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Making A Buyers List Without Creating & Launching Any Products

making a buyer list

making a buyer list

Is making a Buyers List Without Launching Info-Products possible? Of course, and I’ll show you the process step by step.

In this piece of content, we are going to discuss how to build a buyers list without creating & launching any info-products in the marketplaces. 

But first, we need to understand what a buyers list is, what are the difference between buyersubscribers list and the freebie subscriber-lists, and how the marketers generally build their buyers list. 


What Is A Buyers List?

Who is the buyer? We can call a person a Buyer because we know that he/she buys, right?  

Now, the buyers’ List is a list, a database of names and emails (at least) of a group of people that are proven, buyers. We have evidence that these groups of peoples made at least one purchase online; that’s the most crucial significance we need to know. 

What’s The Difference Between A Buyer-subscriber And A Freebie Subscriber

Understand this, anybody with an email can subscribe to a list, but we cannot call them buyers because we have no evidence that they have purchased anything online. So we generalize the database of such subscribers as a freebie list. There are indeed freebie seekers and tire-kickers in the net, a lot of them.

Freebie seekers have email addresses so they can subscribe and get into a List. But they might have no intention to purchase anything. It is also possible that these freebie seekers might have never purchased anything online and never will. Even they may not have any Paypal account, credit card, or any other forms of payment processors needed to make a payment online. They could subscribe to a list because they merely own an email address!

Now, an online buyer is a person that has an online payment processor, a Paypal account, or a credit card or similar. Otherwise, they couldn’t possibly make any purchase online. They are buyers, means they are action takers, and also not afraid to spend money. So the primary difference between a buyer and a free seeker is having or not having any online payment processor and intention of buying. 

But the ultimate criteria of our kind of buyers are the “area of interest” in buying. Because if we know they have purchased one product of a specific niche, likely they would buy more products of the same niche; also, they may never get interested in something that is of totally different niche. 


Making a Buyers List With Traditional approach-Upside & Downside

It is essential to determine the buyers before we intake their names and email addresses in our buyers’ List database. And the best way, also the standard method is to create an info-product and launch it through an affiliate network. Anybody purchased your product will end up on your subscriber’s List. And they are proven buyers because they have purchased your product. 

Like I said above, creating and launching products is the standard method of building a buyers’ List. But there are two major obstacles in that method. 

The first one is, your products must carry enough value that interests other people to buy, so, you need to have enough skills, experiences, and knowledge to create a product that sells in the marketplaces.

The second one is, even if you can put together some immensely valuable products, you may fail to sell them in good numbers. Your sale will be a few if you promote it alonein the net. You need a bunch of fellow marketers, your affiliates that agree to promote your product.

Active networking with other marketers is required here, and you need to spend time, effort, and skills here too. Creating a valuable product and having a reliable affiliate network is the key to selling your products in numbers and building your buyers’ List. 

Most newbies lack both the criteria mentioned above, so they cannot make a buyers List in the standard way. So, the alternative route is crucial to them if they want to get the benefit of having buyers List. They must know how to make a Buyers List Without Launching Info-Products.  


Where To Look for Buyers Of Common Interest 

Apart from your product launch, there is another cool place to find a bunch of buyers of similar interests. And that place is private Facebook groups. 

Most product vendors create a private Facebook group for their purchasers. Because providing support on their products gets much easier this way. Here, purchaser-members are encouraged to ask any clarification on the product, and all the members get benefited from the explanations given. Also, members could help each other understanding complicated issues. 


How To Make a Buyers List Without Launching Info-Products

Here comes the main twist of the process because we are not going to make a traditional email list through product launch; instead, we are going to make a custom friend list on Facebook. We are going to find buyers from the product-support Facebook groups, and add them to our custom friend list. We are coming to the detail of the process. You can also check THIS VIDEO TUTORIAL where you can learn the method (in detail with case studies) I’m talking here.

We know that the members of the product-support Facebook groups are the confirmed buyers. Think about it, what if we could make a list out of them? What if we could make a list of the members of various product support Facebook groups of similar niche? Isn’t it be a Buyers List if we can do it? 

Now, each group could have 50-1000, even 2000 purchaser-members. All we need to do is to join such groups and put the members in a List; this is the most effective way of making a Buyers List Without Launching Info-Products. All you need is to join a few Facebook groups and add the members of the group on your friend list. 


How and Where To Find Product-Support Facebook Groups? 

The best way to find such a group is to purchase the product your self. Check back all the products you have bought already in the past, and try to see if these products have product-support Facebook groups. The Facebook group link should be on the product download page. Join all the groups if you haven’t already. 

I purchased many info products from WarriorPlus and JVZoo marketplaces. I’ll show how I find products that I bought, how I access the product download page, and join the Facebook group if I haven’t already. 


But if you have never purchased any product before, then you need to buy some. Buy only products that have a product-support Facebook group. Send a support ticket, email, or message to the vendor asking if there is any FB support group attached. Also, you need to check the number of sales of the product. Select the products that sold at least 100 copies, the more, the better. 


Making a Buyers List Without Launching Info-Products- To-Dos

Okay, let me explain why making a custom list inside Facebook rofile is essential. Most people, including me, use the Facebook profile to stay connected with family, friends & foes. So, I never used my Fb profile for a business because I didn’t want my family & friends to see!

But the opportunity came when Facebook allowed creating custom lists inside the profile. Now, we can select which group of people can see our posts. So, let’s get to the first step making a Buyers List Without Launching Info-Products in detail. 

a) Our goal here is to add as many buyer-friends as possible, but Facebook allows 5,000 friends per profile. So, we need to delete all the unimportant friends to maximize the number of buyer-friends. Go to your profile page and click on the “Friends” tab under your cover banner. 


making a Buyers List- fb profile-friends tab


It will take you to a page below, and you can unfriend some of the unimportant people there.

making a Buyers List- fb profile- friends page


b) Now, click on the “Home” button to go to your profile, and in the left panel, you’ll see a link named “Friend List.”


making a Buyers List- FB profile left panel- Friend Lists link


If you cannot see this, click on “See More…” and the “Friend Lists” link will appear. Click on “Friend List” and then “Create List.”


making a Buyers List- Fb Creat Custom List Page


You can start joining as many Facebook groups as possible and start sending friend requests to the buyer-members, as shown in the video above.


My Personal Experiences With Making Buyer-friends List

I’m making a buyers list without launching info-products for a long time now. I discovered a few golden nuggets in my journey, found a few places where there are endless numbers of buyer-friends. It’s almost a “done-for-you” buyer-friends list, ready to be your friends!

So, it will be enormously helpful if you are collecting buyer-friends to your FB profile but struggling to find buyer-friends to send your friend requests. 

I’ll also discuss what I learned along the way and a few “do’s and don’ts” and some good practices of the journey. So let’s get started. 


Well, you need to do this before you start sending requests to your buyer-friends or even you already have posted a few friend-requests.

Go to the settings of your profile page. 

Now, click on the privacy tab from the left panel.

You’ll reach the page below. Set to “Only me” to “Who can see your friends list.”

Doing it is important. You are adding friends to your profile every day. You don’t want to show your list to the public, do you?


How Many Friend Request To Send Per Day?


I have added 4554 to my buyer list, friend, and family not included.  Again I use to delete and add friends time to time. I sent 150- 250 requests each day beginning from August 10, 2018, (with some days off) and was averaging 50-70 friends per day. But there are some points to be noted:

1. I’m using my real profile, which is almost ten years old.

2. I had 3500+ random FB-friends on my profile before I deleted all (keeping only around 100), then started to add just the buyer-friends.

So I was following  more or less “30 in the morning+ 30 in the noon+ 30 in the night” formula. What you will do is up to you! But I would suggest no need to do the process aggressively unless you are confident on your FB-profile. It is not worth to risk your account! 


SOME “DO’S & DON’TS.” While Making a Fb Friend Lists

1. Do not send the request to a profile that has no profile picture (image below). 90% chances are there that it is a fake profile.


2. A window like below may come up while you send your friend-requests. Do not click on the “confirm” tab ever! Always click on the “Cancel tab” and the window will go away and, you can move to the next profile.


3. Be aware of the window like above image pops up, it’s a danger signal — no need to worry if it pops up once or twice and now and then. But be aware if it comes up frequently. Stop sending requests for a couple of hours in that situation. FB may disable your privilege of sending friend-requests if the window appears often.

4. Careful sending requests to the women-profile. Generally, women set their profile as “private” for security. I usually avoid sending a request to the women profiles unless I’m sure!

5. Make a Spreadsheet to keep you organized. I started without making any notes and lost track completely. Then I decided to keep all the data in a spreadsheet. You’ll be benefited and will save a lot of time if you keep all of your info and results in one spreadsheet. Increase pages if needed.

6. As you know, Facebook doesn’t allow more than one thousand pending friend requests. So time to time, you have to delete a few of your requests to send new friend requests; here’s the fastest way, and my recommended method. You have to remove (or “Undo”) one by one here, but you can do it pretty fast. Go to this URL:

Start pressing “Undo” button 10-20 at a time! You’ll need not more than 10 minutes to delete 1000 pending requests.



No doubt, the best method of collecting buyer-friends is from private product support groups. But if you cannot access to a many the groups, you can take this alternative method!

Go to the private group and click on the “Admin’s” profile. Below image show’s I’m inside the “M. Bari’s Beta Testers Group,” and I clicked the “Members” tab from the left panel. 


I’m an FB-friend of the admin Mosh Bari, but a friend or no friend, you can go to his profile. And then click on the “Friends” tab under the header image. It will take you a page like below. You’ll see Mosh has 4,723 friends right now. But many of them are not ideal buyer-friends for us. There may 500-1000 friends who are high profile internet marketers! But the rest are also buyers or highly motivated in Internet marketing. We could send a request to them, avoiding the veteran IMers.


Making a Buyers List Without Launching Info-Products- MONETIZATION

Monetization of the buyer-friend list on Facebook is pretty straight forward, and you must have seen it.

You make a post on your timeline, promising info of a specific resource and asking comments from the interested persons. And you PM the info, basically your affiliate link to the concerned commentators.

But my opinion is, it doesn’t work the way it worked a year or two before. My own experience tells this. I noticed that more than twenty internet marketing veterans were doing it since 2015! They were doing fine; they ripped the cream! Now, it got a bit tougher with Fb algorithm updates. Okay, tougher but doable, I’m doing it!

You’ll be needing is excellent copy-writing skills and understanding of customer psychology. And you cannot acquire this skill in a flash. You should be very good at social networking, as well. Moreover, you need to have an excellent understanding of Internet marketing. Only then you could add value to any content you create and post.

Well, I hardly have any of the three skills I mentioned above. So, what I do? Why I’m still spending an hour or two building a buyer-friends list with the method!

What I’m doing is, I’m taking my buyer-friends away from FB and making the separate list where there is no competition whatsoever. I made a unique funnel that nobody, nobody in the IM niche is using.

You may think I’m taking them to my autoresponder account like Aweber, Getresponse, Mail Chimp, or similar companies. That is not the case. I told you, hardly anyone doing this in the make money online niche!

I’m talking about a separate platform where 1.2 billion people engage each month! I’m talking about making Facebook Messenger bot list! I building my bot list intaking the buyer-friends list I made with this method. Here is a comprehensive video tutorial with case studies and all you can check.

This platform has everything that a regular autoresponder like Aweber has. All the functions are pretty much the same. Only the way of the delivery of your content is different. Here emails are not sent. Instead, you start a chat with your list. It is a more personalized way. Also per month expense is pretty much the same if not less.

I have a 100% open rate and 84% CTR to one of my messages I sent so far. And it will be for everyone!


My Final Thoughts On Buyer Friends Method

My conclusion on this method is this: Quantity over quality. I mean, you can research and make 200 targeted friends in 40 days. Then many of your competitors copy your hard work! Your hard-earned 200 goes to their list, and you can do nothing to stop it!

But of course, the quality will pay if you are researching each profile and putting them into sub-niches and micro-niches of making money online niche. You need to create many custom lists where each custom list assigned to a micro-niche. Then research a profile and put him to your micro-niche list where he needs to belong. 

Your competitors may see your friend list in general. But they will have no clue which friend you put in which micro-niche list. If you could do this, your list will be most powerful and stan alone. Doing it is painstakingly slow and tedious and but doing it worth completely! It will reflect on your affiliate commissions! 🙂

Making a Buyers List Without Launching Info-Products method is not about adding buyer-friends to your list. It’s also about making an impact on the mind of your members of your new buyer’s list so that they recognize you; they keep you in the back of their minds, and they take you as a trusted friend and accept your recommendations. 

No matter how fast you grow your list, no matter how selective you are to pick your buyer-friends, you always will have competitors. Some or most of your buyer-friends will be on a number of your competitors’ list. They will also monetize their inventory like you. There is no way to avoid that because you don’t have control over the process. Only Facebook authority makes the rules here! So picking choosily and collecting a handful of super targeted friends will not ensure that there will be no competition. 

My rule of thumb is reaching 5000 ASAP and regular posting of interesting and valuable status. Keep those friends on the list that are engaging. Delete friends that are not engaging. Replace them with new friends. Once you complete one profile, make one more FB profile and repeat the process. 

So building a relationship and trust with regular, interesting posts to your buyer-friends are essential. It is the key to success with the method. 




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