How To Connect Product Creators For Your Bonus At Their Download Page

Money is in the list? Nope! Money is in the buyer’s list, not in the freebie list. It is hard to extract money from a freebie list. You should be building a “Buyer’s list. And here is how you can do it without launching your own products in the marketplaces.

You will be contacting product sellers and offering your “paid” product for free. The product creator will be adding your link to download your product on their “download” or “thank you” page.

Finding Product Creators

Most new products will sell most of their copies the first 3-5 days of releasing. This is when affiliates are mailing, the product is new and fresh to the market and there can be some hype built up that bring in buyers.

It is best to focus on contacting product creators that haven’t released their product yet so you can have your link on that download page waiting for fresh buyer leads and maximize the number of buyer subscribers you will receive.

There are several sources to find upcoming product releases and launches. Not only WSO releases on the Warrior Forum but JVZoo, Click Bank and other platforms that often sell way more copies than just WSO releases.

These are the top places to search for products to add your bonus:

1) MunchEye:
2) JV Notify Pro:
3) JVZoo:
4) Warrior+Plus:
5) Warrior Forum WSO:

I focus my efforts on the first five websites above. If you have the time and want to scale your success with securing buyer’s bonus spots, here are more locations with upcoming launches and existing products:

6) JV Launch Calendar:
7) JV Launch Notifications:
8) JV Zoo W+ WSO Product Launcher:
9) JV Peer Group:
10) Product Launch Announcement:
11) Forum Special Offers:
12) ClickBank:

Contacting Product Creators

As you are doing your research on the launch boards and marketplaces, you will see that most products fall into one of these more general niches:

1) Email Marketing/ List Building
2) Social Media
3) Offline Marketing
4) Video Marketing
5) Product Creation
6) Affiliate Marketing
7) Mobile Marketing
8) Private Label Rights (PLR)

Although non-IM niches are not covered, it does not mean this isn’t for niches outside of Internet marketing. No matter your niche, this method will work.

Google search is your best resource. You can easily find PLR in any niche and many of you reading this are in some of the biggest non-IM niches such as
health, diet, fitness, personal development etc… Use this guide just as the starting point and apply what you learn to any niche. You can add a PLR product in any niche to JVZoo or put your own PayPal button on the sales page and offer it as a bonus to download pages in any niche you decide to enter and conquer. Non IM niches are a gold mine for this method as I haven’t seen the method as prevalent and in some cases, non-existent in non IM niches. You will be able to grow your buyer subscriber list very quickly!

You will be wasting your time trying to get a product owner to add your mobile marketing product to their video marketing product download page.

Your free bonus should add value to their product and be in the same niche.

There are a few different ways to contact product owners…

1) Once you have found a upcoming launch or existing product that is still active (i.e. you see the thread being bumped in the WF) and you have a product that can add value or is complimentary, you will need to contact the product owner.

“Hi Joe, I saw on MunchEye that you have an upcoming launch and have a paid product also on email marketing that I would love to offer as a bonus on your download page. I sell it for $9.95 on W+ but know it’s something you could advertise in the sales thread as a bonus or would be a nice surprise for your buyers that would add more value to your awesome product. Here is access to the report {{Insert Link}} and I would create a unique landing page also for your buyers to download. Best of luck on the launch and look forward to working with you!
“Your name.”

Once a product owner agrees to you offering your bonus, simply send them a link (make sure to set up a tracking link if you want to see where your new “buyer” subscribers are coming from) and a product image or e-cover so they can include it on the download page.

IMPORTANT: We all hate spam messages on FB. You know the ones that start with “Hello Dear…” Take some time to actually speak to the product creator you want offer your bonus to.

Be a real person! Share what you are working on, tell them you requested affiliate approval to promote their product. Ask them what lists respond best. This goes a long way in closing more deals!

2) I would like to say it’s that easy in the beginning but what if you are a complete unknown, brand new to the IM game?

Networking, Networking, Networking!!!

A lot of newbies get scared when they hear networking but let me break it down for you…

Facebook Networking: Start adding product creators as friends and get active in the FB launch groups. Like others posts, comment in the thread, get your name out there!

Warrior Forum: Contribute to the forum by answering questions, leaving feedback for others and writing reviews on products you purchase.

This will establish you in IM very quickly and in this business it isn’t hard to stand out from the 99% that aren’t willing to put in a couple hours a day.

Every full time marketer started out exactly where you are today. They knew nobody and maybe didn’t have a lot of direction. I have yet to run into one person that won’t answer a question or respond to a compliment.

With networking, you can start a conversation with someone and then lead into your offer for a bonus spot. This way it won’t come across as a straight spam offer you are making.

3) I buy products every week. I like to see what angles others have discovered that fit my business plan. At least 50% of these don’t have any bonus downloads.

These are perfect opportunities to reach out and thank the product creator for their report and offer your bonus report! This is where a large percentage of my buyer subscribers come from using this method.

If you go back through your JVZoo and W+ purchase history right now, before you move on to the next section, go to the download page for the product. I know you will find many without bonus spots. This is an easy place to start!

4) Warrior Forum: Wanted- Members Looking To Hire You

This is a really under-utilized area of the forum that is perfect for finding buyer bonus spots.

Product creators will pay $5 to create a thread in this sub forum looking for reviewers/testimonials for upcoming product releases. Many will list a minimum post criteria for reviewers. A good reason to be posting every day in the WF, upping your post count and building your reputation.
Check this sub forum daily to find products that haven’t yet launched so you can contact the owner, offer to do a review in exchange for a bonus spot. Remind them they can advertise in the sales letter that they are including paid products as a bonus for their buyers.

If you are comfortable in front of a camera, offer a video testimonial in exchange for a bonus spot. Video testimonials are hard to come by and will be a WIN-WIN for both of you.

5) When choosing products to send an email as an affiliate, you can request that the product owner add a bonus slot for you in exchange for you mailing.
I do this from time to time as a product creator to get larger affiliates on board: those that can drive 40-100 sales with a single email. You will be up to that level sooner than later and will be able to add buyer’s passively all day long.

INSIDER STRATEGY: After your bonus has been offered to their download page there are a few things you can do to get more buyer subscribers.

1) Ask the product creator to email their list again letting them know they added a paid product as a bonus. They will get more sales and you will get more buyer subscribers.
2) Ask the product creator to mention your bonus in their sales page. Again, more sales for them, more buyers on your lists.
3) Mail your own list and let them know about the extra bonuses they will be getting access to after they purchase. WIN-WIN again and product creators will go the extra mile for those that mail for them.


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