How To Build Buyer’s List Without Creating And Launching Info-products

I aim to show you what works now in internet marketing. Nothing outdated or untested. I know I find it refreshing when others do the same for me and I hope you will as well.

This is a very simple and powerful method that adds BUYERS to your email lists. A buyer can be worth 10x per month more than a freebie seeker. And unless you are sending your freebie seekers to email submit offers like Pay Per Lead or CPA offers or using them to sell solo ad clicks, they really have no value.

I have multiple buyer lists of less than 500 subscribers that out-perform a freebie seeker list of 5000 if sent the same affiliate promo email.

Once you start focusing on building buyers lists, your daily, weekly and monthly income will take a big jump. Most everyone I know who uses email marketing as their full time income, has a buyers list built through product creation or buyer’s bonus lists.

Ideally a combination of both once you get more experienced, but for now, this is an easy method to start getting buyer leads.

A buyer is already proven to spent money and will do so again and again as long as you present them relevant offers. A freebie seeker or tire kicker will usually do just that and it conversions are much lower compared to sending the same offer that you did to a buyers list.

The best part about this method is you don’t have to create your own product. I will show you where to get low cost, high quality PLR products to use or even use free PLR that you already have stacked up on your hard drive.

This method will sound very simple and it is. Don’t over complicate it! Often when talking with a newbie marketer for the first time, they have such a complicated system set up for trying to make money that is does more harm than good.

There is not much difference between those who make 5K-10K a month and those that lose money every month. The full timers stick to simple systems such as this and scale up over time, never wavering from what works.

Here’s what you need to do.

You will be contacting product sellers and offering your “paid” product for free. The product creator will be adding your link to download your product on their “download” or “thank you” page.

I use “paid” because the simple step of taking your PLR product and listing it for sale in JVZoo or W+ will add value to it. Think about it this way; the same ebook available for sale for $9.95 versus FREE. Which one holds more value? The paid product!

A few sales each day are from affiliates but most are passive buyer leads from “buyer’s bonus” spots on other product creators download pages. This was an especially busy few days as I secured the bonus spots on some very well selling product launches.

On a low day 10 new buyers, and as you can see, it can go all the way into the 50+ subscriber range. I know of others who have been using buyer’s bonus spots for much longer and are into the 100-200+ new buyer subscribers each and every day.

You can see how simple and passive this method is! Buyer’s getting added to your list without having to sell them anything.

The number one regret successful internet marketers have is not starting list-building from DAY ONE and this solid method allows you to do that with BUYERS, not freebie seekers and work yourself closer to success.



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