How to Generate Lead Using a Blog

We are going to show you a cool way how to generate traffic using a blog. And turn that traffic into leads & even sales?

I hear you say, come on now! Everybody knows it! All you have to do is to prepare your content. Write a quality SEO article in your niche. And post it on your blog. Then syndicate it across the web 2.0 & social media and see traffic pour in! Right?

Yes, everybody knows this proven old-school method, and this method works. Every time! Still, only a few people actually do it. Very small percentage of people. For others, consistency is the problem. Be consistent and there will be no shortage of traffic, leads, and sales.

Okay now, I like to reveal a cool method of blogging here. A method of blogging I learned from Lee Muray from his List Synergy. This is the best method you’ll ever come across.

Aren’t there other cool methods to generate leads? Of course, there are! Like YouTube marketing, solo ad campaign, product launch, you name it! These all are good lead generation methods.

I also generate a lot of leads using YouTube marketing. I have started this method recently. Actually, I am running a combo of blogging and YouTube marketing. And having results beyond belief.

Product lunch is other strong lead generation methods, which could be profitable. I know because I have launched a few products and built my buyer’s list. But the problem is creating the products. I mean, creating a good product that’ll sell in the market is not that easy. There are many “if’s” and “buts” behind a successful product launch. Blogging is much easier and fast!

Let me say a little about the soload lead generation. That is before I jump into this unique blogging method.

This method of lead generation was never my favorite! The first reason is. It costs money! I run a few solo ad campaigns only to experiment with the method. Or to test the conversion of my funnels. I came to the conclusion running those campaigns, do not run solo ads if you don’t know what you are doing! You can lose money fast!

But I love blogging as the lead generation because, it’s easy, it’s free, and it’s very do-able to all! But you have to be consistent about it. 5 good-quality contents per week are good. The more the better.

Generating Leads Using a Blog- List Building & Blogging Method

The method is simple enough! You’ll build your freebie list from your blog and will send them to your newest post. You’ll use that freebie list traffic to increase your blog traffic. Your list and your blog content will grow side by side. The more contents you post to your blog the more leads you attract. The method runs in a loop.

Now, you may ask, how my list will grow? I’m the one who is sending traffic to my blog! They are already subscribers to my list!

Well, when you post a quality content, your list won’t the only traffic, you will be getting. A good amount of traffic will come from social media and search engines. There will be new subscribers each time you post.

Okay, let’s see what you’ll need for this method of lead generation and list building.

You’ll need your domain and a word press blog hosted and all the necessary pages set up. Install these plugins: -Yoast SEO, WP Super Cache, Analytics and Google XML Sitemaps. These are the least.

[wpsocialboost] [wpsocialboost_scroll] [wpsocialboost_popup]

You will also need an auto-responder account. Because you need to capture leads and place your opt-in form on your blog’s sidebar. I use Aweber and I have no issue using it for six years!

You’ll need your lead capturing funnel, all setups. Including your freebie and squeeze page and follow-up sequence at your auto-responder.

Once your blog is ready. You’ll need to create your contents. I prefer writing my own contents. My advice to you to do so. But you can outsource your contents if you have money to invest. It won’t be a bad investment either!

But before writing the content, it is important to carry out a keyword research. I use free Google adward planner tool. Find at least 10 good keywords, associated with your main keyword. Write or instruct your writer to build contents around those keywords.

Good keyword specific content and traffic from your list. These two will increase the value of the content in the eyes of the search engines. More traffic will flow to your blog. That means more subscribers to your list.

You must syndicate your blog contents to the social media. You can bookmark your posts and do other regular methods. This will bring a surge of traffic from the social sites to your blog. The social signal of your blog will increase.

The results I’m having been using this method is mind-blowing! That encouraged me to write this post. You should check it!