How To Create Give Away Info Products

We need a product to give away for free in exchange for the emails, and we need at least another product to sell to them. Let’s say; we offer a free report on “How to build an email list fast” in exchange for their emails. This report must be a good and value pact. Otherwise, they will “unsubscribe” from our list as soon as they finish reading our report. To keep them on our list, we should make them think, “Oh, yes, I can build a list and make money with this!” The same goes for the product we are going to offer to them to buy.

If we are starting out the journey, my advice is to pay the experts in the relative fields to create the products. It will cost us $200 to $500. We can find someone on Upwork, Elance, or the Warrior forum to make our products.

But there are ways we can put together a report for free as well. We need to spend a bit of time and do a bit of research for that. First, we are going to find some contents on the subject from the web. We can find many places with such content from a Google search. We have to go through them to make a complete picture of a subject. And then we have to write our report on the findings. It doesn’t have to be a very long report! 20-30 pages will be enough!

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A more straightforward option will be to buy a Private Label Rights (PLR) report like our subject. And then rewrite it to make it unique. ,, and are some of PLR sites. There are many sites on the web that sell PLR products. We can get a report or two for $5-$10. A piece.

Making a unique free giveaway product that has some value is the key to list building. We are expecting names and emails in exchange for this product. This product is compulsory for a sales funnel.
The product that we want to sell to our list will have to be on the same subject as our free report. It may be an extension, a step by step tutorial, a video tutorial, or software that supplements our free report. We call this product a “one-time time offer” or “OTO” in the sales funnel. We cannot compromise on its quality if we want to make some money out of it. We can write a free giveaway report from scratch, but making a product to sell is a different issue. We recommend going to an expert to create our first paid product. As I said, it may cost between $200-$500. We can assure that you can earn many times more shortly if we invest this amount. You can find experts in so many places, like Upwork, Elance, the Warrior forum, and marketplaces like these.

We recommend that we get our product to sell to our list. We can maximize our profit by taking the full advantages of our subscribers. But we can place an affiliate product there to sell as well. That is if we are short of investment right now to create our product. In that case, we have to find a product from the market related to our free report. The owner of this product is somebody else. But we can place it on our thank you page and make an affiliate commission on any sale.

There are many places that we can find a similar affiliate product of high value. Click Bank, Digiresults, Warrior Forum, Rap Bank, and JVZoo are a few favorite places. Find a related product from there, and become an affiliate. We have to place the product on our web pages with the affiliate link to make a commission out of the sale.

We mentioned earlier that we need some pre-written email sequence. We need to place the emails in our auto-responder. We can make our pre-written email sequence via the same method we use to create our free and p

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