I Make $2.50 For Every $1 Spent With EACH Facebook Campaign…

Our challenge here is to teach you a newbie friendly way that would make you money fast, within 24 hours! So, let’s move on.

Below I’ll show you step by step what I do. I carryout only 3 steps as follows:

Step 1: I Research My Audience On Facebook

This is the most important step I carry out. But I must admit I don’t carry out my research manually or the hard way. I use an “idiot proof” software that finds the winning audiences and makes $2.50 for every $1 spent on each Facebook campaign… This is a software & system that turns FB traffic into a goldmine.

Step2: I Place My Ad Targeting The Audience

Once the “Idiot proof” software pin points my audience on Facebook the rest of the process becomes easier for me. I just make my Facebook ad targeting the audience built and place the ad to my targeted audience. Well, I don’t go for any of the types of ads Facebook “Ads Manager” offers. I always stick with a specific type of ad that I learned from the training attached to my “Idiot proof” software.

Step3: Rinse & Repeat

I research for an audience with my “Idiot Proof” software to market a different product and I repeat the whole process.


I set my daily ad budget at $10 and make thousands of dollars out of it..lol..just kidding!

No sir, $10 investment never gave me thousand dollars in return.

But spending $10 never failed me returning at least $25. Sometimes it gave me more than $200. Thanks to my “Idiot Proof” software.

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