of 95% of the Internet marketing quitters, in most cases. 

However, after five years of going back & forth with Internet marketing, I broke free at the end of 2014, finally. 

This time I made a bold decision that took me in the right direction, and after I got it, I never stopped until I saw the results I wanted to see. 

It’s all about selecting a singlet and a right direction. But a firm determination is needed to be taken to get there.

I will reveal to you how easily you can get that single direction upfront, without spending five years like me! So that, you will be bound to establish an excellent recurring income stream for yourself if you follow that path taking a bold step I’m going to reveal.

But how I came to that conclusion? Because it came from my life experience, life experience from six years of the Internet marketing journey. 

Let me tell you about that first five years of “failing online.” 

I started to buy $7 to $97 tutorials.

I’ll show you a short video (below) with my live accounts. You’ll see there when I started my Internet marketing journey and when I joined Warrior Forum. I’ll also show you live, how many products I purchased before I began making online money. And I’ll show you the Facebook private group that initiates my success beyond my belief! 

So what’s the point of showing all these?

My point is I showed you that I had spent $2975.86 on product purchases in 60 months. And that is before I saw any real online money. That is $50 a month on average. 

Now my expenses of hosting at Hostgator ($10/PM) for 60 months averaged $600.

My Aweber ($29/PM) account expenses in those 60 months averaged $1740.

I spent a total amount of $4000 on FB ads, at least $2000 was spent during those five years. 

I was working full time 24/7, those 60 months averaging four hours a day. If I calculate at @$7.25 per hour (Minimum wage in the United States standard), it becomes ($7.25 per hour x 4 hours a day x 25 days x 60 months) $43500 that I could have earned from a day job!

So I spent in total (60 months) like this:

Expenses Head

Amount ($)


Product purchases:









My (min.) Wages:



FB Ads:


Total Expenses



My expense was $846.91 ($50815.86/ 60 months) per month on average before I was making any real money from that venture!

Why did it happen? Only for the lack of having proper direction and lack of self-confidence to make some bold decisions upfront. 

Should I take this route… may be not!

Only if I were well directed and well guided from the beginning of my internet journey, I would have avoided all those expenses. Not only that, I would start making real money that could support my family five years ago! I could have spent those working hours putting on the efforts to make more money online! Can you imagine how loser here, am I not find the right direction making some bold decision?

Now, I know it is the same in your case. You are paying your hosting and autoresponder months after months. You are already spending your precious working hours. You already started to purchase $7 reports (and $97 software on the back end) to find a way to make yourself some money. 


This looks great…must be a moneymaker; lemme grab it right away!

Even if you haven’t started spending yet, you will soon. That is if you want to hang around and don’t want to join the 95% Internet marketing quitters. 

But there is a way by which you could line up yourself in the right direction. Unlike me, you could see results in the shortest possible time, without spending months after months on product purchases and monthly charges. But you need to make a bold decision to achieve that, it could make all the failures and frustrations disappear once for all. 

Let me tell you how I took a bold decision that pushed me to success.

In early 2014, I began to realize I have to make my info-products and sell it online to make money. So I carried out a product creating the venture. It took me almost three months and an investment of $500 to launch my first product. I listed this product at JVZoo and launched the sales page at Warrior Forum

It backfired terribly! Very few copies sold. I dropped the price to make more sales, but the result was pretty much the same! I was at a substantial loss. 

The first couple of weeks after this was terrible for me! But then I tried to figure out what was wrong. Eventually, I realized I need affiliates to sell online, no matter how good my products are. 

Well, I was new at the product launch market. I had no idea who the affiliates were and how to reach them. So I took a bold step. I joined paying the one-time fee of $3000 to a closed Facebook group, which was mainly promoting “product-launch-networking support,” 

I launched my first product in December 2014 and never had to look back from there. I was making $3000+ since then from my product creation business and the buyer’s list created by the process. I launched 11 products so far since then! And my subscriber-list and income increased exponentially. 

So you see, a bold decision (paying $3000 to Fb group) took me to success. I was shaky to make such a decision before. My indecision saved me a big chunk of money upfront, but forced me to spend ten times more, bit by bit, in a longer period! 

Lack of confidence to take that bold decision made me continue spending $847 per month on average! And it stayed for five years straight!

You don’t have to start spending like that. You can stop right now if you already have begun spending like me! You just have to make a bold step.

So, what’s the decision to make?

You have to get yourself a good Internet marketing coach paying upfront and take his course with 100% commitment, utmost sincerity, and dignity.

Your coach is responsible for leading you in the right direction. He is accountable to push you to success in the shortest possible time. He will teach you the skills you’ll be needing. He will protect you from all the Internet marketing pitfalls. He will ensure that you don’t spend unnecessarily.

I knew from the start that the coaches and training programs are available. But I failed to make that decision at my early stage of marketing. And you know already how loser I was as a result. I often try to figure out the cause of not taking that decision, and I can see, fear of losing money upfront was the main reason. Heck, I even didn’t know that there was a “money-back guarantee” behind every online purchase!

Every newbie Internet marketer needs internet marketing coaching, no matter what the level they are in. If you do not learn from someone who is at a higher level, odds are you are not going to progress faster.  

Well, the coaches are not cheap. You have to pay them handsomely upfront. But it would be ten times less expensive from the route I took! You know all about me by now! 

But the difficulty is, good internet marketing coaches are not readily available. They recruit only a small number of students at a time. I checked pages of some reputed coaches, only to find out a “sign-up form.” 

In another place, I saw a banner like this, “This course is sold, please leave your details, and be notified if it is available again.” 

Now whom you choose as your coach? That will depend on which online marketing rout you want to master. You may want to learn social media, media buy, affiliate marketing, product creation & list building, Ecom, or the others. 

Now, best coaches and their training programs are expensive, as I said earlier, they charge from $500 to $10000, and some even charge $15000 for their full mentorship!

I know only know a few affiliate-marketing, List-building, blogging coaches plus digital marketing suite that I can recommend with confidence. 

To me, the best online training program is “GrooveBlog” if you want to take Blogging as income. I have a FREE membership in the all-in-one digital marketing suite, GrooveFunnels, so I know how concise and motivating the training program is. 

The most reputed mentor on Digital marketing is Mike Filsaime (Google him) and his current team. 

Joining GrooveFunnels for free is my number one recommendation. 


It is the most current, all-in-one digital marketing suite in the market. Free-account will let you use most of the features. 

There are many training materials in the member area to educate you on marketing online, besides teaching you how to use all the features. 

With a free GrooveFunnels account, you are getting both the digital marketing training and all the tools required for digital marketing. 

You Can Check It By Clicking Here 

Finally, I want to say this; take the bold decision but carry out a little bit of research, read some reviews and compare between training programs, see which one is suitable for you. 

So, go for the coaching program. Manage the upfront cost anyway you can. Charge your credit card, take a loan from someone, do anything to get that fund, commit yourself.

What will be my advice if you have no way to meet up-front mentoring expenses? 

I’ll tell you to wait. Don’t spend $5 here and $15 there! Take some jobs and save the money until you can pay for the program. But don’t take the other route (my route!), it is a waste of time and money. I’m telling you because I know!


I'm Khondoker. I'm a full-time lifestyle entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, and info product creator. Living my best life in Dhaka City, Bangladesh. I find great people worldwide, and I work together to find digital marketing solutions that lead to more sales. If you have any questions or comments for me, just send an email at or leave a comment below!

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