Here’s How I Make My Marketing Campaigns So Fast

Make Marketing Campaigns Fast

How I Make My Marketing Campaigns So Fast?

I launch my affiliate-promotion materials on social media almost every day, a lot of them. And Here’s how i make my marketing campaigns so fast.So, one of my followers asked me last month, Khondoker! How do you make promotional materials so fast? I see a dozen from you each week!

I answered her, chatting, going back & forth a couple of times. I also noticed her all charged up. In a few days, I saw several promotions in her timeline and other places, similar to my promotional technique!
I showed her the way, and it worked for her. Later, I thought, why not write it a bit elaborately, with screen-shots & all, and post on my blog? It surely can benefit a number of my blog readers!
So, here’s the beef with an introduction:
I’m an affiliate marketer. So I depend on affiliate-networks like WarriorPlus, JVZOO, and ClickBank for my living. These are the networks from where I get a constant supply of quality products to promote.
But my commissions do not flow that easily. I need to work to earn commissions that pay my bills. Not that I have to work hard and long hours, but still, there are some works involved.
Well, I need to make a few promotional materials that includes a high converting funnel (With Free GrooveFunnels Software) to promote only one affiliate-product. It will be a lot easier for both if I use live examples and explain.
The below image (Click Here To See it Live) is a FB timeline post aimed at my 4,000+ FB friends. I offered free E-com business training here. But at the training membership page, I promoted a software named CompareShop. And all the pages of the funnel, I created with a free GrooveFunnels account!  The App quickly creates ecom shops, auto-filling products with price comparison. I made a few sales there.



Let’s see another example: (Click Here To see Live)
Here, I wrote a short, one-page cheat sheet on a method and showed how readers could automate the process. I promoted the automation product with my affiliate link that way.  This promotion sent a pretty fat paycheck.



Now, if you double-check the delivery of both the promotion, you will notice I delivered them with some text and an image and presented inside a funnel. You will also see that the image is more prominent than the text.
Simply, I use the power of the best available FREE Funnel Creator Software and images (both 2d& 3d) balls on social media, and it works pretty well for a lot of marketers.
But I have to see that the images are eye-catching and the quality is excellent. The free tool I use to make my images is Paint. It’s an excellent free tool and allows me to make stunning images in a flash.
You can download it free and watch a YouTube video to learn how to use it.
The process is pretty simple. There are a lot of other image editings free tools out there. You can use any of them as well.
But the most exciting part of my campaigns is the 3d images. They cause a lot of traction. I used to place them in an eye-catching background with some text (as minimum as possible.)
I make my 3d images with a software called eCover Authority. It’s a paid tool. I tried some free online 3d creator before, but the outcome was not something presentable.
However, I’m using eCover Authority for too long, almost for three and a half years. It’s 3d outcome looks outdated. I noticed there is some new software available in the market. I’m eyeing on such software called Ecoverio.
It is a lot cheaper than eCover authority, but it’s not the reason for changing my plan. I noticed it could produce more stunning advanced-looking 3d images that go with the current trend.



That’s a lot of image talks, but it deserves it.
You need to give attention to the text also. They must be friendly-authoritative & persuasive. I do not like add much text inside my images because it loses credibility as an image; an image could talk a thousand words, remember?
Well, that’s how I make affiliate commissions. But not all of my social media campaigns get successful. Some do very well, and some don’t. But that’s the part of life.
It is not that I select a product to promote. Make a social media campaign and hope for the best. I also make other campaigns like:
  • I post a review on my blog
  • I make a persuasive email and mail to my subscriber’s list.
  • I make a chat-flow and send a chat-message to my chatbot list.

And, altogether, I make pretty satisfactory commissions for my efforts!


I'm Khondoker. I'm a full-time lifestyle entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, and info product creator. Living my best life in Dhaka City, Bangladesh. I find great people worldwide, and I work together to find digital marketing solutions that lead to more sales. If you have any questions or comments for me, just send an email at or leave a comment below!

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