iViral X Software Member Area Sneak Peek

iViral X Software Member Area Sneak Peek



iViral X Review!

What’s inside iViral X?

If you want free viral traffic in any niche – it’s for you. First of all it finds viral content from around the internet – either video, images or text and re-posts it automatically for you – with YOUR AFFILIATE LINK! Because the content you’ll be finding with this software is already viral, it’s guaranteed that people who will see it re-posted from your accounts will like it, interact with it, click on your affiliate link and eventually buy something (or sign up if it’s a CPA offer). You can send this traffic anywhere and this works in any niche, since you can use any keyword you want. Finally – all of this is done in seconds and you don’t even need to log out fro the software to get your affiliate links – it’s all automated for you!

if you’re only starting out online using free viral traffic is essential – even if you have the money to invest in paid traffic, you probably don’t have the time or the know-how to make the campaigns make you money – it’s a long process.

I always recommend using free traffic, because you won’t pay for your mistakes – and all profits you’ll end up making go directly to your pocket. This will definitely keep you motivated and on track – instead of worried about the Return On Investment.

Another thing is that viral traffic is scale-able – if you want to scale up paid traffic, you need thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars… not an issue with free viral traffic. If something goes viral, it’s out of your control and you can potentially get millions of views.

Lastly – don’t try to create viral content yourself – you can never predict what will go viral… it’s much easier to use content that is ALREADY viral and just re-purpose it – and of course add your affiliate link to it. This is much easier & faster 😉













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