img { max-width: 100%; display: block; }  How to ethically sell a product before you even create it? 

 How to ethically sell a product before you even create it? 


Here’s how you can ethically sell a product before you even create it.

Yes, you can sell a product before it even exists. And how do you do it, ethically and morally?  How to ethically sell a product before you even create it?
If you are selling something physical, somebody has to manufacture the product. And they would take your order and commit to a thousand different orders. And it ends up being a warehouse.
But to most digital product owners, what they would do is they will create some sort of course or ebook. They will go, sell it, and many times they might sell it only to realize nobody’s really interested in this video.
I will show you the strategy that made over 120 thousand dollars in sales. And that is before even creating the product. And how you can do the same thing.
To ethically sell a product before you even create it is to ask yourself this precise question. Which is basically who do I serve, and what is the result?
For example, I had to do two training sessions for about nearly 90 minutes each few months back. So, I asked myself who I serve and the result I can to these people.
I’m saying and think to myself. These are a group of online marketers who understand digital marketing. So if these are the people in the room, what is the result that I can generate for you now? It could be something different.
It doesn’t mean that you must speak in events. You could be doing a launch online. You could be selling physical products and digital products services. But it all begins with who I serve? What is the result I can generate them so because I knew they were digital marketers?
Ethically sell a product before you even create itOne of the results that I could help get them is to automate and streamline their social media process.
So with that in place, when I knew who I serve and what results do I do help them generate. The next thing you are going to ask yourself is: where are they hanging up now? Your ideal customers right now they’re Hanging out somewhere. And we have to understand that this conversation is already taking place.
You see, most of the time, people ask the question: how do I get more traffic? How do I get more people to come to my pages?
Is it in some Facebook groups? Is it on Instagram? Are they typing it on Google and then consuming through a YouTube video? Are they watching it or watching other gamers twitch, but whatever it is? Traffic is already happening because these conversations are already taking place.
It’s all about entering the conversation that’s already taking place. The place could be Facebook, or it could be a life event. It could be a workshop, and even it could be at some gathering meetup mastermind.
So, where are these people hanging up so for me, when I made this offer?
You have to think about where they hang out, and after that, number three is about doing a pre-launch. So how do you do a pre-launch?
A pre-launch is where you need to build a list beforehand if it’s in the online world. And build up this pressure launch to opt-in so they can make an event out of this thing.
So for me, What I presented in three and a half hours. They knew that this thing did not exist yet. And I was just giving them value and teaching them this thing. And I was very transparent with them that this product I wanted to do doesn’t exist yet now for you.
Suppose you are thinking about launching something online before creating a digital course. If it’s digital, what you could be doing is you could make a pressure launch. Because, now you know where, where they’re hanging out, and you could give something away for free.
The free give away could be a template, a checklist, a blueprint, a swipe file. Or a 14-day action plan, a free three-part video training series. But giving out something for free so that your audience will gladly give you their name and email.
And once you start collecting followers, people would be interested in this result. Remember what the outcome you generate them is, then that is when you can tell them that look.
I have this thing that’s coming out in the coming day. And the truth is I don’t know if I actually want to commit to doing this thing. Yet, it would make sense for me if I can get at least twenty-Five people on board. Or a hundred people on board two hundred people on board. Whatever number it might be for you, you could be totally transparent so that it’s, ethical and moral.
Well, you actually told your audience so now that you’ve gotten this free training. Now that you have gotten this download now that you’ve gotten this checklist.
This thing that I want to do this could see, so now that you downloaded, this is finishing here. “I want to thank you for trusting me if a course that I am creating. Or instead of treating that’s happening in November. Whatever right, depending on when you’re watching this future date.
Okay, so I’m going to be creating this course, and the truth is. I only want to start making this course if I know that there’s enough interest or demand. So that I know it’s worth ‘hi’ in actually treating ‘oh’ by the way.
If this was a physical product, it could be like Kickstarter. Where you’d, say I won’t be able to create this thing, but a truth. Is it only worthwhile?
For me, if I get in a hundred dollars or 500 orders. If I hit 20 people, 50 people are people committing to this, then I will do it, but I’m going to refund all your money if not. So we are saying thank you for supporting.
I did a pre-launch, and in front of the crowd, I told them very honestly. I said I am thinking about launching this new course on social media automation. And getting omnipresence that the truth is. Transparency is the key to ethically sell a product before you even create it.
I’m only going to do it. Suppose I can get 30 people to come in if I can’t get a minimum of 30 people to come in at $ 2,500 each. I’m not going to do it because just not worth my time. However, if I can get a minimum of 30 people here in this room committed to it signing up for it. And then I would create it together with you.
So I said I said there’s. Going to be six different phases, we’re going to jump on these live calls together. Eventually, these live calls to Berlin are part of this program, but I’m only going to do it. If at least 30 people are doing it right, you’re going to do this pre-launch. And number four is where you actually pitch it?
You’re going to create the pitch for what you want to sell so, which is over here, right. You’re going to develop the pitch and tell your audience very transparent.
We will see that it’s either. If you’re committing a physical product, there’s a huge upfront cost, and it’s only worth it. If there’s enough interest, if it’s a digital product, you could be creating the cost together with them.
Now that you’ve gotten enough orders. And that is when you can physically fulfill this physical product. Or build it together with your audience. Who paid you in advance, which will be part of the pitch.
You are actually going to tell them to look eventually when this goes out to the public when it’s launched. I intend to sell this at whatever full retail price might be for you.
I’m going to take half off because it doesn’t even exist yet, which is basically what I said. I said I want to be able to do it if there are at least 30 people interested at $ 2,500 each.
If it is great, then I’m going to build it together with you. Because there was enough interested people  the room. And people permitted at that event itself with its money over $ 100,000 in sales. But it literally followed this five-step process.
If you ethically sell a product before you even create it. And If you are serious about creating products. Or selling products risk-free, you always want to be able to sell it first to get the proof-of-concept. And then only build or fulfill it.

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