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Hello, I'm Khondoker, a product creator and I'm making money online since 2009 full time. Over the years I have created and launched many courses and I earned pretty good reputation in the marketplaces.

That being said, I want YOU to read the following paragraphs with attention and care. As an info-product creator, I'm going to reveal a secret NOBODY will tell you! You'll

not get any fake “Income proofs” and “testimonials” here. But you'll get the truth behind making money online.

The World We Live In

Do you know how the war-crazy monsters like Trump, Putin, Asad, Kim and every other alike became head of the state?

Because they represent the society, we live in. World community has become such a horrible place where NOBODY cares about each other! All they care is their own interests. And they are ready to do ANYTHING possible to keep their "interest." No matter how much harm it could do to others! Ethics have gone down the drain.

Cheating, dodging and deceiving others is granted. Internet marketing marketplace is no exception. 


Current Internet Marketing Marketplaces Scenario

Think about the product of Mr X you bought recently.  You bought it thinking it a good online money making method. The method will make you money if you follow. But the money never comes!

Didn't it happen to YOU?

The result?

You become vulnerable to another shiny "Money making method." Yet again!

Get The Whole Picture Of Current Internet Money-Making

Now, let's try to analyze the picture the other way. How is Mr.X making money online? If you think he is making money practising his method, you are thinking it all in the wrong direction.

You may think, what about all those income proofs? And what about all those testimonials?

Income proofs?

Let me reveal the secrets behind those. Those income proofs are all bullshit. Ninety-nine percent are fake! They are showing "one income proof of one campaign" to every info products they create. Even if there are some genuine proofs, you never could reach such results; even you follow the method step by step! Only because you don't have the in-depth knowledge of the process like Mr X has. Think out only ONE method you purchased that made you money. No? There you are!

And the testimonials?

They are all products of syndication. “You scratch my back I'll scratch yours”. Hey, even I'm guilty of providing a few testimonials to my fellow info-product creators! Without even looking at the info-product they sent me to go through! Who has the time! Practising the step by step method to see the results were out of the question!

In fact, Mr X is making money selling the info-product he created. You bought it and made the profit for him. Now, he will move to make another info-product, another online money making method. YOU, ME and many others will buy and will make him money.

Please dig a little to see how many info-products Mr X has for selling in the marketplace! Or how many info-products he launches per month? The result will reveal that Mr X is making money just by creating info-products one after another.

What Do You Need To Do To Make Money Online?

You need to do the same to make money online. You need to sell not buy. Understand this. To make online money, you need to sell something online. And what is there as easier to create and sell than info-products?

Bottom line is you need to create and launch your own info-products. You need to learn how to create your info-products. And I made the learning as easy as possible for you. .



"Anyone Can Create Info-Products" is 73-page pdf training course where you will learn how quickly you can create your own info products and rip profits with them even you are the greenest-newbies.


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Why Create Your Own Info Products?

100% Profit and Ownership:

When you publish an info product, you keep all the profit.  There are no products to buy, so there’s no cost for inventory either.


Info product publishing is scalable. This means that selling 5,000 of a product is no different than selling 5 of a product!

Easy Distribution

Info product distribution is so easy. People have to download or access the info product online. There is no physical location, inventory or shipping required.

Location Independent

With info products, you can sell to and from anywhere in the world. Location does not limit info product publishing.


Info products can quickly be updated or changed. Made a spelling error somewhere? Type, click, and it’s corrected. Want to create a unique coupon? That’s also just a couple clicks away.


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*** You'll have an idea for the type of Info-products you want to create. Also, what the strengths and weaknesses of each option are

*** You are going to understand what makes Info products sell. And how you need to design  your creation the way that people will be eager to buy it

*** You'll know a simple and proven concept of how to create the Info products fast and with no cost.

*** You'll know how to create different forms of Info-products. Like pdf reports, video training courses, software, web-based tools, mobile apps etc.

*** You'll learn how to create checkout pages, landing pages and sales funnels. And also, how to write highly persuasive copy that drives massive sales.

...and much, much more!



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I am so confident that I have done my best to teach you how to build your info-product business, that I offer this guarantee. 30 days from now if you have tried this method and can tell me exactly what you did, and you didn't see results, email me for a full 100% refund.

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