How To Make A Buyer-subscribers List On Facebook Without Spending A Dime!

Everybody who buys is a buyer- but I have nothing to do with them — my interest in the buyers who buy only my line of products.

I sell info products- IM training courses- my (own) Training-courses as well as other people’s info-products. I sell affiliate products from JVZoo, Warrior Plus, or Click Bank networks.

I need real buyers to sell those products. I need their email addresses. Only then I could send them info about my product or affiliate-product links.

So my interest was in building a “buyer’s list,” and I was making it by my info-product launches at affiliate marketplaces. Email addresses ended up on my database anyone bought my products. BTW, this was the only known way to make a buyer’s list to me! Until August 18, 2018!

On that day, I got review access to a training course named “Instant Buyers Traffic,” from my fellow marketer, Aidan Corkery.

I went through the course intensively (to write a review for its sales page). I came to understand (for the first time) that the buyer’s list could be made directly from Facebook without SPENDING A DIME!
I was spellbound with the method of Instant Buyers Traffic. I took actions almost immediately and made a little less than 5000 buyers list so far.

Now, the “Instant Buyers Traffic” teaches how to make buyers list in Chatbot database for free- not an email database. A Chatbot database is more profitable because it’s high open & Click-through-rate.

But some marketers are so used to on email list that they wanted the method to be applied in building an email database.

To cover that, Aidan made another training course named “Dual Shock.” He shows how to build a buyers Chatbot list and Email list at the same time without any cost.

If you are on affiliate marketing, I highly recommend “Dual Shock.” I’m doing it for months, and I know it is not another theory.

I recommend both the Instant Buyers Traffic and Dual Shock. The method will be crystal-clear if you go through both the course.

My Bonus

Like I said before, I’m The follower of Instant Buyers Traffic, and I made a cheat sheet of the method while I was going through the process. I Named it “IBT Cheat Sheet.” You will get some golden nuggets on how to do it faster and easier way!
I’m giving IBT Cheat Sheet if you buy Dual Shock from my link above. It will give you an insight on Instant Buyers Traffic if you decide to get Dual Shock only and skip Instant Buyers traffic.
The Cheat Sheet will be available at the download page of Dual Shock.




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