How To Make a List of Buyer-only

How To Make a List of Buyer-only Subscribers Without Launching Your Own Product?

Many will say, no, it’s not possible. You need to create and launch your products to make a buyer-list. At least you need to place your opt-in form to the download page of other product vendors. That’s how a buyer-list are made.

But they are wrong! There is a secret and unconventional method to do that. But until now, this secret method was practiced only a handful of veteran marketers. They are making a buyer-only subscribers list without creating and launching any info-products. They are making thousands promoting affiliate products into their buyer-list!

Aidan Corkery. Do you know ‘im? He is among the most ethical internet marketers in my eyes. He’s an info-product creator. Each product he launched so far has enormous value.

You may think why I’m suddenly started talking about Aidan? Well, he was practicing this unconventional method of buyer-list building for two years now. He has created a video training module (containing 24 videos) teaching this unorthodox buyer-list building method with his results, stats in a case-study. He named it Instant Buyer Traffic.

“Instant Buyer Traffic” video training modules were finished at least two months ago. They Aidan sent some copies to beta-testers.

I was one of the lucky beta-testers, and I got my copy on July 02, 2018. And since then I’m also making my buyer-list following his method. I made 2589 buyer-subscribers following the training and working 15 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes in the afternoon and 15 minutes during the night.

I too discovered few golden nuggets Aidan missed or overlooked. He shouldn’t have. I also found a few tricks to fast forward the process. I came up with a few do’s and don’ts.

So, I wrote it all, in short, I named, IBT Cheat Sheet. And I’m going to give it away for FREE to the buyers of Aidan Corkery’s “Instant Buyer Traffic” Video training.

Important: Please do not open and read my “IBT Cheat Sheet” unless you go through all the videos of “Instant Buyer Traffic.” It will make no sense to you if you do. I created the “IBT Cheat Sheet” completely based on “Instant Buyer Traffic.” It will make no sense if you don’t know the original method.

So click the link below, and I will send you the “Instant Buyer Traffic” and my bonus right at your MESSENGER.



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