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Blogging is by far my favorite business model in the online world. Why do I say that? Because there is no other business model that gives you as much freedom to express yourself and express your thoughts than blogging does. It is YOUR blog.

You get to choose what you write about, you get to choose your standpoint on certain topics, you get to choose your monetization method. Basically, it‟s one of the few online business models where you actually have total control over everything.

Now some people would disagree with this and say you don‟t have control over everything because if you don‟t rank in Google you won‟t be able to get visitors to your blog.


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If that‟s how you feel, I want to challenge your thinking. I want you to do your best to get rid of the thought that you need Google. Any traffic I get from Google I view it as a bonus, but I do not rely on it. Relying on Google Rankings is a VERY risky business model and a business model I do not recommend.

I ask that you trust me when I say that as long as you do your best to write the content and follow this system, you are going to be successful.

Once you make a promise to yourself that you will do your best to follow this system, go ahead and move onto the next chapter about having the proper mindset for blogging.

When I was first getting started I skipped every section I saw about mindset. Little did I know that having the proper mindset is one of the keys to becoming a successful internet marketer.

I have spent time with and interviewed many successful bloggers in the past year and even though they all had different strategies and views with some things, they all seemed to have the same mindset with the following 4 things:

Stop Thinking “Get Rich Quick”

I get it…we all want to start a blog today and make money from it tomorrow. But you need to get rid of that “get rich quick” mindset. I am not going to lie, this system will help you make money a lot faster than any other blogging system that tells you to simply focus on ranking your site in the major search engines, but I still don‟t want you to have the mentality that you need to get rich quick.

There is nothing wrong with setting goals and setting deadlines for those goals, but the problem with having the mindset of “get rich quick” is the fact that 99 out of 100 times it leads to poor quality work, and poor quality work is going to destroy your blogging business.

So instead of thinking about the money you want to make by tomorrow from following this system, I want you to think a full year from today. If you focus on writing one quality article every day for a year, I can PROMISE you that your life is going to be drastically different one year from now than it is today.

Again, I am not saying you won‟t make money before that because you will. But I want you guys to start thinking long term.

Just Get to 100 QUALITY Articles

100 quality articles seems to be the “Magic Number” in every bloggers career. The people that end up making a career out of blogging seem to make it to 100 quality articles. Those that give up before they write 100 quality articles will likely never see success.

Notice I keep saying QUALITY articles. Anyone can write 100 articles that are complete crap. Heck, give me a week and I can probably bust out 100 articles, but I can guarantee you they aren‟t going to be very good!

But what‟s so magical about 100? Why is 100 articles the turning point for many bloggers? Personally, I think it boils down to 2 things.

1) They Realize They Enjoy Writing

Many people that start their blogging business really don‟t enjoy writing at all. Heck, I know when I first started I absolutely HATED writing. But now I actually get incredibly excited to write and share my opinion on certain topics.

Not only do you start to enjoy writing, but you get A LOT better at it. You begin to learn that it‟s ok to forget about everything you learned in your English and Grammar classes. You learn you get to inject your own personality into your writing and usually it takes about 100 articles for you to realize “hey, I am getting pretty good at this!”

2) Organic Search Engine Traffic

I know I keep saying we don‟t really care if you rank in the search engines or not. However, there is nothing wrong with getting extra traffic from the search engines and once you reach 100 articles you are going to get a good amount of traffic from the search engines.

Even if you aren‟t ranking for specific words or phrases, you will be ranking for random long tail keywords. Keywords that would have never popped up in any keyword tool.
When you have 100 quality articles out there, you are creating a huge “net” to capture random searches from Google within your niche.

I say all this to encourage you to not give up. I want to see each and every single one of you get to 100 articles. If you get to 100 articles (that are high quality) you are going to be successful. I am going to show you how to write those articles in another section so don‟t worry about that. For now just know that 100 quality articles is the magic number to be successful in this business.

Don’t Focus on Google

As if I haven‟t hammered this point enough, I am going to say it one more time. I DON‟T want you guys to focus on where you rank in the major search engines – more specifically, where you rank in Google.

If Google rankings happen, then great…if not, don‟t stress over it. You can easily tell the difference between a blog where someone is writing with the intent to rank in Google and a blog where someone is actually writing for their readers.

When you focus on ranking in the search engines, you tend to write in an unnatural way. You start to place keywords in your articles in a way that seems „forced‟. Readers will absolutely hate this, and ironically Google will eventually notice as well and you will lose your rankings that you worked so hard for.

Another reason focusing on ranking in Google is because you have to spend so much time focusing on building links, and this is time that should be spent writing high quality content for your blog instead.

Focus On Your Followers (Your List and Facebook Group).

Out of all the tips I can give you when it comes to blogging, this is by far the best one. You need to focus on your followers.

We will go over this in a bit, but this system requires you to build a list and build a Facebook page. Your main focus will be to build your list of followers.

Your list size should be growing every day and you should be increasing the number of followers you have on Facebook every day. As these numbers grow, so will your income.
You will slowly but surely be building a list of people who know, like, and trust you. You need to focus on writing for them, not the search engines.

This also makes writing the content more exciting. When you write your articles knowing you have “fans” out there who are eagerly awaiting your next article, you tend to write higher quality stuff.

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